Yellow Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage, Where To Buy

Any yellow kratom review will be confusing unless it covers what yellow kratom actually is. One of the questions people often ask is does yellow kratom even exist?

So in this review of yellow kratom, I’m going to talk about what yellow kratom actually is, yellow vein kratom effects, and the correct dosage of yellow kratom you will need to get the full range of effects.

I’ll also compare some of the major strains of yellow kratom, plus tell you about three of the very few places you can buy genuine, pure yellow kratom.

What Is Yellow Kratom?

There are really only three types of kratom naturally, white kratom, green kratom, and red kratom. Yellow kratom is created through undertaking a slightly different drying process (called oxidation) from mostly white kratom strains, but occasionally green.

This drying process yellows the leaves and veins to create a slightly different balance of alkaloids. Which means that it doesn’t actually exist in nature. It’s the specific drying process which creates yellow kratom, and seals in a particular balance of alkaloids specific to that new color.

Is Yellow The Same As Gold Kratom?

I hate to break it to you, but yellow kratom is the same as gold kratom. There is literally nothing different between either of them, apart from the name. Just as a lot of people don’t seem to know where yellow kratom comes from, it’s the same with gold. But the people importing it were quick to latch on to that fact.

What they do is sell the same kratom is yellow and gold. But they often charge more for gold, because gold sounds like it will be more of a premium type of kratom.

So don’t be fooled. Yellow kratom is gold kratom. Both are hybrids and will have the same effect.

yellow kratom dosage

Yellow Kratom Effects

You’re probably a bit sick of reading the same kratom reviews telling you about the great range of effects kratom gives you, and then basically listing the same effects for every type of kratom.

The truth about yellow kratom is that it’s mostly very similar in its nature, it doesn’t matter if you buy yellow Borneo, or yellow Vietnamese, or yellow Thai, its range of effects are quite specific.

In fact, most people link their effects generally as similar to green Malay, which is a very potent form of green kratom. However, that’s not the entire story. Yellow kratom does have some subtle differences, and by experimenting with the different types, you can find which part of it you best.

It could be the piece, it could be the energy, it could be the pain relief a mild level, the different types of yellow kratom will interact with you in different ways. A good dose of pure yellow kratom will produce the following range of effects:

  • Energy Boost
  • Increased focus
  • Nootropic cognitive improvement
  • Improved confidence and reduced anxiety
  • Mild pain relief
  • Mild calming effect

So at lower doses, you will get more of the energy, focus, and even mild euphoria. But as the dose increases, the level of pain relief and calming will kick in until it overwhelms those effects. So you’re looking to balance your yellow kratom dosage, to get the exact effects you want.

Yellow Kratom Dosage

The dose of any kratom you take is a very personal thing, and the exact yellow kratom dosage you will need will be just as an individual.

The problem is that each person is different, both in terms of their weight, physical health, mental health, lifestyle, and their tolerance to kratom and other similar substances.

On top of that, a vital factor is the quality of the kratom. Many guides advocate huge doses of kratom, some saying an average dose should be 10 grams or higher. I’m telling you, that those people aren’t using pure kratom.

If you are an average Joe user, with no particular personal issues, and you’ve got your hands on pure yellow kratom, then the sort of doses things will kick in at are as follows:

  • Beginner dose of up to 2 grams, just enough to start to feel it
  • Moderate dose up to 4 grams, where full effects at low level will kick in
  • Heavy dose up to 7 grams, where the full effects at a high level will kick in
  • Advanced dose above 7 g, where the effects could be overwhelming for most

Yellow Vietnamese Vs Yellow Borneo

To give you an idea about the slightly different yellow vein kratom effects, let quickly compare two of the more commonly available types, Yellow Vietnamese, and Yellow Borneo.

Yellow Vietnamese is one of the most widely available types of yellow kratom. It’s very much like green or stimulating red. It’s strong in the balance which promotes calmness, focus relaxation, and a more positive outlook.

At higher doses, Yellow Vietnamese will, therefore, tend towards relaxation, pain relief and an ability to stay calm. This makes it really good for people with anxiety.

Yellow Borneo is slightly different from the Yellow Vietnamese. Although the general effects are the same, it does tend towards happiness and euphoria at a strong dose. So it’s a little bit more like a white in that respect, but generally, it’s very close to Green Malay, which is also relaxing and euphoric.

Some people describe Yellow Borneo as the perfect yellow, delivering a well-rounded kratom experience, that’s not overwhelming, and depending on the dose, full-spectrum in its effects.

yellow kratom effects

Buying Yellow Kratom

Unfortunately, you can’t buy yellow kratom in all online kratom stores. Plus, it’s got a bit of a reputation for being mislabeled, and being poor quality.

When I wanted to explore yellow vein kratom effects, it was tough to find the real deal. I want to conclude this yellow kratom review by telling you about the places I’ve found that sell genuine, Southeast Asian imported, yellow kratom.

  1. PurKratom sells really good gold vein kratom capsules. As you know now, the gold vein is a yellow vein, so it’s just the labeling of the product. But they are the real deal, it’s fantastic yellow kratom, that delivers a smooth experience.

PurKratom also sells a wide range of loose kratom powder, plus great capsules. So you could do a really nice order, to save money on postage, and get those yellow vein kratom capsules included to try.

  1. KratomCapsules, as you would expect, sell incredibly high-quality capsules of kratom. But they do also sell loose kratom powder, so you don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t order from them if you don’t want capsules.

In terms of yellow kratom, they do Yellow Vietnamese kratom in capsules, and also in loose powder form as well. It’s the only one they do, but it’s a great one to try.

Interestingly, they also take bitcoin and offer a discount of 10% on orders using it, so if you are into cryptocurrency, save money with yellow kratom order.

  1. Original Harvest Kratom, also sell great quality yellow kratom. They do every conceivable type, Borneo, Vietnamese, Thai, Maeng Da, 12 types in all, in capsule form.

They also sell the same 12 types of yellow kratom in loose powder form. It’s really a brilliant place to start with exploring yellow vein kratom effects, and it’s my little secret store, as you won’t find many yellow kratom reviews telling you about them.