White Vein Bali Kratom Review

 An honest White Vein Bali review has to tell you about the variability of the effects of this strain. But don’t despair, White Bali kratom effects are actually excellent, but they can be a little unpredictable to the beginner.

So let’s take a look at the effects of White Bali, the sort of dosage you should be taking, plus tell you where you can buy pure White vein Bali kratom, so you can experience it for yourself.

White Bali Kratom Effects Explained

You see, here’s the thing, white Bali is quite a mild white. But that’s a deceptive statement.

White Bali is quite middle-of-the-road for white, you won’t get overwhelming energy, you won’t get that euphoria unless you take a massive dose.

In fact, some people feel very calm, chilled out under white Bali, which is not what they expected. They expected it from a green, or red. And that’s the thing with white Bali, it has got the ability to calm you a bit as well, but not really with much pain relief.

So so that’s why White Bali kratom effects can be unpredictable, because some people, as some doses, you will get strong energy and focus, you’ll get things done, but for other people, it can chill out far more than they wanted, not giving them those traits.

White Bali Kratom Dosage

white vein bali kratom effects

In terms of the correct White Bali kratom dosage to take, now you’ve read about the effects of White vein Bali, you’re probably realizing that it’s a very personal thing.

Some people take a gram and get the energy and cognitive improvements to function brilliantly, White Bali is definitely a daytime kratom.

Others find it can cope with depression by lifting you, and even be used if you have anxiety because it doesn’t give you the jitters, in the same way, some other whites do.


I would suggest in terms of White Bali kratom dosage, start with a couple of grams, and then work up a gram at a time, until you get to a heavy dose of around 7-8 g, so you can feel the spectrum of effects.

You can then drop to the dose that suits you best, for the situation you want.

White Bali Vs Red Bali

There’s not really a comparison between White Bali and Red Bali, they are both classic whites and reds.

However, they are both gentle unless you take a really high dose. With Red Bali, you do get pain relief, you’ll feel really relaxed, you’ll want to lay down, chill out, everything will feel great, your problems will wash away. But not in that overwhelming, sedating, opiate-high style that some reds give.

So white is gentle, and a good white to start a kratom journey with. Red vein the same, good for beginners, and good for gentle effects, where you don’t want the extremes of the red, or white, the spectrum of kratom effects.

White Bali Kratom Capsules

 If I was going to take White Bali for the first time again, I would buy White vein Bali kratom capsules. Capsules are brilliant because you get an exact dose in each one, so you don’t need to weigh loose powder.

On top of that, you can take them on the move, and they are very discreet, you can literally take them anywhere, even in front of your boss.

Sure, White Bali kratom capsules will be more expensive than loose powder, but for me, especially as a beginner, they are great entry points without the mess or experiencing the bad taste of kratom.

white bali kratom dosage

Where To Buy White Vein Bali Kratom

The conclusion of my White Vein Bali kratom review is that it’s a brilliant strain to take, if you want a classic white, that’s not overwhelming.

If you’re looking to buy good quality White Bali kratom, then you need kratom vendors who import from Southeast Asia, someone who batch tests quality through an independent lab, and who offers a money back guarantee, because of the pride they have.

I recommend you try the following two kratom vendors:

  1. PurKratom.com sells fantastic quality White Bali kratom, and more importantly, they sell both loose powder, and capsules. As I’ve already said, White Bali kratom capsules are brilliant, convenient, and it’s exactly the same powder as you will get loose. You just need to allow an extra 15 minutes or so, for the effects to kick in.
  2. CoastlineKratom.com is probably the best retailer of pure, loose kratom powder in the USA today. The quality is superb, and you will never be disappointed. Each batch is tested, and the results published. Their White Bali kratom is superb, and they also offer a money-back guarantee.

Just look online at feedback from real customers for these to kratom sellers, and you’ll see exactly why I am recommending them, either for loose White vein Bali, or white Bali kratom capsules.