White Sumatra Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage & Powder Vs Capsules

This quick White Sumatra kratom review will tell you everything you need to know in five minutes about this popular and powerful kratom strain. You’ll learn the exact White Sumatra effects, dosage, and feelings you’ll get. I’ll tell you about the good and bad of using it, and if it’s suitable for helping with any conditions.

I’ll also explain the difference between white, green, and red kratom, so you can see where White Sumatra fits into the spectrum of kratom effects you can experience. All that, as well as telling you about loose powder Vs capsules and where to buy 100% pure kratom.

Where Sumatra Fits Into Kratom

White Sumatra is a classic white kratom strain. That means it’s from a classic kratom producing region, and the effects it produces from average doses are classic white kratom effects.

White kratom is about energy. The higher the dose, the more physical and mental energy you’ll have, and the more uncontrolled it will be. You will get pain relief, it will keep you calm, but not overwhelmingly so. Some people find it just too much, especially at higher doses.

This contrasts to red kratom where you’ll get tons of pain relief and calmness, but not a lot of physical mental energy as the dose increases. Green kratom sits in the middle.

So it’s the vein color which is more important than the strain. Red, green, and White Sumatra all fit into those classic kratom traits.

I will just say that some people claim white Sumatra (and why kratom generally) is good for treating ADHD. Although it can create mental clarity and focus, a lot of people report that it can also create hyperactivity which is uncontrollable. So I wouldn’t recommend it.

However, white kratom generally, which will obviously include White Sumatra, is good for dealing with depression, because it can lift your mood, and give you physical energy where you would otherwise curl up and hide.

white vein sumatra kratom effects

White Sumatra Kratom Effects Explained

White Sumatra kratom effects are therefore classic white kratom ones:

  • An increasing level of physical energy that goes on for hours
  • The ability to think faster and better
  • Overall better cognition
  • Certain degree of calmness unless the dose is high
  • At lower doses a burst of physical and mental energy
  • a strong feeling of being in control and confident
  • Can help lift people out of depression
  • Higher doses of white Sumatra can produce a clean and euphoric high

I think it’s important note that the white Sumatra effects you’ll experience are going to be on a spectrum, depending on the dose. Kratom doesn’t just produce the same effects but stronger as the dose increases, those effects literally change:

  • At low doses White Sumatra produces energy both mentally and physically
  • At medium doses white kratom produce overwhelming energy and positivity
  • At high doses it will be a real rush where you will feel in control and happy but actually be completely unproductive
  • At very high doses you will experience a genuine euphoric high

White Sumatra Kratom Dosage Guide

To get those different brackets of white Sumatra effects, you have to work within brackets for dosing it.

It’s important to note that using pure kratom is important for dosing. As is taking kratom on an empty stomach. Also, your dosing will have to be higher if you’ve got any level of kratom tolerance already.

But if you’re new to kratom, then the following White Sumatra kratom dosage range should prove helpful in working out where you should start, and where you will end up:

  1. All kratom is energizing at low doses, usually below 5 g. White Sumatra will be pretty much the same as any other kratom, delivering a significant physical and cognitive benefits for several hours.
  2. White Sumatra kratom effects will really kick in full-spectrum around 5 g. You will feel calm, energized, positive, happy, with significant physical and cognitive energy that’s controllable.
  3. Effects of white Sumatra will start to become uncontrollable and unfocused at a dose of between 7 g and 10 g. You will feel a smooth rush of energy, you will feel hyperactive, happy, carefree, but you will struggle to focus all that energy into being productive.
  4. It’s around 10 g or higher that White Sumatra kratom effects start to become out of control. A rushing, euphoric high that can last for a couple of hours. If the dose is really high this can then tip over into sedation, which is in common with all kratom at very high doses.

White Sumatra Kratom Dosage

White Sumatra Kratom Powder Vs Capsules

If you are a beginner to kratom generally then I would always suggest you start with capsules. There are a couple of good reasons for this.

Firstly, you’ll get the exact dose. Each capsule is usually 500 mg, so you know what you’re getting precisely. There’s no weighing the powder, and you can’t overdose. It’s a brilliant way to start your kratom journey in a controlled fashion.

Secondly, you don’t have to deal with loose kratom powder, which can have a very bitter taste. You can get around this by mixing the powder in with fruit juice or milkshake. You do have to weigh the powder, and you do have to consume it. It’s a lot cheaper, but more problematic.

I’ll also mentioned that capsules can be dosed on the move. If you’re using White Sumatra kratom to boost your cognitive and physical energy during the day, especially at work, then popping a couple of capsules won’t turn heads.

Where To Buy White Sumatra That’s 100% Pure

I hope that’s all been helpful, and I want to conclude this White Sumatra kratom review by telling you where you can actually buy 100% pure kratom.

As I’ve already explained, you will not get the full White Sumatra kratom effects within the normal dosage range unless you get pure kratom. You don’t want to be taking grams and grams of powder just to get minor effects.

The place I buy my White Sumatra kratom from is “The Evergreen Tree”. The levels of purity in their kratom are superb, with the exact alkaloid content measured and published (usually up to 2% which is very high).

100 g of white Sumatra from The Evergreen Tree costs just $30. That’s enough for 10 incredible doses, or 20 full-spectrum low doses. It’s a really low-cost way of experiencing the full spectrum of white Sumatra kratom effects.