White Maeng Da Kratom Review

One of the big confusions in any White Maeng Da kratom review is that many reviews claim it’s a specific strain of kratom. The truth is that White Maeng Da kratom doesn’t exist. There’s no region that produces it, no type of kratom tree that exists to produce it.

So what actually is White Maeng Da kratom? And why is always reputed to be stronger than normal kratom?

I’m going to tell you all about White Maeng Da kratom, effects, dosage, and compare it to white Borneo. Plus, I’ll tell you a couple of places I’ve found where you can buy the strongest White Maeng Da Kratom.

So What Is White Maeng Da Kratom?

 White Maeng Da kratom effects are meant to be the most powerful standard kratom can produce, because it claimed to be the most powerful type of kratom.

But as I’ve said, White Maeng Da kratom doesn’t actually exist. It’s not something you’ll read in many White Maeng Da kratom reviews, but it’s the truth. So what is it, and why is it always stated as being stronger?

Stronger kratom can be reduced, depending on the leaves, the type of kratom, and how it’s prepared. Some kratom is just dried out and ground into a powder, while another kratom is produced by boiling it to create a resin, which is then ground.

White Maeng Da kratom, if you get the real deal, is a stronger type of kratom, because of how it’s produced, and the leaves used. But it can be from any region. So it could be White Bali kratom, but it’s stronger than normal.

White Maeng Da Kratom Effects

White kratom has very specific qualities, and White Maeng Da kratom effects are well in line with this.

White vein kratom produces a strong burst of energy, both mental and physical, that lasts for several hours. You’ll be filled with positivity, they will to overcome depression, you’ll want to get up and move around, you’ll want to get things done. You will feel really positive.

At very high doses, white kratom can also produce euphoria. Not the complete euphoria of a narcotic like MDMA, but certainly the energy and positivity and altered state you’ll feel, will be something approaching that level.

White Maeng Da kratom can be very potent. I’ve experienced it, and it’s definitely got stronger effects than a lot of other white kratom available. But only if you get the real deal.

If you get a good quality White Maeng Da kratom, then it will definitely, even at a moderate dose, give you a strong boost of physical energy, lift your mood sky-high, and fill you with positivity, for several hours. You’ll want to get things done using White Maeng Da Kratom.

White Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

 Kratom is a surprisingly personal thing when it comes to how much you need to take. White Maeng Da kratom dosage is just as personal as any other type of kratom.

In terms of use, mental and physical health will make a difference to the dosage and effects, as will simple things like whether you have eaten recently. Kratom should be taken on an empty stomach, so that the alkaloids are processed at the same time, for maximum effect.

But to give you a really general idea, working on the assumption you’ve got pure White Maeng Da kratom, that’s actually stronger than normal kratom, from my experiences, I would recommend the following brackets of White Maeng Da kratom dosage:

  • Beginner dose of 2 grams
  • A moderate dose of 3-4 grams
  • A full dose of 5-6 grams
  • High dose of 6-7 grams
  • Overwhelming dose above 7 grams

Now by an overwhelming dose, I don’t mean you’ll be completely out-of-control. I mean it’s the point at which the full effects of White Maeng Da kratom will truly kick in strongly, giving you overwhelming energy, massive positivity, and even reaching a kratom euphoric high.

white maeng da kratom effects

White Maeng Da Vs White Borneo

 The main difference between White Maeng Da kratom and White Borneo is the intensity.

White Borneo is a perfect white kratom, as long as you get the real deal. What I mean is, you’ll get energy, enthusiasm, positivity, you’ll be raring to get up and get out there. But it’s more controllable than White Maeng Da kratom at the same dose.

So both are uplifting and energizing, but White Borneo won’t give you the same level of rush, which can get uncontrollable, that White Maeng Da has the potential to do.

Where To Buy Pure White Maeng Da

So now you know that White Maeng Da kratom doesn’t exist, but it’s brilliant. I know that sounds contradictory, but it’s basically about the strength of the white kratom, rather than where it’s come from.

I want to conclude this White Maeng Da kratom review by saying that getting your hands on kratom that can be genuinely classified as White Maeng Da kratom, in terms of its effects and required dosage, is tough.

Having been ripped off loads of times, I’ve settled on a couple of places that consistently sell white kratom that could be genuinely classed as White Maeng Da:

  1. Coastline Kratom is, for me, the best place to get pure kratom in the USA. I don’t say that lightly, I say it after testing probably 15 different kratom sellers in the past couple of years.

Not only is their kratom fantastic quality from my experience, but the lab test each batch, they publish the results, and they guarantee their kratom with a money back guarantee.

Their White Maeng Da kratom loose powder is awesome. It’s incredibly potent. In fact, if you’re a beginner, I would seriously suggest you don’t take more than a single gram the first time, maybe a couple if you honestly want some serious energy for a couple of hours.

  1. As an alternative, I’d suggest PurKratom. The reason for this is that they do loose White Maeng Da kratom powder of high-quality. But it’s also because they do the same powder in capsules.

Kratom capsules are brilliant. You don’t need to mess around weighing loose powder, you don’t have to suffer the awful taste of kratom, and you can take them anywhere.

Although they are more expensive than loose powder, the capsules you get from PurKratom are not prohibitively expensive, and because of the convenience they provide, they are great.

It’s also because you can achieve the White Maeng Da kratom effects you desire, just by taking a specific number of pills.

This is even better for beginners because you can start with a couple of pills, and then just add a pill each time, until you get to the level you want. Then you’ll know the number of pills to go for each time.