White Kratom Review: Effects&Dosage

Any white kratom review needs to be responsible. You can’t just say how brilliant white kratom is for certain things and gloss over the fact it can actually be quite negative and detrimental for some people.

So this is going to be a review of white kratom that actually tells the truth about it. I’ve had plenty of experience with kratom, red, white and green kratom, over the years for a variety of reasons.

I’m going to talk to about how white kratom fits into the three types, by describing white vein kratom effects, and who they will be suitable for, and who they will not be suitable for.

Plus I’ll talk about the sort of white vein kratom dosage should be using. As long as you are using pure, high-quality, white kratom you have a brilliant time, so I’ll finish this review by telling you the two places I always buy my white kratom from.

The Three Types Of Kratom

I want to briefly explain the three types of kratom so that you can understand where white vein kratom fits into the overall kratom experience possible:

  1. Red kratom is the most sedating and analgesia of the three strains. It will chill you right out, calm you right down, relieve the pain, and make everything drift away, but the higher the dose, the less energy and focus you will have.

It’s best for people looking to relieve pain symptoms and withdrawal symptoms, plus those who just want to really get deeply chilled.

  1. Green kratom is the mildest, generally, of the three strains. It sits in the middle between red and white. You will get some sedation and analgesia, you will feel chilled out, but your levels of focus, energy, and enthusiasm will be good, in some types of green kratom, almost as energetic as a white kratom. It’s a great balance between white and red.
  2. So now we get to white kratom, the purpose of this review. It’s the most uplifting, energizing type of kratom. It will give you a strong mood lift, it will give you physical energy, it will focus you incredibly, you will feel great.

But what you won’t get is much calmness or pain relief, white kratom is going to take you on a bit of a ride..

White Vein Kratom Effects

Let’s take a look at the specific white vein kratom effects you would experience from taking pure, high-quality white kratom:

  • Intense physical energy boost
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Better mental awareness and agility
  • A more positive outlook

So white vein kratom effects are perfect if you want to get up and do things. At a moderate dose, you will feel energy, focus, and positivity.

At high-dose, things can be different. You can feel euphoric, you can get a genuine kratom high.

The other side to white kratom is that you won’t get much calmness or pain relief. Some people feel out of control on a high dose of white kratom, and that’s where it can start to cause problems, which I’ll discuss in a moment.

At really high dose, all kratom ends up in the same place. You will start to be overwhelmingly tired and sedation kicks in. So there is a balance between getting a euphoric white kratom feeling, and tipping the scales over into basically quickly being overwhelmed by it.

But at a medium dose, you can certainly expect dramatically increased energy, both mental and physical, and ability to focus far better, plus everything will just seem far more relaxed and fun.

white kratom dosage

White Vein Kratom Dosage

In terms of white vein kratom dosage, your experience will depend on several key factors:

  • Your physical size
  • Your health
  • Your mental state
  • If you have eaten
  • Quality of the kratom
  • The type of white vein kratom

Let’s say you get pure white kratom, then for an average person, the brackets of dosage to get certain effects are as follows:

  • Beginner dose: 1-2 grams. You will feel a little energy lift and focus.
  • Moderate dose: 2-3 grams. You will feel increased energy, lift and happiness.
  • Average dose: 3-5 grams. At this level the full effects kick-in, strong energy and lift.
  • Strong dose: 5-8 grams. This is where euphoria, plus feeling out of control can start.
  • Overwhelming dose: 8+ grams. Out of control euphoria and energy could tip into sleep.

White Vein Borneo Vs White Maeng Da

So now, hopefully, you know a bit more about the basic white vein kratom effects, and the sort of dosage you need to take to achieve them.

But now I want to cover effects to specific types of kratom, so you can get a better idea. I’m going to compare White Borneo to White Maeng Da.

I found White Borneo isn’t the most energizing white kratom. It will give you a very strong focus, like five hours of it. You’ll get things done, you’ll be productive, you’ll want to do more. This will be accompanied by mental clarity, it’s almost nootropic.

You will also a good uplift of energy with White Borneo kratom, but not as much as other strains. For a few hours, you’re going to feel awesome. The dose I usually take is around 4 grams to achieve these effects. Any more, and you start to lose that, and head into unfocused euphoria.

In comparison, White Maeng Da is more uplifting and energizing. You’ll still get the focus, but at a lower dose, you start to tip into out-of-control energy and euphoria. You’ll get things done, but if you take a high-dose, you won’t be able to stop moving, you’ll feel euphoric, and it’s just a little more intense than the same dose of White Borneo.

white kratom review

Is White Vein Kratom What You Need?

So look, hopefully, this white kratom review has helped you to understand bit more about the specifics around white vein kratom effects, and the dose you will need to achieve what you want.

I do want to finish this review of white kratom with a word of caution though.

If you are suffering from depression, then white vein kratom can certainly help, as long as you don’t take too much, as it can make you feel out of control. You’ll feel uplifted, but without the balance of feeling chilled out, that red and green kratom can bring.

It’s the same with anxiety. I wouldn’t really take white vein kratom for anxiety. If you are anxious, you are already feeling irritable, out-of-control and in desperate need of stopping and chilling out, turning off your brain. White kratom can do the opposite. It can make anxiety worse.

Plus a caveat on alcoholism. Some people who are used to chilling out on alcohol, find a large dose of white kratom can make them feel so unable to chill that they actually go and get alcohol to try and calm the situation down.

Where To Buy Quality White Kratom

The problem with any type of kratom is that a lot of it is poor quality. It’s not got the potency it’s had due to poor storage, or it’s been cut with other things before its ground into a powder, lowering its potency.

For me, the two best kratom sellers I’ve found to sell consistently pure kratom, imported directly from Southeast Asia are:

Coastline Kratom

They sell probably the best kratom powder you will get your hands on in the USA. It’s imported directly, it’s incredible quality, it’s lab tested for purity and potency before it sold.

Any of their white kratom is great quality. I always try and buy White Borneo kratom from them, because the experience is so smooth, I feel energized, focused, and I just get tons done.


BuyKratom also sells fantastic quality loose kratom powder. But they also sell capsules, and the best variety packs I’ve ever experienced.

If you looking to try white vein kratom, to see if it’s right for you, then grab yourself a white vein variety pack from BuyKratom. It contains four strains, including White Maeng Da and Borneo, so it’s the perfect starting point for experimenting with positive white kratom effects.