White Vein Borneo Kratom Dosage & Effects Explained

I’ll be honest, I get annoyed about some of the rubbish I read online about different kratom strains. White Borneo kratom is one of those strains that get misrepresented quite often.

You’ll be told it’s great for pain management, great for energy, great for a euphoric high, literally great for everything. That’s not the truth though, and in this White Borneo kratom review, I’m going to put things straight.

The truth is that White Borneo kratom powder is awesome for some things. So let’s go through its effects, and the exact white Borneo kratom dosage you will need to take along your journey. Plus, I’ll tell you a couple of online stores where I know you can buy pure White Vein Borneo kratom for a great price.

White Borneo Kratom Effects

White kratom is uplifting and energizing. At high doses, it can be euphoric. Some strains do this more than others. Take too much white kratom though, and you could feel out of control.

White Borneo kratom effects are like a typical white kratom, but they are not as out of control in terms of the energy and euphoria they produce, as some other strains like White Indo or Bali.

Some people actually compare White Borneo more to a green kratom, especially at lower doses.

What you will get with White Vein Borneo kratom effects are energy and focus and at higher doses an almost nootropic experience. Basically, you’ll feel an intensity to whatever you’re doing.

So you will feel more positive, energized, focused, and intensely happy, but unless you take a very high dose of White Borneo kratom, it won’t be out-of-control.

White Borneo Kratom Dosage

If you are a beginner, then I always recommend that you tread carefully with kratom. Start with a low dose, just to get a feel for it. For some people, that could be a single gram dose of White Borneo.

It’s really difficult to give you an exact white Borneo kratom dosage though because everyone is different. Your weight, metabolism, mental and physical health, lots of things feed into how your body will react to a dose of kratom.

On top of that, it makes a big difference whether your stomach is empty or full. If you’ve got food in it, then that will delay the processing time, and will mean that the kratom alkaloids work their way into your system over a longer time, minimizing the effects.

Generally speaking, I’d recommend the following White Borneo kratom dosage:

  • Beginner dose of up to 2 g
  • A moderate dose of up to 4 g
  • A strong dose of up to 6 g
  • Intense dose above 6 g

Around 4 g is where I really feel the effects of pure White Borneo kratom powder kick in. I feel relaxed, yet incredibly focused, with physical and emotional energy, and a great feeling of happiness. I get things done on a few grams of White Borneo kratom.

white vein borneo kratom

When Not To Use White Vein Borneo Kratom

My first word of warning is not to use kratom of any type on a daily basis. That can build a tolerance.

I would also recommend you work up a gram at a time so that you know where the full effects genuinely kick in. That way you won’t be taking too much, and having experiences that are too intense.

Also, try to have at least one day off between doses of kratom. That will help to stop you from building a tolerance.

White Borneo kratom effects are typical white effects. You won’t get a lot of calmness, you won’t feel chilled out, and it can be like a caffeine hit, and make you agitated. But it will make you feel good, and you will get things done.

So white Borneo kratom is not going to be suitable, especially at larger doses, for someone with anxiety, or who is dealing with alcohol or opiate withdrawal problems. That could make you feel so out of control that you try to get hold of alcohol or drugs to calm yourself down.

Where To Buy White Borneo Kratom Powder

white borneo kratom dosage

You know, it’s a funny thing, but it’s actually incredibly difficult to buy good quality White Borneo kratom powder. That applies to all kratom to be honest. The problem is, too many people are buying poor quality wholesale kratom, and then passing on without a clue how good it actually is.

It’s taken me a couple of years to find genuine kratom sellers, who offer pure kratom, that’s been directly imported from Southeast Asia.

But there are a couple of places I’ve found that sell genuine White Borneo kratom, which is pure, very strong, and always nice and fresh.

The first place is BuyKratom.us. They are a lesser-known store, but they sell incredible White Vein Borneo kratom, and it’s at a very competitive price for the quality you get.

Even better, they sell a white kratom variety pack. It includes White Borneo, alongside three other types of white kratom.

So if you’re a beginner, that will be perfect. You can simply try each type a few days apart, to see if White Borneo kratom effects are the ones you looking for. You’ll definitely notice a difference between the four different types.

The second place I often get White Borneo kratom from is Purkratom.com.

These were new to me until recently, but I thought I would give them a go when White Borneo sold out on a couple of other websites. I can tell you that their White Borneo kratom is as good as any I’ve experienced, and I’m glad I took the risk.

It’s definitely pure, and the quality is guaranteed by the retailer themselves. The quality really is important, otherwise, you don’t get the full White Borneo kratom effects, and you’ll have to take more powder, which will cost you more money for less of an experience.

Either of these retailers will deliver beautiful quality White Borneo kratom powder direct to your door.

Just take my advice, if it’s your first time with kratom, take a low dose of White Borneo kratom. Treat it with respect, and you will definitely benefit from the energy, focus and mental clarity it delivers.