Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum In The USA & Europe

It’s amazingly difficult to find high-quality salvia in the USA and more difficult than that in Europe. So if you are looking where to buy Salvias from, then this guide could be indispensable.

I’ve used Salvia Divinorum, and kratom, many times over the past few years. They have both benefited me physically and mentally. But they are very different and should be used for very different purposes.

That’s a problem for beginners, who often think they are similar. So I’ll explain exactly why they are seen a similar, but why they are actually so different in their effects and use.

Plus, I’ll talk about the legal status of Salvia in the USA, how to take it, what dosage you should consider trying, as well as telling you the best place in the USA, and the best place in Europe, where you can buy Salvia Divinorum.

What Is Salvia Divinorum?

 Salvia is also known as Sage of the Diviners. You’ll also find it spoken about on forums as Sally D, Magic Mint, Diviners Sage, and even Maria Pastora. But all these names meltdown to one thing: it’s a psychoactive plant from Mexico. It’s been known as psychoactive for centuries, especially by Central American civilizations such as the Mazatecs.

It’s known as Diviners Sage because the Shamen of these civilizations use them to generate visions that would then guide the populous. It’s made either by drying the leaves of the salvia bush to create a dry leaf or a ground dry powder. Plus salvia extract can also be made by boiling down larger quantities of the leaves to make a more potent resin.

I’ll talk a bit more about salvia extracts in a little while, as they are a very different animal to the standard dried leaves, powder, or tinctures you can buy.

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How Potent Is Salvia?

You may well be surprised to find that Salvia is mostly legal in the USA when I tell you that its main psychoactive compound, Salvinorin A, is not only unique, but it’s also one of the most potent natural psychoactive substances available.

The potency of the salvia will depend on how strong the salvia is that you are smoking. Most salvia is now consumed from salvia extracts. As I said, these are boiled down to create a far more concentrated version of traditional Salvia. You can get strengths from 5x the way through to as high as 140x. I’ll tell you now, the higher multipliers should be treated with incredible respect.

It can mean two things. 5x could mean that 5 g of plant matter has been used to make 1 g of salvia extract. But for some retailers, it means that 5x the amount of active Salvinorin A is contained in a gram than usual, through the boiling down process. Whatever the measurement processes, in terms of the price, the higher the multiplier, the more you will pay.

How To Take Salvia

 Originally, salvia was chewed. It’s also sometimes boiled and drunk as a warm, or cold, tea.

However, it’s difficult to get the potency needed for true psychedelic experiences that way. So what the Shamen and original users found, was that if you use large quantities of leaves, you could boil it down into a concentrate, a raising, that could then be dried out, powdered, and consumed to generate a far more potent form of Salvia.

So nowadays, that powder is smoked. Most people use the same sort of water bongs that are readily available for cannabis smokers. It’s also good to use a water bong, because Salvia requires very high heat to separate the active ingredient, Salvinorin A, from the plant matter.

Most people report, and I have certainly found, that you only need to inhale a large quantity once or twice to be transported rapidly off this planet.

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The Effects Of Salvia

The effects of Salvia are dramatic and rapid. You seriously will go from totally normal, to drifting in another universe in about one minute after smoking it. The reason for this is that the main psychoactive compound is a very potent k-opiod agonist, which is unusual in anything that can make you high.

Of course, if you’re looking for the best effects of Salvia, you need to know where to buy Salvias that have the potency you need.

If you find them, then you will get the full effects rapidly, which can literally induce incredible visionary states, a dramatically altered consciousness, and make you feel like you have lost touch with your body.

For some people, they can have bad trips, but these are rare. For most people, it is a visionary experience that contains beauty, bright colors, complete detachment from reality, and then a gentle drifting back down towards Earth, and their own body.

To give you an idea of the range of effects you could specifically be induced by smoking salvia:

  • Extreme shifts in shape, light, and color
  • Visual and auditory hallucinations of intense strength
  • Altered perception of time in reality
  • Rapidly shifting emotions
  • Complete out of body experience
  • Laughter and euphoria
  • Incomprehensible language

That all sounds amazing, and I’m telling you that if you use it responsibly, it can be. But it’s not for the fainthearted, and you really should make sure you have somebody with you when you do it, especially the first time.

There are side effects as well. If you take a lot of Salvia, can feel nauseous, dizzy, your heart can beat fast, or be irregular, and you can lose control of your motor functions temporarily. I know that sounds scary, but it’s mostly not as bad as you think, and it doesn’t happen all the time.

In terms of physical addiction, it’s quite low on the scale. So you should be fine using Salvia, as long as you are sensible. But you can get emotionally attached to it if you use it too much, and if you have existing mental health problems, then I would really advise you to treat it with incredible respect.

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Salvia Dosage & Safeguards

Most people are quite happy to smoke less than a gram of Salvia to get the full effects, but obviously, the amount you have to smoke will depend on the potency of the extract.

My advice is always the same, with kratom, any legal high basically. Always start with the lowest possible dose, and work upwards each time. That way you are safe, and you will learn the effects are different doses, plus you will discover a varying range of experiences.

If you are going to smoke Salvia, especially the first time, always do it with somebody else who is experienced. It can be incredibly potent, and it’s often not easy to explain to people the experience they might have.

For some people, it can be amazing, but for some people, it can be scary, and having somebody around can really help.

Is Salvia Legal In The USA?

I can’t vouch for elsewhere, but in the USA, Salvia is currently mostly legal.

Interestingly, nobody cared about Salvia until 2011. Then Miley Cyrus, who was actually popular then, was seen on You Tube smoking it from a bong.

Sales skyrocketed, and even young kids were using it in water bongs. Now obviously that wasn’t ideal, and it brought it to the attention of the FDA, FBI, and DEA. There was an outcry, and measures started to look into how dangerous it was.

Although it was found to be an opiate, it was not found to be highly addictive, and it didn’t have a high potential for causing physical, or emotional damage.

So despite the outcry, it’s still not a controlled substance, not regulated in any way, in the USA. It’s not mentioned in the controlled substances act at all. Which means, that there is no federal legislation relating to Salvia at the current time.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any state laws in place. And boy, are they confusing. In some states, extracts are banned, but not straight Salvia. In other states, plants are banned, or dried leaf, or selling it, or buying it. In some states, all of that is banned completely.

So I can’t tell you exactly what your local state laws are, because they vary between complete legality, partial legality, and being completely illegal.

I can tell you that Salvia is completely outlawed in Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

My advice as someone who is experienced with kratom and Salvia is to always check your local state law if you want to stay within it before you buy Salvia Divinorum.

Salvia Vs Kratom

I’ve used Salvia and kratom for many years. I’ve used kratom successfully for pain relief, and social anxiety, with great success. It’s also good for a euphoric high. But the difference is like night and day. When I talk about a euphoric high, I’m talking about an energetic, euphoric experience, but you are still in control. With red kratom, it can be like an opiate high, and the really deep, relaxing and rewarding.

However, that’s a different class to Salvia. Salvia is a true psychedelic. That means, as I’ve explained in the effects section earlier, you will disassociate, detach, you will not be in the same universe at times. It is a completely different experience to kratom.

Kratom can be used by beginners even at a pretty good dose, but a good dose of Salvia will render you completely out of action in a different way.

Kratom and Salvia are both similar to opiate drugs like heroin, but not in the same class of addictiveness, due to how they interact with the opioid receptors. But they do both interact with them, but in completely different ways, and on different opioid receptors.

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Where To Buy Salvia Divinorum

There are loads of places to buy Salvias, but surprisingly few high-quality places you will find Salvia Divinorum for sale.

So look, if you are looking to find legal psychedelics for sale generally, then it pays to shop around if you are looking for a place to find where to buy Salvias, then in the USA, I would recommend SalviaExtract.com.

They offer the full range of salvia extracts, from 10x, all way through to 60x. They state the strengths as the active alkaloid volume per gram, which is different from some other sellers, but I think more useful.

You can buy with bitcoin if you want to be anonymous, and you’ll get 15% off for doing so. You’ll get a money back guarantee and rapid priority shipping.

They also sell kratom, so you can double up and get more for your money by getting a bigger order with cheaper shipping. For me, Salvia is pure, and the experience from it incredible.

If you’re in Europe, it’s even harder to get pure Salvia. Regulation is tighter, and you’ve got more borders to cross to get the salvia to your door.

AvalonMagicPlants.com is my recommended place to find Salvia Divinorum extract for sale in Europe, and they have a strong reputation online.

They also sell other legal highs, including kratom. As you only get free shipping on orders over €175, you will need to order as much as possible to save yourself money. However, on the flip side, you might want to order smaller quantities if you know Salvia is illegal in your country, just in case a package gets taken by order control.

Just like my recommended USA Salvia seller, these guys also take bitcoin. If you’re worried about anonymity and being able to pay, because of the different legal statuses of Salvia in Europe, then that could be a good option for you.

So there you go, I’ve told you where to buy Salvias in both Europe and the USA, and explained the effects and experiences you will get if you can find pure Salvia Divinorum for sale. It’s not to be used lightly, and certainly not like kratom, but it can be an incredible ride to get on.