Piracetam For Sale – Experience The Difference In Your Memory, Focus and Concentration!

Piracetam, the grandfather of all nootropics, the most researched racetam out of them all, we’re finally covering this awesome compound. The great thing about this supplement is that it is perfect for first-time users that are still inexperienced with nootropics, as it is very well tolerated, stable and most importantly, quite mild on the brain and body.

This article will not only show you all there is to know about this nootropic, but it will also reveal where to find the best Piracetam for sale.

What is Piracetam

Piracetam is a nootropic that initially started the racetam family. It is the oldest racetam in existence and is the main reason why compounds such as Oxiracetam or Pramiracetam exist.

Piracetam works by increasing the number of acetylcholine receptors in our nervous system, helping our brain better perform its tasks.

It also acts on oxidation, reducing it, thereby helping the brain rid itself of unwanted intruders.

Piracetam also acts as a stimulant, giving the user more stamina and willingness to perform certain tasks. It also boosts our Basal Metabolic Rate, helping us achieve a higher energy output which might lead to some people losing fat and weight while on this racetam.

Finally, Piracetam acts on our GABA receptors, lessening our stress and anxiety and providing us with a smooth experience.

what is Piracetam

Piracetam Benefits

 There are many Piracetam benefits to behold and we’ll explore them all in this Piracetam review.

  • Reduces Anxiety: If you’re still hooked on some of the addictive anxiolytics your medical doctors prescribed, have a change of heart and try Piracetam. Piracetam works wonders for anxiety and completely changes your thought process and mood, helping you get through the day without any bigger problems.
  • Reduces Depression: Studies reveal that Piracetam works great against depression and that in some instances, it can even replace SSRI’s! If you ever feel the lethargy pile up, try some Piracetam and you’ll do just fine.
  • Helps Against Inflammation and Provides Pain Relief: This is great news for bodybuilders that also want to sharpen their mind with nootropics as Piracetam kills two birds with one stone. You will shorten your recovery times and be back on track that much quicker. Studies confirm this claim and there’s even evidence that you can lose fat while you’re on Piracetam, although it’s not documented very well.
  • Improves Your Communication Skills: Not only do studies support this notion, but anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that you will be able to talk with multiple participants at the same time all while keeping track of every conversation. It’s a great party trick to have up your sleeve and you will be surprised by how much more fluent you are in your use of words.
  • Improves Memory, Focus, Concentration, and Attention: These four cognitive benefits Piracetam bestows the user with wouldn’t be possible if the compound didn’t increase the number of messages sent between neurons, as well as enhancing the signals discharged inside of the brain. One should also mention that it massively increases the amount of food our brain expands, further putting your entire system into action.

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The Proper Piracetam Dosage

Piracetam has a decent half life that lasts anywhere between four to six hours, depending on the quality of your Piracetam. This means that it’s best taken three times a day to feel the full effects. If you’re just a beginner, we recommend taking it three times a day in 800mg increments. That is 2400mgs in total and is a perfect beginner dosage.

If you know what you’re doing and have experience with nootropics, you can go ahead and take it in 1600mg increments three times a day for a total of 4800mgs. Don’t exceed the 4800mg dose as no research has been done on dosages higher than 5 grams.

Piracetam is water-soluble, meaning that it mixes well with water and promises high bioavailability that way. Don’t combine it with alcohol as that may bring on unwanted side effects from both compounds as they potentiate the effects of each other.

Piracetam Capsule or Piracetam Powder – Which One Should I Buy

When given the opportunity to choose between a Piracetam capsule and the Piracetam powder, we would always opt for the capsules.

The reason behind that is quite simple, the capsules are easy to imbue, all you have to do is take a pill, put it in your mouth, apply some water and swallow it.

That’s an easy process that most anyone can accomplish.

With the powder, things get a bit more complicated as you can never be completely sure if you’re getting the full dosage. You first have to get yourself a very precise measurement scale and use it every time you want to take the Piracetam powder.

Moreover, there are always leftovers once you mix the powder with water, meaning that you have to drink another glass of water just for the chance of getting the full dosage.

We don’t find that convenient at all and therefore don’t recommend you dabble with the Piracetam powder.

Piracetam dosage

Piracetam User Reviews

It’s always recommended to glean on what other people have said about the compound in question before venturing forward and taking it yourself. All the research in this world cannot compete with raw experience and this is exactly what we’re bestowing you within this section of the article!

Our first story comes from Erowid, a place where all kinds of different drugs are discussed.

This user experienced a sense of clarity and serenity while on Piracetam. He started noticing subtle, beautiful things about his landscape that he never even paid attention to. His ability to memorize and recall stuff was also massively improved and he could even recall the names of his teachers even though he was long finished with school. The user also saw his creativity and ability to write and paint improve. He smoked fewer cigarettes than before and felt a lot more relaxed than usual.

Our second experience comes from Reddit where a user found himself awestruck by how much his verbal fluency improved while on Piracetam. For the record, the user is part of a community that suffers from stuttering. He also says that never saw himself hold conversations as well as he did with Piracetam and that his anxiety over his voice completely disappeared. Others in the comments were very supportive and expressed similar notions.

Our last anecdote also stems from Reddit where the original poster praised Piracetam for its great effects. He would take between 1500 and 2500mgs without noticing any increase intolerance. He loves Piracetam as it gives him the zest he needs to complete his school work and projects. Overall the years he was taking it, he experienced zero side effects, meaning that Piracetam is suitable for long-term use. His only ‘complaint’ is that he forgets about everything once he starts working and that he loses himself in his projects, which is actually a good thing as it means that his focus is on point.

As we can see, Piracetam works wonders on the brain and helps you achieve so much more. You don’t even have to worry about side effects as there is a lot of documented research and personal stories claiming that it doesn’t have any. One mustn’t forget that Piracetam is the most studied nootropic out there and that it was tolerated exceptionally well in all the studies.

You’re probably eager to find yourself some Piracetam for sale by now, but be patient, we’ll get there soon enough.

Piracetam VS Phenylpiracetam

Although one may think that these two racetams are the same as they share a similar name, that is not quite the case. Phenylpiracetam is a lot stronger than Piracetam but has a lower half-life in comparison to it. Phenylpiracetam works best on focus, concentration, and memory while Piracetam excels at lessening stress, improving mood and lowering anxiety and depression.

Don’t get us wrong, both of these nootropics work well on the brain, it’s just that some of their aspects are more pronounced than others and we’re pointing out these anomalies.

With that being said, it’s a great idea to stack these two compounds as their combined efforts prove to be quite a force.

One should take 1600mgs of Piracetam and 100mgs of Phenylpiracetam. That’s enough for the day as you’ll experience all the benefits without feeling any side effects.

Speaking of side effects, let’s look at the alleged side effects of Piracetam.

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Piracetam Side Effects

We’re very glad to inform you that Piracetam doesn’t have any side effects. Over 600 clinical trials have been done using this compound and thousands of user experiences posted online and yet none of them claim to have experienced any side effects at all. This is all well-documented and science confirms this to be the case – Piracetam is completely side effect free.

Only one problem can arise while taking Piracetam and that is insufficient Choline in your body which can lead to headaches to be experienced. Remember to eat a lot of eggs and meat for your breakfast so that you’re stacked up on Choline or if you’re not too keen on eating animal products, get yourself a Choline source such as Alpha GPC.

That’s about it, as long as you have sufficient Choline in your body, nothing is preventing you from having a great time with Piracetam.

Beware of Low Piracetam Prices

While you’re on the prowl for some Piracetam, be careful not to buy the low-quality stuff that is being sold around. Yeah, those pills or powder might be dirt cheap but consider the fact that these vendors still make a profit on them. You should ask yourself the following: What the hell do they put inside to make their product so cheap? Not the best ingredients, we can assure you of that.

That’s why when you see low Piracetam prices, you should run away as fast as you can. That type of Piracetam is mostly imported from Southeast Asia and doesn’t even contain the real stuff.

Many people were hospitalized after trying their product, so you should be really careful.

Your best bet is to buy it from a reputable source and luckily for you, we know just the right place!

Piracetam For Sale

 If you’ve ever wondered where we found the best Piracetam for sale, you should have a look at nootropics.com, the most prominent vendor of nootropics in the world. Their Piracetam is a bit steep, but you get a verified Certificate of Authenticity with every purchase, meaning that their nootropics are the real deal.

They sell the compound in pill form and 60 capsules will cost you $39.00. Each pill contains 800mgs worth of Piracetam. You’re eligible for free shipping if you buy more than $70.00 worth of merchandise, meaning that you would have to buy two or more bottles of Piracetam to get free shipping.

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Speaking of shipping, we got our Piracetam in only two and a half days after ordering, they were extremely fast and professional. All in all, now that you know where to get the best Piracetam for sale, you can go ahead and start enjoying the bliss of this nootropic.

Remember to stay safe and feel free to share some of your experiences with Piracetam!