Where To Buy Phenibut: The Drug That Kisses Anxiety Goodbye!

Phenibut is becoming increasingly popular amongst regular people since it provides them with amazing benefits similar to those of alcohol yet it doesn’t cause any negative effects such as a hangover or vomiting.

Phenibut has first seen use in the 1960s by the Russians and from then on it has spread throughout the globe in ablaze. Today, we’ll learn all there is to know about this compound and we’ll also show you where to buy Phenibut that is of the highest quality

What is Phenibut

Phenibut is closely related to the GABA receptors in our body, is a derivative of it. Phenibut acts on the central nervous system, depressing it and effectively suppressing anxiety. The reason why it’s so often compared with alcohol is that both act on the GABA receptors in our body.

Besides being an anxiolytic, Phenibut is also known to act as a smart drug; Enhancing mood, cognitive abilities and increasing motivation in users. It’s also used as an effective way to prevent withdrawal from alcohol, whose withdrawal process can actually kill the user.

Phenibut not only mimics the GABA receptors in our body, but it also acts in the same way as them, meaning that you get all the benefits of having increased GABA in your body. Those are mainly useful for athletes as it means shorter recovery times and muscles that are more relaxed, leading to less strain.

what is Phenibut

The Proper Phenibut Dosage

Many people overdo it with their Phenibut dosage, taking it like candy. This is not the right way to go about it and can cause psychological addiction to occur.

Since Phenibut has a very short half-life of just a few hours, you’re best off taking it multiple times a day. We recommend taking it four times a day in 500mg increments for a total of 2000mgs or 2 grams a day.

That will be enough to experience all the benefits Phenibut brings to the table, without experiencing any side effects, withdrawal or dependence.

The best way to structure your intake would be to take one as you wake up, the next one before lunch, the third one before your workout and the last one before you go to sleep. Adjust this schedule to your needs, but try and stick to it as it has been proven to work.

Limit your Phenibut intake to three times a week, as that will prevent you from becoming psychologically dependent on it.

How To Take Phenibut

Taking Phenibut is strictly prohibited if you’re drinking alcohol. Those two have similar effects on the body and when mixed, potentiate the effects of each other, meaning that you’ll most likely experience negative side effects of both compounds. Don’t play with fire and never mix these two together.

You should always take Phenibut on an empty stomach, simply take your pill and put it in your mouth, drink some water and down it all at once.

There is no science to it and it’s actually pretty easy once you get used to it, if you’ve never taken pills before, it might take you a few tries to get the pill down, but you’ll get there eventually.

If you have the powder version, simply mix it with water and drink the mixture. Be sure to take another glass of water from the same cup as to avoid leaving any residue of Phenibut.

Phenibut Effects On The Body

 Phenibut is a very versatile nootropic that has multiple effects on the body. Let’s explore some of the most common ones.

  • It’s An Effective Anxiolytic: It’s no secret that Phenibut lowers anxiety in its users owing to the fact that it acts on the GABA receptors in our body. You will feel more sociable and outgoing after taking a dose of Phenibut. A study on rabbits has even confirmed that you’ll deal with stress way better than before.
  • Suppresses Depression: Although it is a depressant, it actively suppresses depression since the compound makes you feel relaxed, freeing you from your worries and woes. Note that this only lasts while the Phenibut is active in the body and is one of the reasons why we don’t recommend taking it more than three times a week – It can cause psychological dependence in users prone to depression.
  • Enhances Mood: Since Phenibut is a nootropic, it improves mood in its users and makes them feel more content with the things around them. Users report feeling more appreciation for the things they have in life while on Phenibut.
  • Enhances Cognitive Functions: Phenibut was tested in a trial with 62 people suffering from cognitive impairments. The study showed that taking just 1000mgs a day drastically improved their attention span and short term as well as long term memory.
  • Reduces Fatigue and Improves Energy Levels: A study has shown that Phenibut not only decreases anxiety in almost all cases where it’s used but that it also drastically improves energy levels throughout the day. You will start feeling the reduced fatigue within thirty minutes after taking your pill.
  • Improves ADHD Symptoms: Studies on children with ADHD have shown that in just one month, Phenibut was able to improve attention and self-control in the afflicted. The doses were pretty low (500mgs) since children were at stake but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work for adults as well.
  • Relieves Pain in The Body: By increasing the amount of GABA in the brain, it effectively suppresses pain receptors, lessening the pain felt by people taking Phenibut. Studies on mice have confirmed these findings.

Now that we’ve seen the amazing effects of Phenibut, let’s see if we can actually experience a high while taking it.

Phenibut effects

Will I Experience a Phenibut High?

 Phenibut acts on two neurotransmitters in the body, serotonin, and dopamine. This means that if you take too much of it at once, you will most definitely experience a Phenibut high. Please note that those that start chasing the high are a lot more likely to develop a psychological addiction to the compound rather than those that stick to our recommended dosages.

The Phenibut high is usually felt on doses such as 1000mgs at once for new users and 2000mgs at once for seasoned users that have already built up some tolerance.

The effects of the high will be music sounding way better than before, a sense of tranquility and relaxation, you will become a social butterfly, increased empathy and you will even feel a sense of euphoria. Some users report a tingling feeling throughout the body as well.

With that being said, you will most likely not experience a Phenibut high if you stick to our recommended dosages. It’s best to keep it that way since those effects are quite desirable and may lead to emotional dependence in users seeking them.

Phenibut Stack – Combining Phenibut and Kratom

A Phenibut stack consisting of Phenibut and Kratom is very popular.

Kratom acts on the opioid receptors in our body and is used to combat heroin withdrawal as it is a completely non-addictive substance. On the other hand, Phenibut mimics the GABA receptors in our body, causing relief from stress, anxiety and lastly, it enchants the senses, leading to better focus.

When these two compounds are combined, you can expect deep relaxation, a sense of well-being and tranquility, better mood, pain relief, and higher concentration. It’s a perfect combination for studying as the intense focus provided by Phenibut and the relaxing effects of Kratom help you concentrate that much longer.

It’s also a great combo if you just want to have a day off, relaxing and chilling in your own home. Be careful not to take too much of either Kratom or Phenibut, as that could lead to you passing out.

Some people like to add weed and caffeine to this combo, which boosts the effects of the two aforementioned compounds. This produces a mellow high that lasts throughout the day and you will even feel the after-effects on the next day so make sure you’re not working on that day.

Phenibut and kratom

Possible Side of Effects of Phenibut

A short disclaimer before starting with this section: These side effects only occur when people overdo it with their dose. Phenibut is a very safe compound, it is legal and there’s nothing to worry about if you’re taking it in moderation.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what can happen if you take Phenibut in higher dosages.

  • Psychological Addiction: We’ve warned you multiple times throughout the article to not take Phenibut every day as its amazing effects can cause you to become emotionally dependent on it. Psychological addiction is hard to break and professional help might be needed if that happens to you.
  • Feeling of Restlessness: If you take too much of the compound, you will start feeling jittery and restless. You will feel as if there is something that needs to be done but you’ll never be able to pinpoint what that actually is. It’s a sorry state to be in.
  • Headaches and Dizziness: Too much Phenibut will cause your brain to experience problems with all the excess GABA inside of it. Headaches are commonly reported on higher doses and the only way to avoid them is to keep your dosage low.
  • Nausea: It’s possible to feel nauseous after taking too much Phenibut. It will feel similar to the kind of nausea you experience while drunk on alcohol.
  • Hangovers: At really high dosages, you can even get hangovers from Phenibut. This is where the line between Phenibut and alcohol becomes blurred as on higher dosages, Phenibut acts similarly to alcohol, albeit in a negative way.

Now that we’ve learned all there is to know about this substance, let’s take a look at where to buy Phenibut.

Phenibut For Sale – Where To Buy  Pure Phenibut

 Generally speaking, if you’re on the lookout for some Phenibut, you want the best stuff. Problem is, it’s hard to stumble upon it as so many shops sell bunk products.

Don’t worry though, we’ve done the necessary research and have found three shops where you can buy the best Phenibut out there. We’ve even included a fourth vendor just for your convenience so you don’t have to search for Kratom elsewhere.

  1. Science.Bio

This company is also known as the former IRC.bio, but they recently rebranded due to some government regulations. Still, they sell high-quality products as they did before.

Their Phenibut is the cheapest we could find, with 50 grams costing only $19.99 and if you buy more than twenty at a time, you can get it for just $11.99 per jar.

The only problem is that you have to buy more than $100.00 worth of goods to get free shipping and that only applies if you’re from the US. If you’re stationed outside of the US, that number increases to $300.00, which is a lot. We can see that science.bio is the best shop out there if you’re buying in bulk as they give out massive discounts.

Their shipping times are acceptable, we got our package in four days of waiting.

phenibut for sale

  1. Nootropics.com

Nootropics.com is one of the cheapest US vendors of nootropics out there and they have been providing quality service for years.

Their Phenibut is sold in capsule form for $39 you get 60x250mg capsules.

Comparing it to Science.bio we can see that they are a bit cheaper since 50 grams cost only $19.99 but there is a caveat and that is that they don’t offer free shipping unless you buy more than $75.00 worth of product. This evens the playing field, making the shops very similar in terms of quality and affordability.

Their shipping times are quite rapid, we got our package in just three days of waiting as they ship on the same day you order.

  1. CoastlineKratom

CoastlineKratom is by far the best place to buy Kratom. You can choose between so many different brands from different places such as Bali, Borneo, Maeng Da, Horned and other types of Kratom.

We personally recommend the ‘Ultra Enchanted Green Malay Kratom‘ as it gave us the smoothest high when combined with Phenibut. We felt relaxed, mellowed out and in tune with life. It was an amazing experience for the entire crew.

5 grams will cost you $29.99 and you get a discount if you buy 25 grams for which you’ll only be charged $89.99. They offer free shipping for all orders above $75.00 and have an amazing money-back guarantee.

Their shipping times are insanely fast, we got our Malay Kratom in just three days of waiting.

Now that we’ve learned where to buy Phenibut as well as all the nuts and bolts surrounding it, we can start using this drug with confidence.

Enjoy your time with Phenibut and remember to stay safe!