Noopept Review – Enhance Your Cognitive Abilities and Beat Anxiety

Noopept is the hot topic of many supplement forums these days as it is recognized as one of the best Nootropics around. It’s completely safe, legal and it does its job without failure. Initially developed in Soviet Russia, it has quickly spread throughout the world as the benefits it harbors are nothing to scoff at.

In this Noopept review, we’ll explore what these benefits and effects on the body and brain are, as well as other important information about the compound.

What is Noopept

Noopept is one of the strongest and most potent Nootropics out there. It’s 1000 times stronger than Piracetam and 60 times stronger than Phenylpiracetam.

Noopept acts on two key neurotransmitters in the brain: Glutamate, whose role is to increase interaction between two individual brain cells and acetylcholine whose role is to control the synergy between two or more neurons.

What’s also important to note is that it also acts on our nervous system, from where it decreases anxiety and increases focus. This goes to show that Noopept is really strong stuff and that one shouldn’t mess with it without doing the proper research.

Noopept powder

Effects of Noopept on the Brain and Body

Noopept is a very powerful and versatile drug that has many positive effects on the body. We’ll just list some of the main ones.

  • Positively Acts on the Mitochondrion: Studies indicate that Noopept has a positive role in preventing the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease by aiding cells in the mitochondrion.
  • Makes You Less Prone To Stress: We all know how stressful life can be. Luckily for us, Noopept acts on the MAPK proteins in our body and thereby prevents stress from affecting us as much as it normally does
  • Improves Cognitive Abilities: Noopept has the power of speeding up the interaction between cells in the brain which leads to higher focus and improved short and long term memory.
  • Potential Cure for Diabetes: By acting on the metabolic hormone incretin, Noopept has the ability to aid in the secretion of insulin, which is the main problem with patients suffering from diabetes.
  • Helps With Anxiety: You will need a medium to high dosage to experience the lessening of anxiety while on Noopept. All the studies so far confirm the finding that Noopept has a soothing effect on anxiety.
  • Improves Mood and Energy Levels: Nootropics have a tendency to do that but it’s especially pronounced in Noopept because of its potency. You will feel more alert, less sleepy and you will experience a sense of well-being.

Noopept Dosage You Should Take

In clinical studies, a dosage of 20mgs per day showed itself to be completely harmless and well tolerated by all the participants. If you’re not experienced with the compound in question, you should stay away from dosages higher than 30mgs a day. If you have some experience, 50mgs should be your plateau. The perfect Noopept dosage seems to be 25mgs taken 5 times a day in 5mg increments.

You can take Noopept every day but it’s recommended that you cycle it. Take it for two months and then have two months off period so that your body can get itself back to baseline.

Noopept dosage

How Long Does Noopept Last

Noopept is a very fast-acting drug that crosses the blood-brain barrier in just fifteen minutes. It stays in the body between one to two hours and that’s how long it’s active. This is why we’re redoing it so frequently, as we’re trying to keep Noopept in our system throughout the day to enjoy all the benefits it bestows us with.

Because Noopept is completely legal, you won’t have to worry about any drug tests ruining your career or job changes.

Given the fact that it’s out of the system very fast, it will not be traceable by any sort of test.

Noopept Experience: What Will It Be Like?

 You don’t have anything to worry about. Noopept is meant to be a completely safe compound that boosts your cognitive abilities.

With that being said, your Noopept experience is going to look something like this.

In this first fifteen minutes, you will start to notice the increased energy and focus. You will be able to concentrate on your task at hand a lot better and you will be more efficient in your work. The thirty-minute mark signals the end of any anxiety that you experience and the onset of a positive mood where everything seems just fine. Music is going to sound awesome at this stage.

After forty-five minutes, you will reach the peak of your Noopept experience. You will feel no stress, you will be relaxed and you will still be mastering anything you set out to do. Around the one hour mark, the effects are going to start subsiding but are still going to be present. At this point, it’s your choice whether you want to continue taking more Noopept or stop it altogether.

After another 15 minutes to half an hour, the effects will completely subside and you will feel normal again.

This is what a typical Noopept experience looks like. As you can see, it’s nothing special and there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Noopept effects

Noopept and Alcohol

 Under no circumstances should you ever mix these two compounds. Because of the stimulative effects of Noopept, you will feel as if you’re not as drunk as you truly are, which can lead you to drink more and more until you pass out. Passing out should be the least of your worries, imagine getting into a car and driving (because you won’t feel drunk).

Noopept and alcohol mixed together can be very deceptive and that’s why you shouldn’t experiment with these two compounds.

The best thing to mix Noopept with is nothing but water and it should stay that way.

The only reason why you should ever even link these two compounds together is when you take Noopept AFTER drinking alcohol as to alleviate the side effects of it, such as headaches or hangovers as Noopept has soothing effects on them.

noopept and alcohol

Noopept Stack – Stacking Noopept With Other Nootropics

 Noopept is strong enough as it is, but if you really want to maximize the benefits you get out of Nootropics, you can stack Noopept.

The first Noopept stack we’re introducing consists of Noopept and Piracetam.

Piracetam is known to act as a stimulant and is especially good for studying. Combined with Noopept, you get a smooth high where you will feel relaxed, sociable yet energetic and focused on the task at hand.

You should take 10mgs of Noopept and 1 gram of Piracetam, that is the best way to dose these two.

The next Noopept stack we got in store for you is between Noopept and Aniracetam. It is known for its anti-anxiety and stress-relieving properties. This means that this stack will offer deep relaxation and peace of mind while you’re on it. You should take 10mgs of Noopept and 1 gram of Aniracetam.

If you want to do some cognitive tasks, it’s best to add in some Alpha GPC to the mix, effectively creating a triple stack. 300-500mgs of Alpha GPC should be plenty enough to do the trick.

The last Noopept stack we recommend is a triple stack made out of Noopept, Aniracetam, and Sulbutiamine.

This stack is the ultimate stack for studying, chilling out and listening to music. It will also massively increase your focus, so be sure to make use of it. The added Sulbutiamine will enhance the effects of Noopept and Aniracetam, leading to a smoother and anxiety-ridden experience. We recommend you take 10mgs of Noopept, 1 gram of Aniracetam and 300mg of Sulbutiamine.

As we can see, Noopept is easily stackable with other Nootropics and is great both when used alone and in a stack.

aniracetam stack

Possible Side Effects

It has to be said that Noopept is very well tolerated by everyone using it at our recommended dosages. This means that if you stick to our prescription, you will very likely experience zero side effects. That is because Noopept is known to be a very safe compound and research has confirmed this statement over and over again.

Problems start to occur when you take a higher than the recommended dosage. Here are some of the reported side effects of Noopept on a larger dose.

  • Stomach Ache: People reported an upset stomach on higher dosages. They said they felt very bloated and cramps all over their stomach area.
  • Sleep Problems: Insomnia is a real side effect that you should take into account if you’re taking it in bigger quantities. Anecdotal reports seem to suggest that people spend up to two days awake, which is something you don’t want to happen to you.
  • Headaches: This is a common problem on higher dosages. Some people like to stack Noopept with Choline as Choline is known to counteract the headaches experienced on Noopept.
  • Short Term Memory Problems: Your short term memory will be affected while you’re on larger quantities of Noopept. You will forget what you’re doing and you’ll be confused all-around.
  • Fatigue: As contradictory as it may seem, Noopept can have the opposite effect if you take too much of it. Users reported feeling tired yet restless, not being able to sleep.

Noopept side effects

Where can I find Noopept for Sale

 You will commonly find Noopept for sale in most online shops. There is a problem with these vendors and that is that most of them sell bunk products. You will have to search really hard to find real Noopept for sale. In the next chapter of this Noopept review, we’ll show you where to buy Noopept, but if you want to do the research on your own, here are some guidelines:

  • Search for recent lab results: These are important because they let you know how pure their Noopept really is. Many companies like to peddle results from years back, so you always have to stay vigilant and ask for results of their recent batches.
  • See if they have a money-back guarantee: A money-back guarantee shows that the vendor cares about the needs of their customers and that they will go the extra mile in fulfilling them.
  • Search for online reviews in forums centered around nootropics: See what other people have to say about the company in question. Search communities like Reddit and read some experiences others had.
  • Research the company history and how long they have been operating: The longer they are in the game, the more legit they are in our eyes. Always make sure that you’re dealing with a company that has been operating for at least three years.

If you don’t have the time to do all the grunt work, we’ve done it for you in the next chapter. Read on to find our recommended vendors.

Noopept powder

Where to Buy Noopept

 If you want to buy Noopept, you’re best off sticking to the following three shops that we’ll list. They have never disappointed us when it came to the quality of their Nootropics and they have a clean track record.

  1. Absorbyourhealth

Absorb Health is a US vendor of nootropics and many other supplements. They have Noopept both as a powder and in capsules.

If you buy the powdered version of their Noopept, you get a free measuring scoop!

Their Noopept powder will cost you between $19.99 and $124.99, the price hinging on the fact of how many grams of Noopept you select during your checkout process. You are allowed the choice between 10 to 100 grams.

If you opt for the pills, you get 100 capsules for just $19.99. Each capsule has 10mg worth of product in it for a total of 1000mgs of Noopept.

You get free shipping with any purchase from Absorb Health, which is absolutely amazing. Speaking of shipping, we had to wait three days for our Noopept to arrive in front of our porch.

noopept for sale

  1. is one of the most popular vendors of Nootropics online. They ensure high quality and purity of their stuff and have recent lab results at their disposal. They want to create a society where it’s normal to consume Nootropics and where it’s not seen as something weird, which is commendable.

They sell Noopept in pill form, you get 60 pills, each having 30mgs of Noopept in them. You will be billed $39.00 for that amount.

Every order from the US that goes above $75.00 gets free shipping, which means that you would just have to buy two of their Noopept bottles to have free shipping.

You will get your Noopept in between three to five days of waiting, it’s important to note that they ship on the same day as they receive your order.

where to buy noopept

  1. is also known as the former, a very popular vendor of Nootropics, SARMs and many other supplements. They rebranded recently so their website is new and fresh. They are known for selling cheap Nootropics and it shows in their pricing of Noopept. You will be charged $13.99 for 10 grams of their powder, which is a great deal.

If you’re buying in bulk, you can get it for as cheap as $11.19. Their Noopept is 100% pure and has always been, they make sure of that. You get free shipping if you accumulate more than $100.00 of goods in their shop and that only applies if you’re from the US.

Their shipping times are quite fast, we got our Noopept in only two days of waiting!

best place to buy noopept

This would end our Noopept review. We hope that you have learned something new and that you’re now ready to go ahead and get yourself a batch without worry or fear that you’ll get bunk product.

Take care and have fun with all the benefits Noopept brings to the table!