Where To Buy Kratom Locally: Can You Buy Kratom At Walmart?

A lot of people starting out with kratom, wonder where to buy kratom locally. I guess it’s because they feel that it’s going to be safer, as well as easier. Unfortunately, buying kratom locally is actually riddled with more problems than you would think.

They might also worry about the legal status of kratom here in the USA. If they’re not sure about its legal status, then just getting out there and buying kratom in a smoke shop, means it’s obviously legal where they are, so they don’t have to worry. It’s an easy way out of doing a bit of research.

So let’s talk you through where to buy kratom, and if it’s possible to get your hands on high-quality kratom in local outlets.  Plus I will also talk about my experience with the quality of kratom shops near me, so you can see what the quality you can expect will probably be.

As a bonus, I’ll talk about some other options to buy kratom, which might be better for you than trying to shop around locally for kratom, but I found through some hard lessons learned.

The Legal Status Of Kratom

 If you worry about the legal status of kratom in the USA, then it’s really not something you should worry about right now.

The reason for that is because kratom is legal currently under federal law. Sure, it gets a lot of bad press, and you’ll often read that the DEA, the Feds and the FDA are trying to get it banned, but there is zero evidence to back up their desire to control pretty much everything we buy to get high.

Kratom legality gets slightly more confusing at the state level, however.  Kratom is mostly legal in the USA at the state level, but with a few exceptions:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

In addition to large amounts of legality across the USA, if you order online, then the seller will not let you place the order if your postal address is in one of the states where kratom is illegal, thereby protecting you, and then from breaking the law.

So if one of the reasons you are wondering where to buy kratom near your location is because you’re worried about kratom laws in the USA, then there is no reason to worry.

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Where To Buy Kratom Locally

So let’s say you’re wondering where to buy kratom near me. Not me, I mean near you, but you get what the point I’m making..

You can buy it in gas stations, some local stores, and headshops predominantly. Basically, nowhere specialist or trustworthy.

So the big problem when searching for kratom shops near me, and finding these places, is that they are all low quality in terms of who they are, and their specialty.

Think about it, these are not specialist shops, they don’t know really what they are buying in, they don’t store the kratom they buy in well. For lots of reasons, it just doesn’t make sense to buy from these places, as I’ve learned to my cost.

Let’s look at the full list of reasons not to buy kratom in your local smoke shops:

  • They will be buying the lowest quality kratom and selling it at the highest price
  • It won’t be pure kratom, it will usually be cut with other powder
  • If it’s low in price, it will be even lower in quality
  • The shop assistant will have no specialist knowledge, and they won’t care
  • more usually than cheap, it’s probably just going to be overpriced, sometimes double the price of specialist stores
  • The selection of kratom will be very limited, and many are just labeled as generic kratom
  • It’s probably old stock and has lost its potency
  • you could get suckered in even further if they stock those absolutely useless, cheap liquid kratom shots, rather than powder

I know this from bitter experience. Quite a few years ago, I bought some kratom near me, at a local headshop. I believe what the guy in the shop said, it would blow my mind.

It had virtually no effect at all. I felt a little bit warm, and a little bit sharper for an hour, and then it disappeared. I thought that it wasn’t worth the money, and it was all hype. I felt like I could just have a strong cup of coffee instead and get the same effect, so I didn’t try kratom again for a year.

But then a friend introduced me to kratom again one evening. I tried a little White Borneo, a couple of grams I think, and it blew the roof off. I was in control, but I was lucid, energetic, and very happy. I realized that I’d been duped by poor quality local kratom, and I decided to go on a journey to get my hands on the real deal.

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Can You Buy Kratom At Walmart?

You can’t buy kratom at Walmart, and as you now realize, I wouldn’t recommend buying it anywhere locally. The big shops won’t touch it, because of its potential problems around legality and intoxication.

Plus, even if they did, they would sell just a couple of basic sorts, and they would deliberately make sure it wasn’t powerful so that they covered themselves in case something happened to someone

I don’t mean if somebody gets killed, kratom is not dangerous in comparison to many prescription medications for example. I mean bad publicity. So they would dumb it down, they would make it just like everything else they sell, middle-of-the-road.

Why You Really Shouldn’t Buy Kratom Locally

So look, wondering where to buy kratom locally just wouldn’t work for me, and I recommend you don’t think about looking for kratom shops near you either.

People think headshops are specialists. They really aren’t. They sell things like detox drinks and synthetic urine but they are always the worst brands that they bind are cheap, and they never really work.

It’s the same with kratom. They just want to churn out cheap rubbish. Some of that kratom sits on the shelf, in heat and sunlight, for months on end.

Let me tell you, kratom loses its potency when it is exposed to sunlight, heat and rapid temperature changes quite quickly. If it’s not airtight, on top of all those other things, it can literally become a useless powder in a few weeks.

Kratom is delicate, and it needs to be understood. Does the dude in the local headshop have a clue what he’s selling particularly, and even if he does, does he care what he’s selling to you? For me, the answer is no.

And even if he does, he can’t compete with the specialist retailers in terms of price, or being able to directly kratom into the USA in bulk, direct from Southeast Asian producers.

It’s the same with gas stations, it will be the same everywhere. The quality will be low, and they won’t care.

There is literally no such thing as dedicated kratom shops near me or you, they don’t exist. There’s no local specialist kratom outlet because they don’t exist. The only places that sell kratom are companies that import it, package it and sell it, and they don’t have retail premises, they focus on the far more lucrative mail-order market.

Where To Buy Kratom

So look, now I’ve rained on your parade. Now I have told you that searching for where to buy kratom near me on Google, or looking anywhere locally, is a waste of time, and will be a waste of money, let me help you by telling you where you can buy kratom.

Well, for me, it all comes down to getting quality kratom through online ordering. It is local in effect because they offer rapid shipping, many of these companies offer next day delivery across the USA.

When my friend re-introduced me to kratom, he told me about two online stores that the kratom he had in his home had come from.

The companies are Coastline Kratom and PurKratom.

They are the companies I started with, and they are almost exclusively where I now get all my kratom from. Coastline Kratom is probably the best kratom seller in the USA. They lab test everything they sell, they guarantee it, and the powder is absolutely awesome.

It’s the same with PurKratom. They sell the same sort of quality powder, and both companies import directly from Southeast Asia. They don’t even take the risk of buying it wholesale from an importer, they go direct to the people who produce perfect kratom in the countries it’s grown in.

That’s why am prepared to pay more, and that’s why I always shop online my kratom from these guys.

If you want the real kratom experience, if you want the genuine hit, the genuine relaxation, and everything you’ve read about kratom online, then don’t wonder where to buy kratom locally, buy it from a really high-quality online retailer like Coastline Kratom or PurKratom.