Ultra Klean Ultra Wash Mouthwash Review | Ultra Klean Saliva Detox

In this Ultra Wash mouthwash review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this affordable and effective saliva neutralizing mouthwash.

I’ll explain what Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash actually is, how it works, and what it can’t do for you. Plus, we will talk about alternatives to Ultra Wash, and give you some tips and tricks on using it effectively to make sure you pass an oral swab drug test every time, without fear.

What Is Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash?

 I want to start this Ultra Wash mouthwash review by clearing up some confusion around the product.

Its full name is Ultra Klean Ultra Wash mouthwash. But people abbreviate it to “Ultra klean”, or “Ultra Wash” in different reviews, and in different discussions.

So this leads people to believe that it’s two different products. It’s not.

Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash is a saliva cleansing mouthwash. It allows you to submit a drug metabolite free sample of saliva if you are ever administered for a drug test via that method.

How A Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash Works

A good quality saliva cleansing mouthwash eradicates all the toxins currently in your saliva.

That’s an important point to make, it doesn’t get rid of all the drug toxins in your mouth for good. It just neutralizes the toxins that are already in your mouth. As you create new saliva, new toxins could work their way out in it

Because of the frequency this usually happens, once you’ve cleaned the saliva in your mouth with a cleansing mouthwash, you’ll have a maximum of 30 minutes before toxins could start reappearing. Depending on your toxin exposure level, basically, how many drug metabolites are in your bloodstream, it could be less time than this or more time than this.

Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash

How To Use Ultra Klean

The steps to use Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash are pretty straightforward:

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Pour half the contents into your mouth, swill around for 30 seconds and then spit out.
  3. Wait one minute, then repeat the process with the other half of the contents in the bottle.

That process should keep your saliva free of drug toxins for up to 30 minutes.

The problem is you can be seen using it, so you need to be out of sight. If somebody walks up to you to do an on the spot test then you are screwed. You need to be out of sight for at least a minute, probably two minutes, to go through the process of neutralizing your saliva using Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash.

Now look, the emergency situation could arise where you have the bottle on you, but you can’t get out of sight quickly. You could in those circumstances swill the stuff around in your mouth, and then simply swallow it. It’s only a small amount of liquid and it’s not going to kill you.

As long as you get the bottle out of your pocket, swill the entire contents, or as much as you can manage, around in your mouth for about 30 seconds, and then swallow it, you should be okay. But obviously it’s not ideal.

Alternatives To Ultra Wash Mouthwash

The second option for me, a great alternative to Ultra Wash mouthwash is something called Oral Clear gum. It’s not actually gum, it’s a capsule of concentrated liquid that neutralizes drug toxins in saliva.

You put it in your mouth, swill the contents around, then swallow the lot. So it’s better upgraded on Ultra Wash mouthwash. Far more discreet, and you can use it even with someone right in front of you.

But the downside is the price. Oral Clear costs $90 per capsule. Ultra Wash mouthwash costs $35. So although it’s a great deal, it is a lot of money, more money than a lot of people can afford.

Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum

Where To Buy Ultra Klean Saliva Neutralizing Mouthwash

 Look, if you’re smoking regularly, or taking drugs regularly, and you think you could face an on the spot oral swab drug test, or you’re going for a job interview and think you could get one, then you need to protect yourself.

If you can afford Oral Clear neutralizing gum, I would go for that. If you can’t, you don’t think you’ll need it, then Ultra Clean Ultra Wash mouthwash is a brilliant and affordable alternative.

To answer the question: where can I buy Ultra Wash mouthwash, the answer is from buyfakeurine.com, where it will cost $34.95.

An alternative is Toxin Rid Rescue Wash. You can buy that from Test Clear, and it costs $29.95, so a few dollars cheaper than Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash. But for me, Ultra Wash mouthwash is probably the slightly better product.

So there you go, the conclusion of this Ultra Wash mouthwash review is that you should definitely have it in your drug test avoidance product arsenal.

It’s not as good as Oral Clear gum, because it’s not so discreet, and you have to be out of sight to use it. But it is very affordable and very effective when used.