Toxin Rid Review: The Ultimate 10 Day Detox Kit?

When I started looking into doing a natural detox, I got a bit disheartened about how long it would take, and the risk that might still be there at the end. But having been through that process successfully now, I thought a Toxin Rid review would help some of you who have been wondering the same thing as I was.

There are tons of detox pills on the market, they all claim to accelerate a natural detox, but I’m telling you that most of them are absolute rubbish. Toxin Rid is the only one I’ve found to be different.

I did the Toxin Rid 5 day detox course, but there is also a comprehensive Toxin Rid 10 day detox, plus other course lengths. It was a bit of struggle to decide which one I should invest my money in.

So what I’m going to answer in this Toxin Rid review, is whether it’s the ultimate 5 day detox kit, or if you need longer, how to use it, what to expect, and also tell you my own experiences doing a detox, which hopefully will help you to get things right for your own detox.

Doing A Natural Detox

Doing a natural detox is time-consuming, and takes a lot of effort. That’s why accelerating it with high-quality detox pills is so tempting, even though they are quite expensive.

To undertake a natural detox is all about allowing the body to work optimally to get rid of drug toxins.

You see, drug toxins are converted into metabolites when you take drugs. Those metabolites then go around your bloodstream, and eventually work their way out through sweat, saliva, and stools, but mostly through urine.

Most drugs will actually work their way out of your system completely in a handful of days. If you are a heavy user, it can take much longer, a couple of weeks.

Even worse than this is cannabis. THC metabolites also bind to fat, because they are cannabinoids. This means that when they go through your bloodstream, they can attach to fat cells, so some don’t instantly work their way out. They are trapped and can take much longer to work their way out.

In the case of a heavy weed smoker, and also someone who has more body fat, you could be talking as much as 30 days to do a natural detox.

So for the length of time it takes the toxins exit your body completely, a natural detox consists of doing the following, every single day:

  • Eat lean proteins, whole grains, fiber, fruit, vegetables
  • Cut out fat, sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods
  • Exercise daily
  • Sweat, through exercising, plus going to a sauna
  • Drink plenty of water each day, keep yourself hydrated
  • Keep your mind healthy, as it will relax your body
  • Don’t take in toxins, no drugs, no tobacco, alcohol, anything

Using Detox Pills With A Natural Detox

As you can see, doing a natural detox is going to be hard work. You got to live as naturally as possible, so your body can work at peak capacity, and not be fighting against toxins and bad food choices.

It’s a labor of love and will have to be very mentally focused. I’ve done it a couple of times, and it was really tough. And when it came to thinking about doing it again, because I wanted to pass a drug test naturally, I really decided I couldn’t go through two weeks of that again.

So I decided to look into using detox pills. From what I’ve worked out, there are about 10 big brands of detox pill on the market.

What I did was I started doing a natural detox, and then tested some of these pills over a couple of months, I wasn’t completely naturally detoxing, but I know it was enough to get clean from the drugs I was abstaining from.

What I found was that the pill which genuinely got rid of the toxins quickest was Toxin Rid. I did the Toxin Rid 10 day detox and followed all the Toxin Rid instructions, and it really works like a charm. Using Toxin Rid is the fastest way to get weed out of your system.

The evidence in my toilet every day showed it was accelerating the natural processes. You could tell things were being moved out of your body, and I felt that I was getting better every day.

How Does Toxin Rid Work?

how to detox for a drug test

Toxin Rid uses a combination of powerful, all-natural ingredients that both aid the body in maximizing its ability to expel toxins, while also introducing things into the body, which can help to drag the toxins out faster.

I’m going to say here that it’s going to take time. I’ll talk a bit more about how long I spent taking Toxin Rid in a little while, but you can’t expect to do it overnight. They do have one-day Toxin Rid detox, and that simply is never going to work, not even as a light toxin carrier.

But alongside a natural detox, toxin rid will accelerate the elimination of toxins by a considerable amount. I would say at least 50%, and sometimes, at least 100% faster than without taking anything alongside a natural detox.

You’re going to know to the difference because you’re going to be going to the toilet twice as often, and what you are going to see coming out will surprise you. Toxin Rid really does work, and it is a very powerful combination pill.

It doesn’t mask toxins, undertaking the Toxin Rid five day detox, for example, if it does get rid of all the toxins, is going to leave you genuinely clean. You won’t have to mask anything, you won’t have to worry, it really is a genuine five day detox kit.

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Instructions

Toxin Rid reviews

Doing a course of Toxin Rid alongside a natural detox is an investment in time, money and effort. But the reward is you are going to be genuinely clean to pass a drug test. That’s what I wanted.

Let’s say you’re going to look for a new job, and you know that over the next 2-3 months you’re going to be up for interviews, and maybe having to take drug tests. You don’t want to be taking risks so you want to be genuinely clean so you can focus on the job interview process, and not having to worry about failing.

There’s no point in putting in all the effort in if you are going to get caught out failing a drug test, because you had a few joints a couple of weeks before.

So look, the instructions are simple, but you do have to be very rigorous with them. I would suggest you set reminders on your phone, and make sure you get into a routine from day one.

Let’s take a look at the Toxin Rid 10 day detox course. The instructions are as following:

  1. Every hour, for five hours in a row, each day you need to take three Toxin Rid pre-rid capsules. Take each set of three with 8 oz of water. I would suggest you do this in the morning each day, so your body has plenty of time to process the pills and push out toxins.
  2. Make sure you eat well, alongside plenty of water each day as well.
  3. On the last day of the Toxin Rid 10 day detox, two hours after the last set of pills, prepare the detox liquid. Drink half of the liquid with 16 oz of filtered water or orange juice. Do not eat, or drink, anything for another two hours.
  4. Repeat step 3 two hours later, using the other half of the detox liquid. Do not eat or drink for another two hours.
  5. On the day of your test, or as close to it as you can, you will want to push out the final toxins. Prepare the dietary fiber supplement that is included with the Toxin Rid 10 day detox. Mix it with 8 oz of filtered water, or orange juice, and drink it quickly.
  6. Wait 15 minutes, then drink another 16 oz of water. In the hour after that, urinate frequently, then go and take your test.

Is The Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox The Best Course?

Toxin Rid 5 day detox

Toxin Rid is available in a range, of course, lengths, from a single day course, up to a 10 day course.

At one end of the scale, I would not recommend the lower durations. By that, I mean up to 4 days. Unless you are an incredibly light toxin carrier, the chances of you getting rid of all of the toxins in that amount of time are not certain.

However, if you have only light toxin levels, you only smoke a couple of times a week, for example, then you might be okay. But I would recommend the Toxin Rid 5 day detox kit as the minimum.


For me, I was going to do the Toxin Rid 10 day detox, but I was impatient. My experience was as follows.

I combined a full, natural detox, as outlined in this post, alongside the Toxin Rid 5 day detox kit.

Perhaps I was lucky, but after five days, I did a home drug test and it was negative. I’m a regular

weed smoker and I do have high body fat, so I was surprised. For me, five days was enough, but I think if I wasn’t being impatient, I probably go for, recommend, the seven days, or 10 day course, if you want to be thorough. Plus, of course, if you have the time.

Toxin Rid detox can speed up the elimination of toxins on average by 50%. So if it would take you two weeks to get rid of all the weed toxins in you, then the seven-day course should take it down to a week, I found the five day Toxin Rid course basically did that.

However much it is, it’s pretty impressive. What was coming out in the toilet was crazy, and I could literally feel the toxins dripping out of me at times.

So my advice is as follows:

1-3 day courses are to be avoided unless you really are a light toxin user. If you’re desperate, it’s obviously going to help you, but you will need to use a high-quality detox drink like Mega Clean, Rescue Cleanse, or Ultra Eliminex on the day of your test, just to make sure.

4-7 day Toxin Rid detox courses are probably going to be enough for most people, even a regular weed smoker, as long as you don’t have high body fat, or are chronic in your drug use. But you must follow the natural detox rules.

The 10 day Toxin Rid course is really for people who are chronic smokers, or heavy, persistent drug users, and who have a poor lifestyle, and high body fat. Or for people who just want that extra insurance policy, and money is not a problem.

Detox Pills To Avoid

From my research, I reckon there are about 20 types of detox pills on the market that seem to be loosely aimed at detoxing from drug toxins.

About 10 of these are heavily marketed and should be taken seriously. As I said, I tested some, including things like THC Total Herbal Cleanse, and the only one that seems to have any quality behind it was Toxin Rid.

So personally, I would steer clear of anything until you have tried Toxin Rid. It’s like having the money to buy a car. Why would you buy low-quality car and hope for the best, if you’ve got the money, and the need, to have the best care possible?

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Toxin Rid Review: Where To Buy It

Before I bought Toxin Rid, I looked at all the positive Toxin Rid reviews online, plus weighed up the negative ones. I looked at blogs, forums, and YouTube videos. I took on board what people are saying in the negative reviews, and then tailored my own experience to it. I’m putting those experiences here in this Toxin Rid review.

The only place I would ever suggest you buy Toxin Rid is from The reason for that, is they are the authorized seller, the official retail website.

If you try and pick them up cheaper from eBay or Amazon, you run the risk of picking fakes. Useless tablets, in fake packaging, to make money.

On top of that, you can’t pick up Toxin Rid in Walmart, Walgreens, anywhere like that. You can pick up the trash detox pills I’ve warned you against trying there though, so don’t be tempted.

Top Tip On Using Toxin Rid Detox

Ultra Eliminex review

I will conclude this Toxin Rid review, by saying I’ve got a couple of top tips on using it, after my experiences with it during the past couple of years.

The first tip I have on using Toxin Rid is always buying home test kits to use alongside it.

Toxin Rid is a brilliant accelerator of toxin elimination from the body. But you will need to make sure that as you come to the end of the course, that you are checking when you are toxin free. You will also need to do a home test kit on the day of your test.

The second tip I’ve got around using Toxin Rid at the end of this review is to get your hands on a high-quality detox drink. Just in case your toxin levels are so high, or you misjudged the length of the Toxin Rid course you would need, and you find you still test positive on the day of your test.

So my Toxin Rid review is that it really works. I’ve used it a couple of times, and I have recommended it to other people. It’s not a miracle pill, but if you give up the drugs and do the detox, it will speed things up significantly. I recommended it to a couple of other people, and they found the same as I have outlined here.