The Top 5 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

If you thought of the name hemp and thought you were going to get a really good high, then you might want to think again because you’re thinking of the wrong kind of hemp.

When you think of the name hemp, you probably think of some kind of dank weed strain but that’s not exactly what it is or what it’s used for. A lot of people when they go through school actually wear hemp made materials and they don’t even know it or think about it. Hemp is easily consumable and has a lot of good effects on the mind and body. We’ll try to go over 5 of the best health benefits to consuming hemp seeds.

Muscle Building

Did you know that if you’re trying to build muscle that hemp seeds can actually help you out with that? That’s right. Hemp seeds actually enhance the productivity of protein your body and protein is an essential ingredient if you’re trying to build muscle.

Not only do hemp seeds contain protein but they contain what’s called a complete protein, meaning that they have all the essential amino acids which makes them a completely full protein molecule. On that note, you definitely won’t have to spend a lot of money on gym protein shakes anymore, which are insanely overpriced.

To put this into perspective, a single little spoon of hemp seeds can contain about 10 grams of protein, which is more than enough for your workout and more than enough to give your body what it needs for the day.

Heart Health

Believe it or not, there are a lot of products out there that help with your heart, especially in relation to cannabis. Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body and you need to make sure you’re protecting it at all costs. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the world, with heart attacks and heart failure being up there among the top few. So, how exactly do hemp seeds help your heart health?

First, they contain a lot of omega fatty acids. This will help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in your heart. If you have a large amount of cholesterol in our heart, this can leave you susceptible to heart attacks and other deadly diseases which can be life-threatening if you don’t get to an appropriate treatment center on time and many don’t every single year.

There are also conditions which harden your arteries and make it harder for blood to pump through your heart, which is something that hemp seeds can help with.

hemp field


Let’s face it, so many people every single night have trouble falling asleep. If you’re one of those people who can lay their head down on a pillow and they’re out, well good for you. You’re one of the lucky few. However, so many people at night have trouble finally getting some beauty sleep and the good news is, hemp seeds might actually be able to help you.

Hemp seeds contain a lot of magnesium and magnesium has been shown to help regulate some receptors in your brain that help you not only fall asleep but have some good night sleeps as well.

For the best results, you should consume some hemp seed about 3 hours before bed and you’ll be out like a light. You can always go to the store and buy some Melatonin or some prescription for Trazadone but those don’t always work and you can only get certain doses because those both can be slightly addicting and have adverse side effects.

Weight Loss

So many people are so concerned with weight loss and so many people want to lose weight but one of the biggest gripes that so many people have is they don’t want to go to a gym. The gym is expensive and a lot of people are intimidated by going to the gym because there are so many good looking and in-shape people in there.

There are some skeptics though who don’t believe that hemp seeds can actually have anything to do with helping you lose weight because some experts say that the only actual way to lose weight is to use more calories than you consume on a day to day basis. This is true to an extent.

However, there are certain chemicals in hemp seeds that help replace some of the bad proteins in your system with good proteins. In return, you’ll have a much easier time burning off those calories and put those proteins to use by building muscle mass and eliminating fat cells within your body. It’s a complicated relationship but trust us, you can easily lose weight with the consumption of hemp seeds.


Let’s face it, this isn’t a topic that anyone wants to talk about but everyone who lives to by at least 40 years old constantly worries about getting cancer. Cancer is a disease and sometimes, it’s non-curable. You can’t fight it sometimes and it’s something we all have to worry about. There are some steps we can take in our day to day life though to make sure we have less of a chance of getting cancer and that we can walk away alive from it if we do.

Cancer is no joke and this is why we recommend hemp seeds. One of the main benefits of hemp seeds is that it can actually fight against cancer and it may even prevent cancer to some degree.

There are a lot of different omega-3 fatty acids in hemp seeds and there are also elements called GLA. Both of these combined can actually help fight cancer and can help reverse some of cancer’s effects on the body. It can help fight inflammation and it can help naturally strengthen up your immune system, which is good for everyone, and something everyone should do regardless.


Hemp seeds have so many different benefits, that there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be taking hemp seeds. They’re rich in different fatty acids, and we mean the good kind, they’re rich in protein and they help prevent cancer.

What more could you ask for out of some cheap seeds? They can assist you with losing weight and a lot of people say they have a far better mood altering experience after they consume some hemp seeds. You won’t forget the experience but if you’re looking for a high, you probably won’t find it with hemp seeds and you should probably look elsewhere. That’s not exactly what hemp seeds are for.

Nutritional Value

If you want to know the nutritional value of hemp seeds, we’ll try to break it down for you. First, there are only about 161 calories that are contained within hemp seeds.

Then, there are some carbohydrates to help your workouts and your mornings, but only about 3.3 grams, which is a decent amount.

Next, you have the protein complex which is one of the main benefits which is around 9.2 grams.

If you’re lacking fiber in your diet, take solace in knowing that there are 2 grams of fiber in a single serving of hemp seeds.

There are a lot of nutritional, physical and mental benefits of hemp seeds. Also, they’re cheap!