Are Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviews Accurate?

When I first realized it was a realistic possibility to submit synthetic urine and pass a drug test, I was looking around for the best fake pee brand to use. This was almost 4 years ago now. I started to read so many Sub Solution reviews that were positive, I began to wonder, could they possibly all be true?

Well, two years on, I’m convinced. I write about this stuff, I’ve used detox drinks, I recommend, and learn, from my friends and people online, and I think I’m pretty clued up on how to get through a drug test when your body is riddled with drug metabolites.

So in Sub Solution synthetic urine review, I will tell you, how it works, how you use it, how you keep it warm, things to avoid, plus, my own experiences with smuggling in successfully and passing drug tests with it, to answer the key question: does Sub Solution work?

What Is Clear Choice Urine?

Quick Fix vs Sub SolutionClear Choice is the company who make Sub-Solution synthetic urine. They also now make an even better version of Sub Solution, called Quick Luck. Sub Solution is $80, Quick Luck is about $100, so this is premium quality synthetic urine when most other brands are half the price.

When I first started looking into using synthetic urine to get through a drug test, Sub Solution was the main one that always came up. Quickly followed by Magnum synthetic urine and Quick Fix.

I quickly ruled out Magnum, as all the modern reviews and feedback were that it is outdated and dangerous.

Quick Fix is good, and I have actually used it since. It’s only $40, but it’s just not as complex in terms of its formula as Clear choice urine, so it’s a bigger risk.

So for me, when money isn’t a problem, I prefer to spend $80 on Sub Solution and guarantee to pass.


Clear Choice also makes Rescue Cleanse. That’s one of only three detox drinks I’ve ever found to truly work. So Clear Choice is basically a company that I learned very quickly to trust.

Contents Of Sub Solution Powdered Urine Kit

When you spend $80 on Sub Solution, you are going to be forgiven for being a bit underwhelmed by what arrives in the post. I was, but you have to remember what its purpose is.

You get the small vial of powder, that’s the dried urine formula. You also get a vile heat activator powder. Now I will talk about that in a moment because it’s crucial.

You also get a mixing container with a temperature strip on it as well. And that’s it. Not a lot of goodies for $80 on the surface.

But like a say, it’s what’s in that small vial of dried urine powder that’s important. You’re getting something you can mix up that will contain 11 chemicals that are present in human urine. All the stuff a lab would check for the presence of, things like urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

Plus Sub Solution, I know this for a fact, doesn’t contain biocide. That’s a preservative used in a lot of foods, and other things we use all the time. Some synthetic urine contains it as well to give it longer shelf life.

It was rumored a couple of years ago that the big labs were now testing for the presence of biocide because it’s an obvious way to quickly detect a fake sample. Sub-Solution urine is one of the few brands who don’t use it, and if they did, they reacted by removing it and using another type of preservative instead.

On the downside, it is powdered urine. Quick Luck, the more expensive version I mentioned earlier, is premixed. So it’s not the ultimate in convenience, and you will need to prepare it, you can’t just instantly warm it and submit the sample. That’s the one thing about Sub-Solution urine but I don’t like.

I Love The Heat Activator Powder

The real reason I love Sub Solution urine is the heat activator powder. Now, I think that’s something a lot of people overlook when they aren’t experienced with fake urine samples.

The biggest reason you’re going to fail a drug test when submitting a fake sample is it’s at the wrong temperature. Lots of people assume it’s the quality of the urine, and they then go online and write an awful review about it. But often, it’s that it’s been rejected because it’s been outside the legal temperature range, 90°F – 100°F.

Human urine is always expelled from the body at a pretty static temperature, around 96°F, give or take a degree because the human body static temperature is always around 98°F unless you have a fever.

So it’s pretty easy for the labs to spot a fake sample. But legally, to allow for cooling or fever, they have to have that 10° variance.

Heat pads can fail. They can give out variable heat, and if the heat source fades, or overheats, there’s nothing you can do. That’s why I love Sub Solution with its heat activator powder because you can tap a little more in, and raise the temperature at any point. It’s brilliant stuff.

Sub Solution powdered urine kit

How To use Clear Choice Sub Solution

Sub Solution instructions are pretty straightforward, it’s all about mixing the sample up, and getting the heat right.

  1. Mix in water with the powdered urine vial to create around 3 fluid ounces of liquid, filling to the mark on the bottle. Shake it well, until it is clear, and looking like urine.
  2. There’s no need for a microwave. Just add about a quarter of the heat activator powder, shake it gently for a minute, then watch the temperature rise. If it’s not warm enough, add a small amount more and watch for it to register on the temperature strip.
  3. Go and submit your sample. When you are in the testing room, check the temperature one more time. If it’s too cold, add a bit more powder. These tests are unsupervised so no one going to watch you there.

Sub Solution Review: Does It Work?

Sub Solution worked for me. It’s worked for me on three occasions over the past four years. So I trust this stuff.

My best friend has passed a drug test using Sub Solution as well. Plus, it’s one of only three brands I really recommend on my website, or the Facebook page as well. You can buy Sub Solution and Quick Luck from their official website.

So yes, Sub Solution synthetic urine reviews are accurate, the answer the question around does Sub Solution work, is yes. It is that good. The combo of having enough natural chemical markers to pass pretty much any validity testing, alongside the flexibility of the heat activator powder, gives you an unbeatable chance of passing a urine sample drug test.

Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine