Red Vein Kratom Review: Red Kratom Effects, Dosage, Where To Buy

Red kratom effects are the most widely sought-after, because they benefit a big group of people, suffering from a range of common problems. But the other side of that coin, is that the effects of red vein kratom actually poorly understood.

So in this red vein kratom review, I’m going to talk you through everything I’ve learned about red kratom effects. I’m going to tell you what sort of red vein kratom dosage you should be looking at to get the benefits but without any negative side-effects.

I’ll also talk about whether you can get a red vein kratom high, something many people do experience with white kratom. Plus, I’m going to compare two of the most popular strains and tell you where you can buy pure red kratom, that’s quality guaranteed, and imported directly from Southeast Asia.

Red Kratom Effects Explained

There are three main types of kratom, red, green and white. Between them, they cover a spectrum of effects, with each type predominantly covering apart that spectrum, but with all capable of delivering some aspect across the entire spectrum of possible effects.

White kratom is almost solely uplifting. You don’t get much pain relief, or calmness with white kratom, it’s all about energy, focus, and euphoria.

Green kratom is in the middle, and usually milder. You get some of that white kratom energy, but you also get some of the effects of red kratom as well. It’s great for beginners.

Red kratom like the other types of kratom will have effects that change depending on the dose you take:

  • At a low dose, you will experience a mild increase in energy and focus, plus calmness and mild analgesia
  • At medium dose, you will still get the energy and focus, but with a move towards more significant analgesia and sedation
  • At high dose, the analgesic and sedation can be overwhelming, and the energy and focus is lost

That’s why red vein kratom is used by people suffering alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. At a medium dose, it still gives them positivity, energy, and focus, but with the main benefit being it chills them out, calms the cravings, and eases the physical and emotional pain.

For the casual user, it can allow them to maintain focus and energy, while chilling out, making it perfect for use in the evening. It’s also good for helping people to relax and sleep.

Plus, for people suffering from physical pain, or emotional pain like anxiety or depression a medium dose of red kratom can work wonders.

red kratom review

Red Vein Kratom Dosage

So as you can now see, the type of effect you get from red kratom will depend on the red vein kratom dosage you take.

But there are other factors you need to take into account. Most importantly, the quality of the red kratom is important, and any red vein kratom review needs to mention that only pure kratom should be considered when experimenting with it.

Also, the type of person you are will matter. How big you are, your metabolism, what you have eaten, the previous exposure to kratom (tolerance), plus your mental and physical health. These will alter the way you feel on kratom generally.

A moderate dose, of up to 4 grams, will deliver energy and focus, plus significant calmness and pain relief.

A strong dose, of up to 8 grams, will still retain energy and focus slightly, but the pain relief and sedation, feeling overwhelmingly chilled out, will take over.

Over 8 grams, you are looking at overwhelming sedation. If your goal is to take away the pain, and just completely drop out, then that’s the sort of dose you should be taking. But it will be at the cost of functioning normally for a few hours.

Can You Get A Red Vein Kratom High?

The alkaloids in red vein kratom are those that most closely mimic those in heroin and other opiates. Because kratom alkaloids interact with the same receptors in our bodies as narcotics like heroin and other opiates.

But it’s this interaction with the body’s opioid receptors, which means that red vein kratom is closest in effects to heroin.

The warm, euphoric high, the complete dropout that heroin gives, taking everything away for a short time, is mimicked by strong doses of good quality red vein kratom. But obviously, not in the same way, not as destructive, or addictive, and certainly not to the same level of intensity.

But yes, at a strong dose, heading into overwhelming, you can certainly get a red vein kratom high, that will take away all the pain and problems for a few hours. But that comes at the cost of functioning, plus it will be overwhelmingly sedative after a short time.

Red Bali Vs Red Thai

Although red vein kratom is all similar in many ways, there are subtle differences in the effects between different types of red vein kratom, and when you take into account red vein kratom dosage differences as well, those effects can be magnified further.

Red Bali is one of the most popular types of red kratom. You’ll see some contradictions online, with some sites claiming it’s mild, and other sites claiming it’s not. But again, that’s partly about the dose.

Red Bali is actually closest to an opioid in terms of its effects. Especially at a high dose, it can strongly mimic the effects of heroin.

Pain relief, anxiety relief, strong relaxation, and sedation are all effects of a good dose of red Bali. You’ll get increased focus and energy at lower doses, but as you head into a strong dose, it’s incredibly warm, rich and euphoric in effects.

In contrast, Red Thai kratom has a more uplifting feel about it. It can bring a mood changing happiness, stronger focus, and energy, with slightly lower effects of relaxation and sedation.

But again, at higher doses, Red Thai rapidly moves towards sedation and analgesia, in the way that most other red kratom strains do.

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Where To Buy Red Kratom

If you’re looking to experience red kratom effects to their full, then you need to buy kratom from the best kratom vendors online. There are many of them out there, and it’s taken me two years to settle on a handful of kratom retailers who consistently sell pure, imported from source, kratom, that’s lab tested independently, and guaranteed for quality.

I’m only going to tell you about two online shops here, so you have a starting point in your journey to experiencing the effects of red vein kratom yourself:

  1. PurKratom

These guys sell really good quality pure kratom powder. I know from testing it alongside other brands, that it’s incredibly strong, smooth and will deliver the full range of red kratom effects.

Particularly good is their Red Borneo, which I often use for its rich, warm effects when I want to chill out and not feel any negatives, or pain from my bad back.

Plus, importantly, they sell a complete range of kratom capsules. They make the capsules themselves, from the same pure, imported kratom. The capsules are great, although slightly more expensive. They allow you to get an exact dose, and to escape tasting the bitterness of kratom powder.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline is definitely the number one powder seller in the USA today. They are incredibly proud of the powder they sell, it’s lab tested, independently verified, and always fresh stock.

Any decent red vein kratom review has to mention coastline kratom, because of their quality and customer service.

Any red strain from then will be a good purchase. If you really want to go for it, they sell very strong Red Maeng Da, and red kratom extracts as well, which are even more intense but should be treated with respect.