Red Borneo Kratom: Origin, Effects, Dosage, Where To Buy

There always seems to be some confusion around Red Borneo kratom effects, and when I started out with kratom, I was confused about the effects of Red Borneo in relation to other red kratom strains as well.

The problem is that there is a lot of rubbish talked, when it comes to kratom. People make too much of the differences. The truth is, that some unscrupulous retailers, in fact probably the majority, package up any old red kratom and label it is what they want.

But I’ve spent two years researching kratom and experimenting with it, due to some mental and physical issues, and I have nailed down what the effects of Red Borneo kratom are, in relation to another red kratom, and I’ve found several kratom sellers who actually sell the real, regional kratom strains.

Red Borneo Kratom Effects

 Red kratom generally has a specific set of effects, which sets it apart from green kratom and white kratom.

An exception to that is Red Maeng Da, which I’ll talk about in a little while. But basically, all red kratom tends towards an opiate-like experience of the washing away of anxiety, a feeling of happiness, being really chilled out, and the dumbing down of pain.

At lower doses, this also tends to include improved mental and physical energy. At higher doses, it tends towards increasing analgesia and sedation, until it becomes overwhelming.

Red Borneo kratom effects are classic red effects. However, it’s not quite as aggressive as some other strains like Red Thai for an opiate-like experience, with some people finding higher doses of Red Thai overwhelmingly relaxing.

So if you’re looking for classic red kratom, then Red Borneo kratom effects will be perfect for you, although for me, there is not as much energy and focus as with some other reds, and it’s much more about feeling very chilled out and having strong pain relief.

Red Borneo Kratom Dosage

 Kratom is a very personal thing. How it affects you will depend on your size, plus your mental and physical health will come into play. On top of that, whether you have eaten recently, or not, we also affect how you interact with kratom.

For best results, kratom should always be taken on an empty stomach, and you will have to adjust the dose if you are larger than normal, or smaller.

Plus, the exact Red Borneo kratom dosage will depend on the quality of the red Borneo you are taking. It may surprise you to know that most kratom out there isn’t very good. It may be sold as pure, you may be told it’s brilliant quality, but often it’s awful.

But generally, I would always advise an absolute beginner takes a single gram, maybe two. Then move up a gram at a time. An average person should start to feel the full effects, at a low level, around three, or four grams.

The full Red Borneo kratom effects should feel strong around five or six grams, and start to become overwhelming above that.

red borneo kratom review

Using Red Kratom Borneo For Pain

 Red kratom is definitely the perfect kratom for pain. Using Red Borneo kratom for pain is therefore perfect. I’ve definitely experienced significant pain relief using it.

A handful of grams can take away physical pain more effectively than prescription opiate painkillers in my experience.

It’s not just about using Red Borneo for physical pain either, you can use it for emotional pain. Dealing with opiate withdrawal, and things like anxiety. It’s a really calming kratom, that will really take things away.

Red Borneo Vs Red Maeng Da

 Red Borneo is a classic red kratom. As I’ve said, it’s not as good at maintaining improved energy and sharpness, but it’s very good at pain relief, chilling you out, and taking away your worries.

Red Maeng Da is slightly different. It can do all of the above, but it’s generally a stronger kratom, that’s because it’s partly mixed with white kratom. This means that you will get good energy and sharpness, but that means it comes at the expense of chilling you out and calming you down unless you take a really high dose.

Red Borneo effects are probably better for someone who wants a classic opiate-high, or who wants pain relief and calmness. Red Maeng Da gives you those effects, but unless you take a very strong dose, it’s going to keep you energized as well, which may not be what you need.

Red Borneo Kratom Review: Where To Buy Red Borneo

This isn’t really a proper Red Borneo kratom review, it’s more being honest about the red Borneo kratom effects you will experience if you get pure Red Borneo kratom.

And that’s the key thing, you have to get the real deal. It took me white a while to work out what pure kratom actually felt like, and to differentiate between the different types. It’s not always easy, and there isn’t often the big differences between strains that people claim.

However, I’m going to mention a couple of places which definitely supply genuine red Borneo kratom, imported directly from Southeast Asia, from sustainable farms. These shops also test their kratom for quality using independent lab testing, and you’ll know because it will be fresh, bitter tasting, and a low dose will have you feeling amazing.

1.Coastline Kratom sells the best Red Vein Borneo kratom I’ve ever experienced. It’s beautifully smooth, and the effects are deep and rich. You’ll feel peaceful, chilled out, and all your worries will wash away.

I used Coastlines Red Vein Borneo to help with back pain as well, and it was perfect for that. They guarantee each batch by independent lab testing them as well, so although it’s not the cheapest, you know you are getting top quality Red Borneo kratom.

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  1. Kratom Sensation is a relatively unknown USA-based kratom retailer. I didn’t discover them until quite recently, but I was not disappointed with the quality of their Red Vein Borneo.

It’s incredibly relaxing, but not overwhelming, it’s slightly gentler than the coastline Red Borneo, but still incredibly effective, and well worth trying.

A little tip with kratom sensation, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you get 15% off your first order as well.

So whichever of these trusted vendors you choose, you’ll definitely get the full Red Borneo kratom effects experience with a handful of grams, or less.