Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review

I mentioned in a previous review that Sub Solution has a big brother, ‘n even more complex synthetic urine product, called Quick Luck. So this is a (quick) Quick Luck review to tell you everything you need to know about this powerful new kid on the block.

I haven’t used this in real life, but I have used Sub Solution twice to pass real urine sample drug tests. I see no reason to swap at the moment, but I want to go through everything about Quick Luck in this review, so you can see why it’s a serious consideration if you have a urine sample drug test coming up soon and you want to use best possible fake pee.

The Most Powerful Clear Choice Urine

The purposes of this Quick Luck synthetic urine review I actually invested in a box of Quick Luck premixed urine, and also something called “the practice kit”, which I will talk about later in this review.

Sub Solution was the most potent formula of synthetic urine you can buy, but now that Quick Luck has appeared, it’s undoubtedly been pushed into second place. When you buy Quick Luck, you are getting the following boxes ticked:

  • Contains urea
  • Contains uric acid
  • Contains creatine
  • Contains 14 chemical markers found in human urine
  • Quick Luck is premixed
  • Uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad
  • Looks, smells, and froths like urine
  • Is the very latest formula updated based on latest testing evidence

Plus, just like Sub Solution, it definitely does not contain an artificial preservative known as biocide.

Biocide has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny in the online communities in the past 12 months or so because it’s suspected that some of the big labs now test for its presence. Because it’s used as a preservative in many brands of synthetic urine, it makes it an easy way to spot a fake sample.

Sub Solution

How To Use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

 If you’re looking for the easiest synthetic urine product on the market, and Quick Luck fits the bill. It’s even easier than Sub Solution. Sub Solution is a powder, Quick Luck is premixed, so you don’t even have to add water.

So the basic Quick Luck instructions are:

  1. If you want to prepare the sample in advance then simply microwave it for a few seconds, get it to within the right temperature range and put one of the two supplied high-quality heat pads onto the sample to keep it warm.

Alternatively, you can use the heat activator powder to get it warm, and then attach the heatpad to it.

Alternatively again, you can just strap the heat pad to it and let it warm it up to the correct temperature in about 45 minutes.

So you have three different ways of getting Quick Luck to the right temperature and keeping it there.

  1. If you haven’t bothered to even you step one of these Quick Luck instructions, then when you get to the lab, just tap in the heat activator powder to get it the right temperature, and go in and submit your sample. If you transported it warm with heatpads, double-check the sample temperature and add more powder if needed.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

So look, Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution is a close battle. But Quick Luck wins because it’s premixed and because you get the option of the pair of heatpads supplied with it. You may not even use them, but they give you so much additional control and multiple options.

So Sub Solution is a brilliant choice if you have a few day’s notices that you are going to be facing a drug test soon. Yes, you could use it at very short notice. As long as you are out of sight for about 10 minutes, you can mix the urine up and get it clear, and then get it heated up using a heat activator powder.

But using Quick Luck, you don’t even need access to water. So it’s perfect for keeping in the cab of your Semi, or in your locker at work. You just need one minute to add the heat activator powder and get the sample warm enough to submit.

Get Practicing With The Practice Kit

 Before I finish this review of Quick Luck, I want to just talk about something called the practice kit which I mentioned at the start of the review.

The practice kit is also available from Clear Choice. If you buy it with Sub Solution or Quick Luck, you get it for a much lower combination deal price.

The practice kit contains everything apart from synthetic urine. So you can use water to practice heating it up using the heat activator powder. That way you can see how quickly it warms, and how long it stays warm for.

You can also use the supplied heatpads to see how long they keep the warm water within the right temperature range. Basically, you can practice the process of warming the sample up, keeping it warm, and even do a dummy run to the testing lab.

So for the small investment of buying it, the practice kit will really help you to nail down the process of getting it warm-keeping it warm and doing the journey to the testing lab without wasting $80 on Sub Solution or $100 on Quick Luck.

Quick luck urine

Quick Luck Is The Best Fake Urine You Can Buy

 So look guys, Quick Luck is simply the best fake urine you can buy. It’s better than Sub Solution because it’s a more complex formula, and it’s premixed.

I’m not even going to insult it by comparing it to Quick Fix, Monkey Whizz, or any of the budget brands of synthetic urine out there. It’s incomparable.

So the conclusion of this Quick Luck synthetic urine review is that it is in a class of its own. It costs $100, so it’s very expensive, but if you’re looking for guarantees, ease-of-use, and the ability to pass on the spot urine sample drug testing, then there is literally nothing else available that even gets close to Quick Luck.