Spectrum labs Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review: Does It Still Work?

In this Quick Fix review, I’m going to talk about the latest formula one of the most popular brands of synthetic urine on the market. Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2 is a synthetic urine product you’re going to hear a lot about if you’re looking for ways to pass a drug test. It’s not that expensive, only around $40 for the larger 3 oz product. So how can it pass the analysis of a professional drug testing lab?

Well, in this Quick Fix synthetic urine review, I’m going to tell you how to use Quick Fix for drug test success, how likely is to work, and answer the key question: does Quick Fix work?

I’ll also tell you where to buy Quick Fix, where not to buy Quick Fix urine, and also whether there is a safer brand of synthetic urine out there that you should be considering.

What Is Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is simply liquid that has been made to look like real human urine. It’s also got chemicals in it to mimic those in human urine, so it passes testing. But it has to do much more than that:

  • It has to look like human urine
  • It has to smell like the real thing
  • Must froth like the real thing
  • At a minimum must contain creatine, urea, and uric acid
  • Must have the correct specific gravity range
  • Synthetic urine must have the correct pH range

Now I want to start this Quick Fix review by telling you that most brands of synthetic urine out there are completely useless. They are sold as novelty urine, fetish urine, and have huge disclaimers. Although this is legal, it’s also to get them out of trouble because they are selling rubbish.

For me, there are only a handful of brands I would ever use, and I have used all of these to pass a drug test. The brands of synthetic urine I would only ever recommend are Quick Fix, Monkey Whizz, Sub Solution, and it’s big brother, Quick Luck. I posted an article about using fake pee for a drug test already, check it out for more info!

So how does Quick Fix stack up against the others?

How to use Quick Fix

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Explained

Quick Fix is a good brand of synthetic urine. A few years back it was the best. It was the most complex formula, and it was great for any type of urine sample drug testing.

People online of raved about it for years. With tons of great user reviews. However, synthetic urine is moved on, just as drug testing has moved on. So when you see those brilliant reviews, they’re not quite as true today.

That’s why Quick Fix is only $40. Although the formula is updated, which is why it’s formula 6.2, which is an update on only two years ago, it’s not a complex formula when compared to Clear Choice Sub Solution.

So although it might be “good enough”, it’s not the most guaranteed brand on the market. The old saying about you gets what you pay for works for synthetic urine as well. So when you are using Quick Fix for a drug test, you need to be aware of its limitations.

How To Use Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

So before I give you the full instructions for using Quick Fix for a drug test, let’s talk briefly about how you actually use synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

You’re going to have to smuggle the stuff into the drug-testing lab. That sounds scarier than it actually is. Pre-employment drug tests and most on-the-job drug tests are unmonitored, meaning you go behind a screen, or into a separate room to submit your sample. You won’t be directly observed.

So the big problem is not actually getting it to the lab, it’s keeping it at the right temperature. For this, you will need a heatpad. Quick Fix and other similar brands come with a heatpad. You warm the temperature of the urine up to the right level, then you activate the heatpad so it heats up, and then you strap it to the sample to keep it at the right temperature.

You then check the temperature before you pour it into the sample container, hand it over, and then walk out with your fingers crossed. As long as it’s within the right temperature range, and it’s not a complex test or the lab assistant isn’t particularly vigilant and inspect it closely, then you will be absolutely fine with the quality of Quick Fix.

Spectrumlabs Quick Fix synthetic urine

How To Use Quick Fix For A Drug Test

So the instructions for using Quick Fix for drug test success are pretty straightforward:

  1. Activate the heat pad a few moments in advance, so it’s warm and ready to keep the sample at the right temperature.
  2. Microwave the fake sample for a few seconds, shake it and then check the temperature strip. If it’s still too cool, warm it for another few seconds and check again.
  3. Strap the heatpad to the sample using the included elastic band. It will be a little bulky, but not too much.
  4. Wear two pairs of underwear, tuck the sample and heatpad securely inside the first pair, and go off to the lab.
  5. Just before you go in, check the temperature. If it’s too cold, panic. If it’s too warm, take the heatpad away for a couple of minutes. If it’s it within the correct temperature range, you’ll be fine.

On the last point about panicking, don’t panic completely. Remember that you will be unobserved. There is still a good chance that you will have access to a toilet before you go in, or during the test.

When you go into the lab, or if there’s somewhere local nearby, get to a toilet or somewhere there is hot running water, and run the sample under the tap to warm it up.

Does Quick Fix Work?

Quick Fix costs $40. Sub solution costs double the price. If you really want to pass a drug test then Sub Solution is the way to go. Sub Solution also uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad, giving less chance of heat failure. You can buy Sub Solution from this webshop.

But for your basic pre-employment drug test, Quick Fix is plenty good enough. It’s the cheapest type of drug test that’s administered, the lab assistants will not be showing much care about them, and they are the most basic type of analysis.

So if you’re going for a pre-employment drug test, especially for a low paid job like retail, then Quick Fix will plenty good enough. But for something more advanced, a management job, a law enforcement drug test, things like that, I would go with Sub Solution.

Quick Fix alternatives

Where To Buy Quick Fix Urine

I’ll finish this Quick Fix synthetic urine review by telling you exactly where to buy Quick Fix for the best price.

The first tells you when not to buy it. Don’t buy it from anywhere other than a proper specialist online retailer. Stuff for sale on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, places like that, is often fake or out of date.

You can buy it from quickfixsynthetic.com for just $40. That’s for the large 3 fluid ounce container of Quick Fix.

You could go for the standard 2 fluid ounce container and save yourself $10, but some labs insist on a larger sample, and the 2 fluid ounce container isn’t quite large enough for the larger minimum sample size.