PurKratom Reviews: Are They Telling The Truth?

As one of the biggest online kratom sellers in the USA, you’ll see a lot of PurKratom reviews. Because they are also usually very positive, it can make people suspicious about whether they are genuine, or not.

That’s how I felt a couple of years ago when I was starting my kratom journey. If it sounds too good to be true, it often is, and reviews of PurKratom were no different.

But what I realized through trial and error, is that there are only a handful of reputable kratom vendors in the USA, that sell imported, pure kratom. So are PurKratom reviews accurate, or is it just dubious marketing?

Is PurKratom A Legit Company?

Initially, I was a little skeptical about whether they were legitimate. In fact, I see people asking is PurKratom legit on places like Reddit. So I knew I wasn’t the only one wondering about the strong reputation, and how good the quality of the kratom they sold really is.

So with overwhelmingly positive PurKratom reviews, plus lots of people online saying how great they were, I thought it was best to just give them a go.

I sent a small order off, I think it was about $50, with free shipping, and I tried them. The kratom was awesome, and I haven’t looked back since. They are one of my regular retailers. Initially, I went for kratom capsules¬†and then moved on to loose powder when I was a bit more experienced.

The Quality Of The Kratom PurKratom Sell

is purkratom legit

One of the big reasons that people have problems when they read PurKratom reviews is that they are often positive, and say about how great the quality the kratom is. Because the kratom industry is so full of sharks and rubbish kratom, people are rightly skeptical.

Look, they were one of the first places I ordered kratom from, specifically because they sell capsules and variety packs, as well as loose powder.

I knew that if I ordered a variety pack, I could explore different types of kratom out there, and I could also order it as a capsule variety pack, so I could explore the experience of kratom, without experiencing the taste.

I went for their white kratom capsule variety pack, which gave me three varieties of my choice. I think it was Borneo, Bali and Maeng Da, though it was a couple of years ago.

They sell incredible quality kratom powder as well, which I now use because I mix kratom with fruit juice to stop it tasting so bad.

I regularly use Red Maeng Da to help cope with some physical pain I have from a bad back. It’s awesome quality, smooth, rich, always fresh, and it beats the pain without being overwhelming. In fact, it also leaves me feeling positive, and energized, and that’s just with a couple of grams.

They do 22 different types of kratom, both in powder, and capsules, so whether you want red, green or white, then you have a huge choice. I would really recommend PurKratom Green Malay, if you want a smooth, euphoric high feeling from kratom, then you cannot go wrong with that.

Reasons I Trust PurKratom

With my first order, I was skeptical about PurKratom and was worried about PurKratom being legit. But what made me give them a try was the real feedback online.

Not professional reviews, but grassroots stuff like this, informal reviews, ratings on forums, real people saying good things. I was also convinced to make an order because they have proper credit card processing.

Not only does this show professionalism, but it means you’re not stuck with stupid things like echecks, PayPal, or using some dodgy third-party payment processor you never heard of. It also means you get credit card protection.

Plus they offered fast delivery, which is free in the USA on any order value. That means I wasn’t even having to take an extra risk on paying for postage.

I guess what really swung it was the quality guarantee. There are only a handful of companies, people like Coastline Kratom and BuyKratom, who offer a quality guarantee. That’s why I order from them as alternatives.

What I mean by a quality guarantee, is that these people import their kratom direct from Asia, from the people who produce it. They don’t buy it blindly through a US importer, and then just label it up. They buy the proper types, from the people who make it, and then they independently lab test it.

If it passes and independent lab test, then they bag it up and sell it. They also publish those lab test reports on their website. That’s all backed up by a one hundred percent money back guarantee. For me, that really swung it, because it’s so rare in the kratom industry.

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Use This PurKratom Discount Code

So there you go, I guess it’s an informal review of PurKratom, but I hope you can see that the reasons that made me order are genuine.

The money back guarantee, the batch testing for quality, free shipping, the large range, and a huge, positive online feedback, are pretty hard to resist, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The last thing mention is that contrary to what you might read online, they do offer a slight discount. It’s only 10% off, but if you enter this PurKratom discount code at checkout then you’ll get it:


That’s not a lot, but 10% off your order with this PurKratom coupon, when you’re already getting free shipping, is significantly de-risking your first order.