Oxiracetam Review: Improve your Overall Cognition and Enjoy The Neuroprotective Properties

Oxiracetam was initially developed to treat patients that showed early signs of Alzheimer’s disease but after a few trials had been conducted, it was discovered that it is a lot more potent than what was thought before.

Not only does it protect the brain, our central nervous system, the neurons, and neurotransmitters inside of them, it also acts as a mild stimulant and enhances our cognitive abilities. This has led thousands of people to try Oxiracetam and the results so far have been nothing but positive.

This Oxiracetam review is here to discuss the benefits of this compound, as well as the proper dosage, stacks, side effects and where the best place to buy it really is.

Let’s get started!

What Is Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam is part of the racetam tree of drugs and is one of the most popular racetams out of them all, as it has unique properties that distinguish it from all the others. We’ll talk more about them in the next section of this article.

Oxiracetam works by increasing the speed and amount of messages between two or more particular neurons, which aids brain plasticity and helps out with memory, learning, and overall cognition. Not only that, but it also increases the expenditure of glucose, the main food of our brain, which means that Oxiracetam puts your brain into overdrive, transforming it into a learning machine while its effects last.

The most important thing to mention is that clinical trials done on this nootropic showed no side effects at all, which means that Oxiracetam is a completely safe and secure drug to consume.

what is oxiracetam

Benefits of Using Oxiracetam

There are heaps of benefits to using Oxiracetam and we’ll list them all in this Oxiracetam review!

  • Increases Energy: Who needs coffee that makes you jittery and anxious when you have Oxiracetam on your side. Oxiracetam will give you a nice boost to your energy, without overloading your body, meaning that you’ll be able to work on your projects much longer than before.
  • Improves Short and Long Term Memory: Both of these types of memories are essential for learning or imbuing any new information. A study on 60 patients with dementia showed marked improvements in memory and areas associated with memory.
  • Improves Sleep Quality: If you’re having trouble getting some good quality sleep, which many of us do since our modern lifestyles are nothing to brag about, Oxiracetam can help. A clinical study was conducted that stated that Oxiracetam massively improved sleep quality in elderly patients.
  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress: The study we’re referencing here was mainly done on Alzheimer’s patients, but that doesn’t mean that Oxiracetam doesn’t work wonders on anxiety in healthy patients. Anecdotal evidence seems to back up this notion and many people use Oxiracetam exclusively for anxiety and stress.
  • Improves Focus and Concentration: In a study conducted on 289 patients, Oxiracetam has shown itself very beneficial when it came to improving focus, concentration and attention span. It also improved the reaction times of those that took Oxiracetam. Lastly, it also reduced tension in the afflicted.
  • Prevents Memory Loss: We all know how important it is to be able to recall things on the day of our presentation or exam and Oxiracetam helps with exactly that. Multiple studies conducted on completely healthy people showed that Oxiracetam helps protect against cognitive impairments in all instances.
  • It Has Massive Neuroprotective Properties: Oxiracetam helped with mitigating damage to our white matter and the neurons in our brain. It also improved blood flow in the brain, leading to cognitive benefits to be experienced. Lastly, it’s very helpful in brain recovery as it reduces inflammation and improves muscle potency.

Oxiracetam benefits

Oxiracetam Dosage

 Clinical trials used between 400 and 2400mgs of Oxiracetam in a day, usually split up in two parts as Oxiracetam has a half life of eight hours. This makes it one of the rare racetams to have such a high half life, with most of the other racetams hovering between one and four hours.

You should take Oxiracetam twice a day in 600mg increments, meaning that you should imbue 1200mgs of it. That is the perfect dosage to experience all the benefits without being bothered by any of the side effects.

Since Oxiracetam is water-soluble, you should only consume it with water. Don’t mix it with alcohol as that could potentiate the side effects of both compounds.

Oxiracetam Stack – Stacking it With Other Nootropics

Oxiracetam stacks greatly with other nootropics and we’ll present to you a few stacks we’ve personally used, having experienced great results while on them. We must note one thing before starting, that being that it is recommended to take a Choline source such as Alpha GPC with those stacks to avoid headaches or nausea.

The first Oxiracetam stack we recommend is between Oxiracetam and Piracetam. This stack is great if you have a lot of work to do and need intense focus and concentration. The stack will also balance your mood and spur your creativity, so you’ll be performing a lot better than before. You don’t need to use this stack more than once per day and the recommended dosages are 600mgs of Oxiracetam and 800mgs of Piracetam.

The second stack we have in store with you is also between two racetams, that being Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam. Pramiracetam is strong enough on its own but when mixed with Oxiracetam, you get to experience bliss when it comes to your cognition. You’ll also be a lot more focused and music will sound a lot better. You should take 600mgs of Oxiracetam and 200mgs of Pramiracetam once a day.

The last stack we present to you is so strong and powerful that it is only recommended for advanced users. It is a triple stack between Aniracetam, Oxiracetam and Piracetam. Your verbal fluency will improve, you’ll become less anxious, you’ll see your memory, concentration, focus and attention attuned to the core.

You will also feel less stressed and a lot more relaxed.

You should consume 600mgs of Oxiracetam, 800mgs of Piracetam and finally, 750mgs of Aniracetam for the perfect combo. Don’t take it more than once per day.

How To Use Oxiracetam Powder

On one hand, you have Oxiracetam in pill form which is fairly easy to use. On the other hand, the Oxiracetam powder can be tough on the inexperienced user.

You first have to get yourself a scale that can measure out small quantities and you have to use it every time you want to imbue Oxiracetam. Before you even ask, no, it’s not possible to judge an Oxiracetam dosage purely by the naked eye. Add some water to your powder and drink it as a shake, be sure to have another cup of water from the same glass as to avoid leaving any residue behind.

If you want to avoid this entire ordeal, just stick with the pills and you’ll do just fine.

Oxiracetam dosage

Oxiracetam Side Effects

Oxiracetam is one of the rare drugs out there that doesn’t really have any side effects. All the clinical trials confirmed that and they used astronomical dosages that went up to 2400mgs a day.

The only complaint people had on Oxiracetam were headaches and they were only present in first time users. To prevent that from happening to you, we recommend getting yourself a Choline source such as Alpha GPC and you’ll be golden.

There are no other side effects to report on, Oxiracetam simply is a very safe drug to consume and there’s nothing more to say about this topic.

Oxiracetam VS Aniracetam

Both of these nootropics are from the racetam family, but they are not quite the same as we’ll see. First of all, Oxiracetam has a much higher half life in comparison to Aniracetam.

Secondly, Aniracetam is a lot better for boosting your mood, anxiety and stress relief, while Oxiracetam excels at giving you energy and the focus and concentration you need to complete a task.

Lastly, Oxiracetam is a bit more potent in comparison to Aniracetam. With that being said, it would be a shame not to combine these two racetams as they share awesome synergy with each other.

On this stack, you will see your anxiety and depression disappear, tension and stress relieved, concentration, focus and memory enhanced and so much more!

You should take 750mgs of Aniracetam and 600mgs of Oxiracetam as that is the recommended dosage for the perfect stack.

Where to Buy Oxiracetam

The last thing this Oxiracetam review has to show you is where to buy Oxiracetam. You will find many shops selling it but out of all the vendors we have tried and tested, only two of them have proven themselves worthy of our vouch.

We’ll now list them down below!

  1. AbsorbHealth

Absorb Health is a US vendor that excels at providing the best nootropics on the market. They also sell various other supplements for your convenience. Their Oxiracetam comes in pill form and will cost you $37.99 and you get 100 capsules, with each one of them having 600mgs worth of product.

Absorb Health offers free shipping and handling on all orders no matter how small they are, so the price you see is the final price you pay. They also have a money back guarantee so if you’re unsatisfied with your product, you can always get your cash back.

Lastly, their shipping times are amazing, we got our Oxiracetam in just three days of waiting.

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  1. Science.Bio

Science.bio is well known among the supplement circles for providing quality nootropics at an affordable rate.

Their Oxiracetam comes as a powder. 50 grams of the product will cost you only $24.99, but you’ll have to pay for shipping unless you’re buying more than $100.00 worth of merchandise. They ship on the same day and have lab results posted publicly so you can always see what’s going on with their products and where they stand when it comes to quality.

Science.bio also has a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee which makes shopping with them a stress-free experience. Shipping times are quite rapid, we got our Oxiracetam in just two and a half days.

To conclude this Oxiracetam review, we now have all the necessary knowledge to start using this powerful nootropic on our own and can finally reap its benefits.

Stay safe and we wish you a lot of fun with this awesome compound!