Magnum Detox Instant Flush Review [Case Study]

In this Magnum Detox Instant Flush review, I’m going to answer the key question around does Magnum detox drink work? But I’m also going to go further than that.

For a start, I’m going to tell you about some confusion many people have over Magnum detox drinks. So I’ll clear that up for you as well, so you know what we are actually talking about here in this review.

Then I’ll tell you my own experiences with finding out whether Magnum detox drinks work at all, by telling you the results of my life home testing.

Plus, in the conclusion of this Instant Flush review, I’ll give you some alternative detox drink for a drug test that I’ve also had experience with, that you might want to consider instead of Magnum Detox Instant Flush.

Magnum Detox Drink Explained


does magnum detox work

The first thing to talk about in this Magnum Detox instant flush review is that Instant Flush is a different product to “Magnum detox drink”.

Yes, both are made by Magnum, and yes, they are both detox drinks, but there are two distinct products: Magnum Detox Instant Flush, and Magnum Detox original one-hour system cleanser.

Both are 16 fluid ounces in size and have similar instructions, which I’ll go through in a moment. However, just to muddy the waters, even more, the original Magnum Detox drink also comes in a larger 32-ounce size as well.

But the interesting thing here is that Instant Flush is meant to be the more powerful detox drink, and that’s only a 16-ounce bottle of liquid. But can it be stronger than the 32 ounces Magnum Detox original?

Well, they do have completely different “proprietary blend” ingredients in them.

The original Magnum Detox drink is mostly structured around vitamins and creatine, but the Instant Flush one is very different, containing the same vitamins and creatine, but also Psyllium husk, Burdock Root, and Cascara Sagrada bark.

Magnum Detox Instant Flush Instructions

Although they are similar, the instructions for using Instant Flush, are slightly different to the original Magnum detox drinks.

For both the original Magnum detox drinks, you drink the detox drink, then you wait 15 minutes, then you drink 16 fluid ounces, or 32 fluid ounces, of water, depending on whether you bought the big drink or the little one.

Instructions for Flush are you drink 16 fluid ounces of water 15 minutes BEFORE you drink instant flush.

For all Magnum detox drink products, you should then urinate at least three times after drinking them, in order to eradicate toxins for up to 5 hours.

Does Magnum Detox Drink Work?

 Well, the results are interestingly influenced by the small print. If you look at the small print of Magnum detox products, the 16 fluid ounce says you need to be clean of toxins for 48 hours before the day of your test, and you mustn’t weigh more than 180 pounds.

The 32 fluid ounce Magnum Detox is okay for people up to 340 pounds, apparently.

Importantly, Magnum Detox Instant Flush, despite only being 16 fluid ounces, doesn’t require any detoxification period before taking and is suitable for people up to 340 lbs, the implication clearly being that it’s a far stronger detox drink.

So let me tell you about my live home testing. I’ve heard lots of negative stories about Magnum, so I wanted to find out if Magnum detox drinks work, or not. But to rule out confusion, I decided to test both types.

First, I tried original formula Magnum Detox, in 32 fluid ounce size. I’m a larger guy, and I smoke regularly, so I thought the 32 fluid ounce size was the one to go for.

I followed the instructions, and an hour later, a home drug test kit tested positive. So original formula Magnum Detox didn’t work for me.

A few days later, I tested Magnum Detox Instant Flush. I had even smoked for a couple of days because I couldn’t get hold of any weed, so my system was clean.

I actually passed the drug test using Magnum Detox Instant Flush. However, the sample did look quite weak, so I do wonder if the ingredients in it are flushing out too much, and not retaining the nutrient balance, which could fail you during validity testing. But the bottom line is, it did pass.

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What About Magnum Synthetic Urine?

Before I reach the conclusion of this Magnum Detox Instant Flush review, I’ll just mention another product the company makes, Magnum synthetic urine.

For me, that’s another poor product that you shouldn’t trust. If you want to read more about the negative reviews it’s had, and my own review of Magnum synthetic urine, click here.

Detox Drinks That Work

Ultra Eliminex reviewSo look, Magnum has a poor reputation. The original formula detox drinks were little more than flavored soft drinks, stuffed full of extra vitamins.

Instant Flush has a better reputation. However, you can buy Magnum Detox Instant Flush in Walmart, and for me, that would rule it out mostly anyway, because of Walmart only stock the worst types of detox drink.

But it could work for you. So the conclusion of this review of Magnum detox drinks has to be to avoid the original formula ones, but if you are stuck, then Instant Flush could do a job for you.

However, there are far better brands out there, who have great track records, and I’ve used myself both in testing, and passing employment drug tests.

Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean, and Ultra Eliminex are the detox drinks I would recommend. They are more expensive, but not a huge amount more expensive (apart from Ultra Eliminex, which is $80).

However, you get what you pay for. Rescue Cleanse is just a good quality detox drink, Mega Clean (with the Toxin Rid pill bundle) is another great option, and Ultra Eliminex is definitely the most powerful detox drink I’ve ever experienced.

So there you go, Magnum detox drinks are mostly poor quality, and Magnum Detox Instant Flush I think is very variable. It’s better to stick to trusted brands and ones that you can read online as always having a consistent pass rate.