Kratom And Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Kratom is great for dealing with a variety of problems and for improving your mood and performance, but is using kratom for weight loss another benefit that not a lot of people are talking about?

You’re going to learn in the next five minutes about the relationship between kratom and weight loss. If there’s any evidence that it can help with losing weight, and how you can achieve that alongside diet and exercise.

You’ll learn what sort of kratom dosage range you should be using, the best kratom for weight loss to start experimenting with, and also what you should look out for when buying kratom to experiment with weight loss benefits.

The Benefits Of Kratom

Kratom has a range of benefits that are becoming more evident. However, you have to use it sensibly and experiment over time to find out how it works for you.

The main benefits of kratom are:

The stronger the dose, the more the effects of kratom start to diversify. Red, green, white kratom are all stimulants at low doses, which will boost your mental and physical energy, but at higher doses, they have different effects, which we will go through in detail later in this guide to using kratom for weight loss.

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How Kratom Can Help With Weight Loss

 The real key question is: what’s the evidence that kratom and weight loss are linked?

Well, there is anecdotal, and some scientific, evidence that kratom can help to improve weight loss performance for the following reasons:

  1. Kratom is a partial opioid receptor agonist. The opioid receptors have been linked in studies to helping to regulate food consumption. So an agonist can help to lower your desire to eat, and it has tentatively been experimented with in studies for binge eating in lab mice.
  2. Kratom delivers a boost of energy, especially at lower doses where it’s a strong stimulant like a large dose of caffeine. The improvement in physical and mental energy levels help to burn more calories and get you off your butt wanting to do more.
  3. Kratom can deliver more emotional focus and determination. This will give you a better chance of controlling your food intake, completing exercise routines, and sticking to what you have set out to achieve.

But it’s important to note that this is no miracle powder. Kratom weight loss benefits can be quite minor for some people. Although it can help you to stop feeling hungry, improve your drive and determination, and your energy levels, it won’t work on its own.

Kratom needs to be used alongside a weight loss program and some plan to complete regular physical exercise. You can’t just take kratom and carry on as you are expected to lose weight, beyond a small amount because you will potentially just by eating less for a few hours after you have ingested kratom.

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Kratom Weight Loss Dosage

Kratom is not a substance that it’s easy to give dosage advice on. The reason for this are as follows:

  • The quality of the kratom varies
  • How kratom affects people varies
  • Your general physical health matters
  • Emotional and mental health effects kratom
  • Dose and type of kratom changes effects
  • Kratom is far more effective on an empty stomach

Because of all those things, it’s impossible to just tell you to take 4 g, or 10 g, or whatever that value is. It’s just plucking numbers out of year.

The only way to experiment with kratom and weight loss is for you to complete progressive dosing experiments. To start low, work up a bit of time until you find a dose that gives you effects that are nowhere near overwhelming, increases your energy levels, and suppresses your appetite.

Let’s help you out here by giving you some ballpark figures though. These are the sort of ranges of dose that I found to work for me, as long as we are talking about using 100% pure kratom:

  • Low energizing dose up to 3 g
  • High energizing dose up to 5-6 g
  • Full spectrum effects dose above 5-6 g
  • Overwhelming dose around 10 g

Now there are different types (strains) of kratom I’m going to talk about in a moment, and some are more potent than others. But using typical pure kratom powder, you will probably want to start with 2-3 g, and then work up a gram at a time until you find a dosage range that is comfortable for the appetite suppressive and energy increasing effect you want.

However, it’s important to note that kratom can build tolerance at high doses, and the effects can be overwhelming. If you literally just want improved physical and mental energy, and to suppress appetite, then keep the doses low, and use kratom sparingly throughout the week. Stick to one dose per day, and make sure that you are taking breaks between days you are using kratom.

Kratom Weight Loss Dosage

Best Kratom For Weight Loss

 So now we’ve talked generally about kratom weight loss benefits and how to use it, let’s talk about the best kratom for weight loss in terms of specific vein colors and even strains that could be best.

Kratom comes in three vein colors, green, white, and red. At low doses, all vein colors and strains of kratom are generally stimulants. As the dose increases, so the effects change:

  • Green kratom is quite balanced with some white kratom and some red kratom traits
  • White kratom is energizing until you get to a very high dose
  • Red kratom at more than a moderate dose starts to become far more calming and analgesic

So to be honest here, you’re looking at white and green kratom strains to help you with experimenting with using it for weight loss.

At low doses, red kratom strains are fine, but as the dose increases so you’ll feel less like getting up and doing stuff, you’ll feel very calm, very chilled out, and although you won’t want to eat much, it may not keep you energized

White kratom is very energizing, and the stronger the dose, the more it can hit you, both mentally and physically. For some people, a strong dose of white kratom is quite uncontrollable will make them feel jittery and anxious (imagine drinking several strong cups of coffee, one after the other). So be careful there.

Green kratom is the middle ground as it has traits of red and white kratom, and is often milder. A lot of people find success with kratom and weight loss using green kratom.

So let’s now talk about the specific kratom strains. The bad news is that there aren’t actually any that are better for weight loss than others. They are all basically the same, especially at moderate doses.

So really you’re looking at high-quality kratom that’s white or green. All white strains will do, and all green strains, it’s the quality that really matters.

However, there are slight nuances between some of the strains, and if I had to talk about two, I’d talk to you about Green Malay or Green Borneo, and also White Bali and White Maeng Da kratom. Any of those is a great starting point for experimenting with kratom weight loss benefits.

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Where To Buy Kratom For Weigh Loss

So the final part of this kratom weight loss guide is to talk to you about how to spot pure kratom and where you can buy it. Pure kratom will be proudly sold. That means it will be advertised as pure, have a moneyback guarantee, and independent lab tested purity reports will be published or available to customers.

In terms of what type of kratom to buy, I’d suggest you start with variety of packs. Especially if you are completely new to kratom, they will give you a taster of all the main strains.

BuyKratom does red, white, and green variety packs that are awesome. They contain several of the main strains, each with enough for you to get a good feel for each of the strains included. If you’re looking for a single place you can get everything easily, then just order all the variety packs from these guys and begin experimenting.

If you think you might struggle with the taste of kratom, which can be quite bitter and difficult to digest, making some people feel nauseous (which is actually another reason why it suppresses appetite), capsules might be the way to go.

Coastline Kratom also sells loose powder kratom, but also the same high-quality kratom in capsules. All two of these web stores sell 100% pure kratom.

Capsules are more expensive though. but if you’re looking to dose precisely through the day in a discreet way, to help suppress your appetite and up your energy levels, then they can be perfect. If you are not worried about the taste of powder, then that can be the best kratom for weight loss as you’ll get your kratom far more cheaply.