Using Kratom For Alcohol Anxiety& Withdrawal | Best Strains To Quit Drinking

You know, I’ve had personal experience with using kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and it really helped me to get over the worst. I’m seeing online more and more people are using kratom for quitting alcohol, and I think that a good thing.

But more than that, they using kratom for alcoholism and depression. The two are linked, but sometimes kratom can cause problems with alcoholics if you use the wrong type or the wrong dose.

So I want to put together a really good guide here, about using kratom for alcohol withdrawal and dealing with alcohol anxiety using kratom. I’ll also talk about how to use kratom for alcoholism, in a way that doesn’t make anxiety worse or drive you back to alcohol.

How To Quit Drinking Using Kratom

 The first advice I would give on using kratom for alcohol withdrawal is to always quit alcohol gradually when using kratom alongside removing alcohol from your life.

I’m telling you this because if you just go cold turkey with alcohol, is going to unleash an incredible range of negative physical, and mental, reactions. That could mean you start using kratom in a very negative way to try and compensate.

Just go from day to day, trying not to drink, and when the urge to drink is overwhelming, then use kratom gently, to try and start removing most of those urges, while finding some peace.

Why Kratom Can Help With Stopping Drinking

 Look, using kratom for quitting alcohol can be really positive. The reasons kratom is good for helping with alcoholism are broad:

  • Kratom is a pain reliever, both physically and mentally
  • kratom can really chill you out, it can keep you calm
  • kratom can make you feel euphoric and happy, like alcohol
  • It can lessen the urge to drink considerably
  • It can lower alcohol anxiety symptoms
  • It can raise your mood, countering the depression alcohol can create

But achieving all those positive factors can be a balancing act, between the type of kratom, the dose, the frequency, plus your underlying state of mental and physical health. So don’t just think that kratom generally will help with all of the things above in one go.

kratom for alcohol withdrawal

Best Strains For Alcoholism

When it comes to considering the best strains of kratom for dealing with alcoholism, you’re looking at using kratom to deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which can be physical and mental.

We will talk about depression in a moment because that’s slightly different, but the symptoms are physical, plus they generate anxiety, which can increase the desire to drink again because alcohol can numb the physical and mental symptoms of withdrawal.

It’s getting out of that vicious cycle which is the key to quitting alcohol, and kratom can really help with that, because it can gently, at lower doses, counteract the things that make you want to drink.

We are talking mostly about red kratom and some green kratom strains.

Red kratom has high alkaloid content that at lower doses can produce energy and focus, but also calmness, positivity, and pain relief. This combination can really help to counteract the anxiety and physical pain generated by alcohol withdrawal.

Some green kratom can also do this, but you have to be a little careful with green kratom, because of the problems it can cause anxiety. You see, green kratom and definitely white kratom have alkaloid content which generates high energy, enthusiasm, and mental alertness.

For some people, if the dose is too high, this can create more anxiety, which can make them turn to alcohol to try and dampen it all down again. So red kratom is the way to go. Any strain will do, although you should be careful with Red Maeng Da because it can be far more energizing than other reds.

But an opiate-like red kratom, that can produce calm, pain relief and feeling of slight euphoria, something like Red Bali, Borneo, or Red Horn, can really help at a moderate dose. The results will be a lessening of anxiety, a feeling of more positivity, a physical and mental relaxation, plus enhanced mental clarity, all of which can help lessen the desire to drink.

On top of that, because it can make you feel really blissful at slightly higher doses, you can also feel that slight high, which will compensate for not being drunk.

Best Kratom Strains For Depression

Best Kratom Strains For Depression

Now alcoholism can create depression. That’s because it can mess up the chemical balance in your brain, leading to depressive thoughts.

The problem with using kratom for depression is that you have to be careful you don’t trigger anxiety and the out-of-control feeling that will make you want to drink again.

So when using kratom for alcoholism and depression, you will want to steer clear of white kratom, most green kratom, and taking a dose which can give you so much energy that you feel jittery.

Again, the best kratom strains to use for alcoholism and depression will be red. Moderate doses will give you a small boost in energy, enthusiasm, and focus, plus a more positive outlook, which will counter the depression, but without being overwhelming.

Using Kratom For Alcohol Anxiety

It’s the same problem with using kratom for alcohol anxiety. Alcohol anxiety can be horrendous, a few hours after you stop drinking, you’ll start getting heart palpitations, a feeling of dread, suicidal thoughts, you will struggle to keep calm, you’ll shake, you’ll feel cold, it’s awful.

But a moderate dose of red kratom can calm you down. That will allow you to get control of your heart, your breath, and your thoughts. Plus, kratom has strong analgesic qualities, very similar to morphine, because of how it interacts with the opioid receptors in the body.

That gives it the power to numb you, and just allow you that time and space mentally and physically, to get that anxiety level down, while your body copes with the alcohol disappearing from your system.

Kratom Dosage For Alcohol Withdrawal

 If you’re going to experiment with kratom for alcohol withdrawal, then you will have to be very careful about the dosage you use.

You should always start with a low dose, and work your way up until you have experienced the full range of dose effects possible so that you get to know how it will benefit you.

If you take too much kratom, especially red kratom, you could become overwhelmingly sedated. That may not be a bad thing once in a while if you’re in trouble, but generally, it will stop you getting on with your life.

Too little, and you could find yourself energized and focused, with slight pain relief, but not enough to take the edge off things that you need.

So it’s about finding the sweet spot, where you get pain relief, calmness, and you lessen the desire to drink, but without the effects becoming overwhelming.

As a general guide, from my own experiences, I would recommend the following dose brackets for using kratom for alcoholism and depression:

  • Beginner dose of a 2-3 gram
  • A moderate dose of 4-5 grams
  • An effective dose of 5-6 grams
  • A strong dose of 7-8 grams

Above 6 grams, with pure, high-quality red kratom, you will find the effects start to get very strong, you could get a very high feeling, you could start to lose focus, but you will feel very chilled out and have a lot of pain relief. So very occasionally, it can be good, but you should try to stick to a lower dose, to get the main benefits, without being overwhelming.

kratom for pain relief

How To Take Kratom

It can be quite tough to learn how to take kratom powder. The problem is that kratom tastes very bitter, especially when it’s fresh and high-quality. It’s also quite gritty and sometimes dusty, which can really stick in your throat, and make you vomit.

So getting the powder down your throat is the first problem. I wouldn’t advise the kratom toss and wash method, especially if you are a beginner. It’s very difficult to do it so that you avoid having powder loose in your throat, which can make you choke and sometimes vomit.

Mixing loose kratom powder with fruit juice, or milkshake is a great way to disguise the taste, and because it’s a thick liquid, to get rid of the powdery texture. It’s also advisable to have a second glass of juice or milkshake, to wash it down after drinking the first glass containing the kratom.

An alternative to loose kratom powder is kratom pills. These are more expensive than loose kratom powder, but they are incredibly convenient.

Not only do you avoid the taste of kratom completely, but you can also get an exact dose. They usually come in 500 mg capsules, so if you are taking a beginner dose of a single gram, then you just take 4 capsules with water. Really easy to do, and really safe, especially for people new to kratom.

best way to take kratom powder

Side Effects Of Kratom

Alcohol withdrawal can produce a range of very bad side effects, and some of the side-effects of kratom can be similar. If you take too much kratom, then this can exasperate the symptoms of alcoholism as well:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Shaking
  • Inability to sleep
  • Increased heart rate and palpitations
  • Shivers

So it really is crucial, and I cannot state this strongly enough, that you need to be careful with your kratom dosage for alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Plus, you should not be using kratom every day. I would aim for three or four times a week to begin with, and be looking to get that down to a couple of times a week within a month, as you wean yourself off alcohol.

What you don’t want to do is replace one addiction with another. Getting hooked on kratom, and the relief it brings can cause just as much misery as alcoholism if you are taking strong doses of it every day.

Use it sparingly, use it wisely, and it will really help with alcoholism and give you a very occasional boost in euphoria, and happiness, that can replace that feeling which alcohol at high-dose brings.

Recommended Place To Buy Pure Kratom

 I found that kratom really helped with my alcoholism. It calms my nerves, it calmed my desire to drink, it took away the pain and anxiety, and really allowed me space emotionally to start moving away from alcohol.

The problem with using kratom for alcohol withdrawal is that it’s tough to get pure kratom, the real deal, that’s good quality.

It took me months of experimenting to find a few places genuinely sell good kratom. Rather than give you a list, I’ll just give you one example, as they are a brilliant place to start experimenting with using kratom for quitting alcohol.

Coastline Kratom is probably the best kratom retailer in the USA. They import directly from Southeast Asia.

When it’s imported, it’s batch tested to make sure it’s rich in alkaloids and is actually pure kratom. Those lab results are posted on their website. So you have complete peace of mind, backed up by a money back guarantee. This is what drew me to them.

In terms of using kratom for alcoholism and depression, they sell all the loose red kratom powder you could ever dream of.

Red Borneo, Red Malay, and Red Bali are all a great starting point. You could also try Green Malay, if you would like that gentle euphoria, some pain relief, and sedation, but mixed with more energy and focus than red tends to deliver.

You won’t need a lot of kratoms to start off with, and they do variety packs, which will help you experiment. I’ve used Coastline Kratom on endless occasions now, and kratom has definitely helped me to stop messing up my life and pushing away the people in it.

Just be careful about the side-effects, don’t take too much, don’t take it too regularly, and make sure that you ease yourself off the drink, and then ease yourself off kratom. Get some support with family and friends, and professionally to help you as well.