Kratom Capsules Review: My Top 3 Best Kratom Capsule Vendors Online

I’m going to be upfront and tell you that I think kratom capsules are brilliant. So this kratom capsule review is going to be positive. But don’t take my positivity as a negative. I’m not going to just bang on about the best kratom capsules, I’m also going to talk about some of the downsides.

There are several really good benefits to using kratom responsibly, and I’m going to talk you through them. I’ll also explain why kratom pills are so good, and I think you’ll be surprised at how many reasons there are.

I will, however, also introduce a note of caution by explaining exactly why you should be careful with them because it always pays to be educated when you’re putting stuff in your body.

Plus, I’m going to give you some recommended kratom capsule sellers, because after two years searching, I know as much as anyone about how difficult it is to get your hands on pure kratom.

The Benefits Of Kratom

As long as you are sensible, there are many major benefits to taking kratom. If you’re new to kratom, although you might have a rough idea about it, it’s always good to hear from someone who knows a bit more about it.

It will depend on the type of kratom you are using, and the feeling you want to achieve:

So if you want to get up, use white kratom. If you want to chill out and take away the problems, use red kratom. And if you want something milder, and with effects from white and red, go for the green.

People are using kratom for a range of reasons now, and that finding the best kratom capsules are really powerful, convenient way of dealing with serious issues like opiate withdrawal, alcoholism, significant physical pain, and emotional problems like anxiety and PTSD.

For me, kratom has taken away pain from a physical injury, and help me with crippling social anxiety. I don’t use the stuff every day, but when things aren’t great, the pain relief and confidence kratom give me is unbelievable.

A note of caution about white kratom though. If you are suffering from anxiety, we are trying to use kratom steel something like alcoholism, then you don’t want white kratom.

It could make you irritable, increase your heart rate, and actually make your anxiety worse. You need to go for red kratom if you’re trying to chill out.

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Are Kratom Capsules Better Than Powder?

I’ll upfront and tell you that for me, there is only one negative about using kratom capsules. That negative is that they are more expensive than loose powder. Any honest kratom capsule review has to tell you that.

But for me, the benefits of using capsules, over loose powder, have become absolutely overwhelming:

  1. Let’s be honest, kratom tastes awful. If you get pure, fresh kratom, it’s very bitter and powdery. Taking kratom in capsule form removes all of the hassles of dealing with loose powder.

To deal with loose powder, you have to either just toss and wash it, basically chuck into your mouth, and down it as quickly as possible, or mix it with a drink. Even mixing it with fruit juice, or milkshake can be a pretty unpleasant experience, right at the time when you’re looking to have a pleasant experience.

  1. Kratom capsules can be stored more easily, and last longer than loose powder. Because they are in a gelatin capsule, inside a plastic container or sealed bag, before you even get to external storage. They are better prepared for a longer stay, not that they ever last long with me.

When storing kratom capsules, just make sure they are put somewhere cool and dark, and then they will last twice as long as loose kratom powder, even if you store it under the best conditions possible. Just make sure you keep them away from kids.

  1. There’s no mess with kratom capsules. You don’t have to weigh anything, you don’t have to worry about dropping loose powder everywhere, and you don’t have to worry about clearing up the mess afterward. You just pick up the exact number of capsules you need and swallow them with water in a few seconds.
  2. Kratom capsules are far more discreet than powder. You can literally take them anywhere, even in front of people, and they will have no idea what’s going on. You simply can’t do that with kratom powder.
  3. For me, as a beginner, this was actually the most important one. With kratom capsules, you don’t have to worry about the dose you are getting. T

The best kratom capsules are an exact dose, usually 500 mg. So you can experiment easily, and know exactly how many capsules you need to take to get the effect you need, without any margin for error.

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Making Your Own Kratom Capsules

Now when I saw how great kratom capsules were, I reckoned I could save myself a bit of cash by just making them myself.

It’s not that difficult. You just need a load of empty gelatin capsules, which you can buy at loads of places online really cheaply. Plus, you also need just one special piece of equipment that forces the two halves of the capsule together, and that’s not expensive either.

So I actually spent a bit of money and tried it. I thought I could just get really great kratom powder, and make the best kratom capsules possible, but far cheaper than I can buy them.

The truth is, it was a mess. Literally. It was really tough to put the kratom powder into the tiny capsule halves, and then get them to put together accurately. It took me about five minutes per capsule, and when you’re taking 4-12 of the things at a time, then you can work out how ridiculous the idea was.

My advice is to bite the bullet, and just find the right kratom for you, in capsule form, so that you can chill out and enjoy kratom, rather than getting more anxious sweeping up the loose powder that’s got everywhere.

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What Are The Best Kratom Capsules?

In terms of the exact caps, you should try, trying to tell you what the best kratom capsules are is impossible.

At the end of the day, the type of kratom you take will be the same in terms of effects, whether it’s powder or capsules.

So you really just want to get the best kratom for the effect you need. I’ll talk about what I’m using in a moment, but generally, if I was going to start buying capsules again, I’d be looking at buying a variety pack, that contains the following popular strains:

  • White kratom: Indo, Borneo, Malay
  • Green kratom: Malay, Thai
  • Red kratom: Borneo, Malay, Thai

However, there is one type of kratom capsule that I really want to talk about, because it’s the one I’ve settled on, and you’ll hopefully want to understand a bit more about why think it makes the best kratom pills, whatever your needs.

Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

Maeng Da kratom is not even really a proper kratom. Now I know that sounds bizarre when I’m recommending it. Maeng Da literally means “pimp grade”. It’s a modern name for strong kratom, to make it more marketable in the West.

You can get red, white and green Maeng Da. However, most of it is rubbish. Most of what’s labeled as Maeng Da kratom capsules are just standard kratom at a higher price.

Maeng Da is created using special production techniques, involving the types of leaves, and how it’s processed, to create stronger, more alkaloid rich, kratom. If you can get the real deal, then it’s very potent.

For me, Red Maeng Da kratom capsules have been a savior. You don’t need many to experience real relaxation, the sweeping away of anxiety, and relief from physical pain.

So when I was suffering from anxiety, partly caused by the back problems I started getting, as few as 3 high-quality Red Maeng Da kratom capsules when I was struggling, was just enough reduce the pain to almost nothing, and make my anxiety vanish.

Kratom Capsule Dosage

Now look, you have to be careful when you are dozing kratom. It’s a very individual thing, and if you go to high on your dose, and you keep doing it frequently, you could start getting kratom tolerance.

Kratom tolerance is a real thing, and it can cause problems. The more tolerant you get of using kratom, the more you will need to get the same effects. That means increasing the dose. If you are taking a strong dose every day, then that can become expensive and damaging.

So the key to kratom capsule dosage is to make sure you use the minimum number of kratom capsules to get the effect you need, and you don’t take kratom every day. I only ever take kratom every other day at the most, unless it’s a real emergency.

In terms of dose, I’d say start with 6-7 capsules. With capsules being 500 mg, that’s 3-3.5 grams.

The second time you take it, add another capsule, the third time, add another. If you got hold of pure kratom, you should be feeling the full effects of the kratom you have chosen, at a low level, at a dose of around 10 capsules.

I know some people like things a bit more specific, but it’s tough to be. Kratom is quite individual, because of various factors. But, let me give you a rough guide, based on my own experiences:

  • Beginner dose of 6-7 capsules
  • A moderate dose of 8-9 capsules
  • A full dose of 10-15 capsules
  • A strong dose of 15+ capsules

One thing I will mention is having an empty stomach. Kratom will not give you the hit you want if you have food in your stomach, because it will take longer to process it all. You need an empty stomach, so it all gets processed at once.

Powdered kratom takes about 30 minutes to start kicking in, with full effects after an hour. But because your body has to digest the capsule, which takes slightly longer to break down, I would always put 15 minutes on those times.

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Best Place To Buy Kratom Capsules

I’m going to conclude this kratom capsule review, by giving you a short review of the three places I’ve found that sell the best kratom capsules I’ve experienced.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy kratom capsules, then any one of these three is a great starting point. As I’ve already said, I regularly buy Maeng Da kratom capsules from all of these guys.

Just a quick word of advice before I give you the trusted retailers’ details though.

If you’re brand-new to kratom, a variety pack is a great way to go. If you can get a capsule variety pack, and I’ll highlight these in the kratom vendor reviews, then great. If you can’t, then you can always get a variety pack of loose powder, alongside the capsules you are really interested in.

Variety packs a great way of experiencing kratom, without a huge expense, and allowing you to compare the effects between them in a short space of time. That’s brilliant for making the best decision on how much you need, and which kratom strains are best for you.

Kratom Capsule Reviews: My Top 3 Vendors

  1. – Best Place To Buy Kratom Pills Online

One of the first kratom online stores I’ve ever come across. I heard about them on a forum and thought I’d give them a try. I’ve used them ever since, and it’s been more than two years since that first order. If you are looking to buy kratom capsules online, they are probably the best.

They’ve never let me down, and the kratom is exceptional. The reason is exceptional is that it’s tested and guaranteed. These guys know where it’s coming from. It’s imported directly from Southeast Asia, the home of kratom, from reputable local producers.

In terms of kratom capsules, PurKratom sells an amazing 21 different types, red, green, white and even the less widely available gold/yellow kratom. Yellow kratom is a bit like green, but slightly more leaning towards the effects of white, and is an interesting strain to try.

They also do a variety pack. You get three different types. What brilliant is you can choose any three types from the 21 they sell, and you get a 15% discount as well. If I was starting again, that’s certainly what I would do, and I’d try a white, green and red strain.

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Now, these guys were a funny one for me. They don’t actually do a huge range of kratom capsules. But they do sell some of the best kratom capsules, in terms of quality, you will find anywhere.

They do six types of capsules, including Maeng Da kratom capsules, which is perfect for me. The price is good, and the kratom really hits the spot.

What’s interesting about them is that you can also buy a loose powder, so you can combo to get the best experience you can. Plus, they also sell some other interesting herbal highs, namely: Kava, Akuamma, and Chuchuhuasi. Treat those with respect, but adding them into your kratom capsule order, could give you a few interesting experiences.

What’s also different about these guys is they also accept cryptocurrency. If you have a bitcoin wallet, you can pay using bitcoin, and you’ll get a 20% discount off your order, which is pretty significant. It basically allows you to buy 20% more kratom than you can from anyone else.


I didn’t find these guys until about a year ago, and I’m really pleased I did. The reason I was looking around, is because some of my regular kratom strains out of stock in capsule form from some of the other guys I use, so it really helped at a crucial time for my pain.

Now if you’re looking to buy the best kratom capsules, then these guys really could be your first choice.

They sell more than 30 different types of kratom capsules. Green, white, red, and 10x strength kratom extracts. Kratom extracts are a stronger type of kratom, where additional alkaloids are added during manufacture, making them very potent.

For me, obviously, I often buy Red Maeng Da kratom capsules from these guys, and they are absolutely superb quality. As a difference, I would also recommend the Vietnam red kratom capsules, they are really rich, and soft, and fantastic for easing tension and anxiety, but not with quite the same level of pain relief.

They also sell 12 different sorts of yellow kratom capsules. Now yellow kratom is not something I’m particularly into, because it’s quite energizing, a bit like some of the more energizing green kratom capsules out there.

But if you want energy and focus, that’s not overwhelming, but also retaining a chilled out feeling, but with only minor pain relief, then sure, yellow kratom capsules could be the way to go for you.

The conclusion of my kratom capsule review has to give them a try. Any one of these three trusted sellers will deliver great kratom capsules straight to your door.