Jazz Total Detox Drink Review: Results Of My Experiment

There is an absolute myriad of detox drinks out there for you to choose from. You’ll probably read loads of jazz detox drink reviews, and read about how great is using Jazz Total Detox for a drug test. But how truthful are those reviews?

Well, I’m not convinced. So I’ve tested Jazz, so you can know if it works are not. I’ll tell you what the Jazz Total Detox drink results are, so you can find out whether you should even consider using it to pass a drug test.

Plus, I’ll give you some alternative strategies, and products, so that you have more options for passing a urine sample drug test, than just relying on Jazz.

What Is Jazz Total Detox Drink?

 So let’s kick off this Jazz detox review, by telling you all about the company and the products.

First of all, Jazz detox products do not have a great reputation. I think you just need to look at the packaging and range to see that there are some pretty obvious warning signs.

For example, they sell a detox shampoo for just $30, that claims to clean your hair of drug toxins. That is unadulterated rubbish, no shampoo can do that on its own, especially not one that costs $30.

In terms of detox drinks, Jazz Total Detox comes in a couple of bizarre sizes. 10 fluid ounces, and 16 fluid ounces. The packaging says that if you have a larger body mass, you should buy two 16 ounce bottles (despite claiming 16 fluid ounces is good for people at 230 lbs). So who on earth is the 10 fluid ounce Jazz detox for?

In terms of pricing, the 16-ounce bottle of Jazz Total Detox is $34.95. So if you’re a bigger guy like me, that’s going to cost you $70 to potentially detox. Let me tell you, that’s not actually a good deal for such a gamble is Jazz Total Detox.

How A Detox Drink Works

does stinger detox workThe other point I want to quickly address is that Jazz detox claims that their detox drinks don’t just mask the toxins, but that their detox drinks permanently detox your body of toxins.

Let me tell you how a detox drink works. It flushes out your bladder and urinary tract, using a combination of water, and the ingredients in the drink itself. During that process, it also replaces vitamins and minerals, so your sample appears natural.

But as soon as toxins leak out of your bloodstream, or body cells, through your liver and kidneys, and into your bladder again, you would fail a drug test again. So literally nothing that you drink that way can flush out toxins permanently, and definitely not in one hour.

So even in terms of marketing, I have huge skepticism about Jazz detox total results, because of the crazy claims they are making.


Jazz Total Detox Instructions

Okay, let’s carry on with seeing if Jazz detox drink reviews are truthful, or whether Jazz results are going to basically let you down and fail you a drug test. In terms of the instructions for using Jazz, they are pretty straightforward:

  1. Shake the bottle and drink the contents.
  2. Refill the bottle twice with water and drink it all both times.
  3. During the next 60 minutes urinate at least three times.

So there you go, that’s pretty straightforward stuff. Jazz detox claims to not contain any harmful herbs, only ingredients that can really flush out drug toxins permanently. But what’s the truth?

Jazz Total Detox Results: Does It Work?

 You’ve drunk your bottle of Jazz. What can you expect from your Jazz Total Detox results, what’s going to happen when you take a drug test?

Well, I tested Jazz for myself. I’m putting my results up against all the other Jazz total detox 16 oz reviews out there, so you can make an informed decision. You’ve probably read that Jazz detox drink works. I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t.

16 oz Jazz detox is the largest size they do. 16 liquid ounces in a detox drink is usually just for small toxin exposure people, but Jazz claim it’s good for people up to 230 lbs.

Now I didn’t want to push it, because I’m up around that weight, so I gave it’s my little brother. He smokes less than a handful of times a week, but it’s every week. He is significantly lighter than me as well, so the perfect candidate to see if Jazz Total Detox works.

We followed the instructions exactly and waited for one hour. During that time he urinated four times.

He took a home drug test, a panel kit, and failed. We decided to wait another 30 minutes and then did a second. That failed as well.

Using Jazz Total Detox For A Drug Test Is Not A Good Idea

one day detox cleanse for drug test Now look, I’m getting bored with how many rip-off detox drinks there are out there. I spend quite a bit of money reviewing them, testing them, as warnings, or recommendations.

Jazz Total Detox firmly falls into the category of one of those to avoid. Using Jazz Total Detox for drug test is suicide. Any positive Jazz detox drink reviews you read, are pure marketing, fakes, or people who got lucky.

If it’s a basic pre-employment drug test, then just use synthetic urine. My recommendation is Clear Choice urine (Sub Solution or Quick Luck).

With Sub Solution, you just smuggle it into the testing room, and you don’t even need a heating pad. You can use heat activator powder, included with it. Even when you’re in the cubicle about to submit your sample, you can use more heat activator powder if it’s got cool, it’s that good. You won’t be seen, because there will be nobody in there with you.

If you don’t fancy doing that, then the detox drinks I recommend to get proper results, unlike Jazz Total Detox, are Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, and Mega Clean.

All of these detox drinks work. I’ve used them in real life drug tests, and passed every time, even without trying to detox before the day. They cost a little more, but not that much more than Jazz, and you get almost guarantee success, whereas if you rely on Jazz Total Detox results, then it’s going to be a fail every single time.