Kratom Potentiators Explained

Kratom can be very potent and beneficial on its own, but what little known is that there are kratom potentiators out there which can enhance its effects, even more, making your high-quality kratom even more potent.

This has the benefit of meaning you can take less kratom to get the same effects, which can be beneficial for avoiding tolerance. But are kratom potentiators dangerous, or difficult to find and use? Well, the good news is not really, most are everyday substances that really work.

So let’s take a quick look at how to make kratom stronger through using potentiators that can give you an even smoother and richer kratom experience.

What Is A Kratom Potentiator?

Potentiators are substances that mix with the drug to create an enhanced outcome, so the sum of the parts together is greater than the sum of the parts individually. In many cases, it’s not actually known why potentiators work, but they do.

To give you a classic example, although it’s a negative one, mixing alcohol with various medications can potentiate their effects. Say you have sedatives, mixing them with alcohol can make you even more drowsy, which is why it’s never recommended to take them with alcohol.

That’s the sort of effect we are talking about, the effect of one drug being enhanced by the introduction of another substance. Kratom potentiators have the ability to enhance the effects of the kratom you take and the duration.

How To Make Kratom Stronger: Kratom Potentiators

It may surprise you to know that most kratom potentiators are completely natural, everyday substances. They are hidden away in your breakfast, in your cupboards, in your fridge, and are all easily obtainable from your local supermarket.

All the kratom potentiators I’m going to talk about here are organic, and readily available, with no side-effects of their own, and no known side-effects or increased negative outcomes from taking them at the same time as kratom powder.

  1. Grapefruit is one of the most well-known, and potent kratom potentiators. This is because it has enzymes in it which quickly breakdown kratom to allow it to be absorbed more rapidly and to make kratom stronger

All you have to do is mix the kratom powder with grapefruit juice, or chase kratom powder down (toss and wash) with grapefruit juice. In fact, mixing it with grapefruit juice will not only help to increase its potency, but it helps to disguise the taste of kratom powder.

  1. Chamomile tea is one of the other well-known kratom potentiators, and it’s great for making kratom stronger. Not only that, but chamomile tea is relaxing in its own right. It’s said to lengthen the experience of kratom by a considerable amount, although it’s only ever accentuated it slightly for me.

Again, it’s simply a case of mixing the kratom powder with the chamomile tea. Make sure the chamomile tea is only lukewarm, so that you can drink it down quickly. You could also chase the kratom down with the lukewarm chamomile tea after tossing the kratom powder to the back of your throat, but this can take some getting used to.

  1. Another great kratom potentiators are turmeric. Mix it directly with your kratom, and it can really help to enhance its effects. Plus it helps to extend the duration of the effects of kratom as well. Some people swear it’s the most potent kratom potentiator available. In fact, many people mix it with kratom as a preservative in advance of using it as well.

kratom potentiators

Don’t use a lot here, especially not initially. Turmeric is a powerful spice, and you don’t want to overdo things. Try a pinch of turmeric with your dose of kratom, and see how different it is.

  1. Cayenne pepper is another potential kratom potentiator that is worth trying. I was very skeptical about this one until I tried it because it is obviously spicy and peppery. But it does work, just a pinch, mixed in with your kratom.

Just put a pinch in with your kratom and mix them together, and then mix it with liquid as you would normally. For the ultimate punch you could mix turmeric, cayenne pepper, or both, into your kratom, and then mix it in with grapefruit juice.

  1. Akuamma seeds are used in Africa for pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory purposes. The seeds are ground into a bitter powder, which is then put in capsules and swallowed. On a much milder level, the seeds have similar properties to kratom, being relaxing, pain-relieving, and mood-lifting.

To use Akuamma seeds with kratom as a potentiator, either uses ground powder, or grind the seeds into a powder, and mix a small amount with your kratom. Experiment each time, as the seeds can be very potent, and the combined effects are longer lasting and more powerful.

  1. The final kratom potentiator I’m going to mention in this article is Cats Claw. It actually contains alkaloids that are quite similar to kratom but in a much more mild form. It also contains other chemicals that create a soothing and analgesic effect.

It can make kratom a little more potent, and last a little longer as well. Mix it with the kratom, and then drink it as usual.

cats claw

Watch Out For Kratom Tolerance Building

I want to finish this piece on how to make kratom stronger with a word of warning about building kratom tolerance.

Magnesium is often stated as a great kratom potentiator. However, although that is the case, it can also lower tolerance levels to kratom.

1 g of magnesium can really help to potentiate kratom, and can actually help lower the chances of you feeling nauseous. However, although it can help you lower your dose, many people have reported that magnesium can increase tolerance to kratom over time.

But generally, as you can see, most kratom potentiators are very mild, tolerable, and are definitely worth a try, even in combination to enhance the effects of kratom. The keys experimenting with one or more of them, alongside different doses and types of kratom, to find your perfect blend.