How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast | Proven Ways To Pass A Drug Test

If you want to know how to get weed out of your system fast, then you’ll need to know a lot about how drugs work, and what happens to drug metabolites in your body.

There are plenty of proven ways to pass a drug test, and it is possible to learn how to clean your system of drugs in one day, but not in the way you think.

You see, the thing is that the whole question around getting THC out of your system, is the wrong question to ask. The actual question should be what’s the fastest way to appear clean right now, so I can pass a drug test in one day.

So in this guide, I’m going to tell you exactly what happens with drug metabolites, if you can naturally detox fast, plus tell you the proven methods to appear clean instantly, to basically learn how to get weed out your system fast, but without actually doing so.

How Weed & Other Drugs Work In Your System

When you smoke a joint, the body processes it to get you high, but the by-product of this is that those compounds that got you high then turn into metabolites, cells that linger in the body until they are expelled.

Now how weed and other drugs work, is that most of those metabolites then leave the bloodstream and work their way out through your bladder, and in a more minor way, through the bowels, and through sweating.

Now they do this over several days, some drugs like cocaine are undetectable in a handful of days, but for weed it’s different. So the first thing to understand about how to get weed out your system is to understand that weed works differently in the body.

The active ingredients in cannabis are cannabinoids. The difference between cannabinoid metabolites and other drug metabolites is that, in most cases, other metabolites are not as fat-soluble. Which means cannabis metabolites are in the almost unique position where they can get stored in fat, rather than going straight out of your body in a few days.

Especially if you are a chronic smoker, or you have a high percentage of body fat, you could have drug metabolites stuck in your body for 30 days or longer.

Which means if you’re looking for the fastest way to clean out your system in 24 hours, then what you’re asking is for something that can literally go into your body and drag weed metabolites out of the fat cells and remove them.

Do you think it’s likely there is anything the world that can do that?

For the avoidance of doubt, the answer is that nothing exists that can do that. So we’re not talking about getting weed of our system fast at all, because you can’t. What we are talking about are two completely different things:

  1. Detoxing your body as fast as possible to naturally get rid of metabolites.
  2. Masking the metabolites in your body for long enough so that you can submit a clean sample.

Fastest Way To Clean Out Your System In 24 hours

What People Assume Is Wrong For Passing A Drug Test

So what I’m saying is, the whole concept of trying to work out how to get weed out your system fast is the wrong place to start. There are proven ways to pass a drug test, that doesn’t include needing to find the fastest way to clean out your system, or eradicate the drug toxins from your body in a short space of time.

The simple fact about is that if you’ve got the time then you can do simple natural detox, and use detox products to accelerate it.

If you haven’t got the time, around a week usually, then there’s no way on earth you can detox anyway. Which means what we are actually talking about is submitting a fake sample or masking the toxins.

Hopefully, now we’ve cleared up that you can’t get THC out your system fast. It’s physically impossible to clean your system out in space of time like 24 hours. So we can now talk about truly cleaning your system, in the fastest possible time. And if you haven’t got that time, we will cover the strategies for fooling the drug testing lab, even if your test is today.

Natural Detox: How Long Will Drugs Take To Leave My Body?

So let’s say that you think you might have enough time to get drug toxins out of your system naturally before you take the test. But how much time you actually need to achieve that?

Well, the problem is, it’s a question that is difficult to answer. The speed at which drug metabolites exit your body will depend on several key factors:

  • The type of drug
  • The amount you have taken
  • The frequency of drug use over the past 1-2 weeks
  • The general state of health
  • Overall body fat
  • Your lifestyle
  • Metabolism

So as you can see, it’s quite difficult to be 100% certain how quickly drug metabolites will exit your body. But let’s give you a rough idea, by showing you the times that some of the most common drugs are detectable in urine for, if you are an average user:

  • Amphetamines up to 3 days
  • Cocaine up to 5 days (occasionally 10 days the heavy users)
  • Methamphetamines up to 5 days
  • Cannabis up to 3-5 days (up to 30 days the chronic users, or people with high body fat)
  • Morphine up to 4 days
  • Methadone up to 7 days
  • PCP up to 5 days (but again, up to 30 days for chronic users)

Now as we are specifically talking about how to detox from weed, you can see that as a light user, maybe smoking a couple of joints a week, you could be free of detection within 3-5 days. But, smoke several times a week, every week, and it could be 10 days, 15 days, even up to 30 days.

So as you can see, there is literally no way to clean out your system fast. However, depending on your use, and who you are, as a cannabis smoker, you could only need a week to naturally detox and pass a drug test.

But how you actually do a natural detox and is there any way to speed up that process, so you can get marijuana out of your system as fast as possible?

how to clean system of drugs in one day

Proven Ways To Pass A Drug Test: Permanent Detox

Literally, the only way you can genuinely get weed out your system fast, as in actually remove the metabolites from your system, is to do a proper detox.

That applies to any drugs, it’s all the same really, you have to basically do the same things. It’s the only proven way to pass a drug test naturally.

In order to do a natural detox, you will need to do the following steps, for around 7-10 days, longer if you are likely to have a heavy amount of metabolites in your system:

  1. You need to eat healthily. That means no rich foods, no greasy foods, no processed foods. You need to eat lots of fiber, fruit, and vegetables, simple foods that your body can process quickly, and that provide the right nutrients.
  2. You need to drink lots of water. However much you drink now, you should probably doubling it. Water helps to increase your metabolism, speed up the elimination of toxins, and flush them out of your body.
  3. You need to exercise daily. Exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps your body to work at peak performance.

In addition, sweating helps to get rid of some drug toxins. Having a sauna will also help, but don’t think you can just sit there and sweat out more than a small proportion of the toxins in your body.

  1. This may be obvious, be I’m always amazed how many people don’t realize it. You need to also cut out the toxins.

This means no drugs, it means no smoking weed. It also means cutting out anything else like prescription medication abuse, drinking alcohol, smoking, anything which puts toxins in the body, which it then has to deal with on top of the toxins already in it.

  1. You need to relax. If you are on edge, then your body will not be working properly, because your mind won’t be. You will also be less likely to make good decisions and stick at things.

After about seven days of this, try a home drug test kit to see if you are clean. You’ll probably want to buy three or four of them, to make sure that you are genuinely clean from seven days onwards.

I would suggest doing one every two days after that until you show as clean.

So as you can see, doing a natural detox is hardly the way to get weed out your system fast, and obviously, it’s impossible to clean your system of drugs in one day. But it is one of the proven ways to pass a drug test, as long as you have advance notice of that drug test, and you have the willpower to carry it through.

proven ways to pass a drug test

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast: Detox Pills!

Now I know that doing a natural detox doesn’t sound that quick, and 10 days is definitely not that quick at all. But there is some good news here if you’re looking to clean your system fast, and you’re looking to do it permanently, naturally.

It’s possible to speed up the elimination of toxins by using high-quality drug detox pills.

There are only three brands on the market I would ever recommend, but they genuinely have the power to help speed up the elimination of toxins by a considerable amount, 50%, or more in most cases.

You basically take detox pills as a course, a supplement, for the duration of the detox, and they give your body nutrients, which help with the process. On top of that, they also help to draw out additional toxins using special ingredients that have been formulated together to do that.

So if you’re really adamant you’d like to do it naturally, and you’ve definitely got the time to let drug toxins leave your system naturally, then it’s certainly the best way to ensure that you can walk into a drug test without even an ounce of worry.

  1. Toxin rid

Toxin Rid is a course of high quality toxin removing pills that is available in various duration’s, from three days, through to 10 days in course lengths.

For the length of the course, you take pills on the hour, every hour for five hours a day, to help flush out the toxins. So basically, Toxin Rid supplies enough pills to use each day to achieve that.

These pills flush out the toxins in your system more efficiently, by helping to bind toxins to them, and aiding the body in flushing them out as well.

In addition, with Toxin Rid, you get a detox liquid to take on the day of your test. You also get a fiber supplement to take just before you go to your test as well, so that even on the day, it’s working to make sure you drag the last of the toxins out.

Toxin Rid really does work. I did it about a year ago. I wanted to detox properly, as I hadn’t for ages, and I wanted to go on a health kick.

Plus I was looking at job interviews over the next couple of months. I was a really heavy weed smoker the time, and I knew the natural detox could take several weeks.

I did exactly what of outlined above here, plus I did the Toxin Rid 10 day detox program, and I was clean in nine days. That is astonishing considering the number of drug toxins I know I had racing around my body.

best detox for drug test

  1.  Rescue 5 Day Detox

Rescue 5 Day Detox is another set of detox pills that have a good reputation, and I’ve certainly had some good reviews from people I know online who have used them. However, I haven’t tried these myself, so I have to go on anecdotal feedback.

Five days may not be quite enough of people with a lot of toxins in the body. I think this product is generally aimed at light weed smokers, or other users, whose metabolite levels would be eliminated naturally in around 7-10 days.

Which means this five Day detox is lowering the amount of time it will take by 25-50%.

They aren’t as good as Toxin Rid, and they are slightly cheaper, but only just. If you can’t get Toxin Rid, then these are definitely the second choice I would consider trying if you naturally want to get weed out your system.

As an insurance policy if you do decide to use Rescue 5 Day Detox I would recommend you also buy a high-quality detox drink, to take on the day of your test, alongside the last part of the detox mix itself.

  1. Herbal re-Cleanse Formula

These are another brand of detox pill that I have used myself, as part of an ongoing detox, although that was quite a while back. But I have a friend who uses them as an ongoing supplement, to keep his toxin levels as low as possible, as he is always under threat of a drug test where he works.

Now I will say upfront here, but they are not a proper detox pill. They do not have the powerful ingredients of the previous two detox pills I’ve just covered.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is an enhanced herbal supplement that you take every day, to speed up the elimination of toxins, whether you are taking them in, or not. The fact you get a month’s supply in the pill bottle should tell you that this is a longer-term solution.

If you want to do a natural detox, and you don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars on detox pills, then the very reasonably priced Herbal re-Cleanse Formula are definitely a way of accelerating things by maybe up to 20%, as long as you give yourself at least 10 days, and make sure that you do a home drug test at the end of it. You can purchase it from

herbal pre cleanse formula

Detox Pills To Avoid

Now there may be another brand of detox pill out there that works like Toxin Rid, that I simply haven’t heard of. By I very much doubt it, because having tried it myself, and heard all the feedback, you’re simply not going to get better than Toxin Rid.

But what I will say, is a few words of warning on some brands of detox pill which you really should steer well clear of.

The thing is, some of these pills are put together for a few cents, and then a lot of money is spent on marketing, fake reviews, and forum posts, in order to make them sound like they’re wonderful.

THC Total Herbal Cleanse is the first one I will mention. This is THC to make you think that you will clear weed metabolites out of your body, but as you can see the THC actually doesn’t stand for a cannabis THC at all.

As you now know, nothing can just clear out one type of metabolite, and nothing can do it by magic, you have to do it alongside a natural detox.

The other two I will mention, but won’t even bother wasting my time telling you anything about are Green Gone Detox and High Voltage detox capsules. Pure rubbish both of them, and detox products to definitely steer well clear of.

Are Natural Remedies The Fastest Way To Clean Out Your System In 24 Hours?

Before I move on to how you can mask drug toxins, which is basically the fastest way to clean out your system in 24 hours, I want to talk about home remedies quickly. Home remedies mean anything natural, that you can pick up anywhere, that you could use to get drug toxins out of your body.

I’m not going to go into any details here either. The bottom line is that there is not a single natural remedy out there that has the power of professional detox products. You are not going to get Toxin Rid detox pills in your local store for $10. You’re not going to get the ingredients to have the same effect either.

And none of the natural detox as you hear about, things like drinking baking soda, apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, anything like that, they just don’t work.

Some might speed up the process, like drinking green tea or cranberry, but alone they are not powerful enough to clear drugs out of your system. Most of these, so-called “home remedies for a drug test” are rubbish, and if you use them you will fail your test.

I’ll also just mention Niacin. It’s really not a good idea to try news this either. It doesn’t work, and you could be causing more problems than you’re trying to solve.

how to detox for a drug test

Best Way To Pass A Drug Test On Short Notice: Synthetic Urine

After everything I’ve just said in this guide on how to get weed out your system so far, you’re probably thinking that it sounds like one hell of a lot of hard work to do a detox.

For a start, you’ve got to abstain from smoking weed, you’ve got to live a good lifestyle, and you’ve got to spend money on home drug test kits to track your progress, so you know when you’re actually clean.

But for me, all that is pointless. If I want to appear clean, I just submit a fake sample. It’s that simple. If you invest in high-quality synthetic urine, then it will contain all the chemical markers that a drug testing lab will look for to detect a valid sample.

There are several brands you can choose from, that I use, and recommend, and for more info on then, and using synthetic urine generally, you can click here. But to give you an example, most drug tests are unsupervised. The only time you’ll ever face a supervised drug test is if you were in the legal system, or it was for some big insurance problem.

So the bottom line here is rather than spend a week doing a painful natural detox, in an attempt to get properly clean, the best way to pass a drug test fast is to simply submit a fake sample.

You’re not clean, but the urine is. You know that it’s guaranteed. So you have an unsupervised test coming up tomorrow. Rather than panicking, the next day, an hour before you leave, you mix up a box of the best synthetic urine on the market, Sub Solution.

how to clean your system in one day

You don’t even need a microwave, and you don’t need a heating pad to keep it warm. It uses heat activator powder, you just pour some in, usually about a third of the total, and it will heat lukewarm water up to about the right temperature, which you can check on the strip.

Once you got it just above the right temperature, just around 100°F, you can then go off to the lab. When you get there, just check the strip, if it’s slightly under the minimum, 90°F, put in some more heat activator powder and give it a minute. It will then be at the perfect temperature to submit.

Hassle-free, no need to worry about failing your drug test, and no need to be searching around on the Internet for the fastest way to clean out your system in 24 hours. You can go in their riddled with drug metabolites, and still appear as pure as the driven snow.

Using synthetic urine is easy, but if it’s your first time, it might be a good idea to order one more synthetic urine kit and practice the whole process before the “big day”. You can purchase Sub Solution from Testnegative.

best synthetic urine

How To Clean Your System Of Drugs In One Day: Detox Drinks

So now you know that it’s basically impossible to clean out your system in 24 hours. Sure, you can do a natural detox, but that could take up to a week, or even longer. As I’ve just said, the best way for me to appear clean is to simply use synthetic urine.

But there are times when synthetic urine won’t work. The two times it won’t work are:

  • You can’t get up the courage to smuggle it into the testing lab
  • It’s an observed drug test

An observed drug test is rare but possible. Trying to submit fake urine in an observed drug test is crazy, which only really leaves you with one option. As I said it’s about appearing to be clean. So if you want to know how to clean your system of drugs in one day, then the only way you can submit a natural sample is using a detox drink.

A detox drink doesn’t detox you. It actually just masks the toxins for a few hours. It flushes out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, replaces nutrients lost during this process, and keeps the balance and color of your urine looking natural.

But after a few hours, usually around four hours, toxins start working their way back into your bladder. But for those few hours, you will be clean.

Only a few detox drinks really work well. Rescue Cleanse, Mega Clean (if you buy it with the bundled pre-rid tablets), and Ultra Eliminex are the three brands I always recommend, and I’ve used them all myself in testing, and actual job drug tests.

Ultra Eliminex review

Ultra Eliminex is the strongest formula on the market today. But it’s also the most expensive, one bottle costs $80. Mega Clean is a good brand, and will usually work on its own for a basic urine drug test, but you’ll want to buy it with the six free pre-rid pills for maximum effect. You can purchase the Mega Clean&Toxin Rid combo for $69.

The best middle-ground in terms of price and power is Rescue Cleanse for $55. So if you’ve got the money, go for Ultra Eliminex, if you want the second most powerful option, go for Mega Clean with the pills, and if you just want a detox drink that will work for all the most rigorous drug tests, go for Rescue Cleanse.

Ay of those will mimic the effects of having a clean system and are the only way you can get weed out your system fast, or appear to if you’re up for a drug test within 24 hours.

To learn more about detox drinks, reviews of brands to use, and brands to avoid, plus full instructions on using them to full effect, click here.


I really hope that’s all clear for you now. Searching for how to get weed out your system fast is asking the wrong question, based on the wrong assumption that you can truly detox your system in one day.

But now you know it’s impossible. All you can do is do a natural detox, supported by detox pills to do it in as little as three days, but usually around a week.

If you don’t fancy doing that, then the proven ways to pass a drug test are based around you appearing to be clean, by submitting a fake sample or masking the toxins for a few hours using a high-quality detox drink.