Can You Use Homemade Detox Drinks For Drug Test?

When people get desperate to pass a drug test, they can be attracted to crazy methods. Looking towards homemade detox drinks for drug test success is a popular thing to do.

It’s easy to see why people get seduced and caught out. They are going for a job interview and realize they might face a drug test afterward, and they panic. Perhaps they had a couple of joints for the first time in years, and they just been told to report to a lab for a test to get a job.

With no knowledge, it’s easy to go on the Internet, believe what you read, and think how easy is to actually pass a drug test. But do any of the home remedies for drug tests, any of these homemade detox drinks, really work, or are you being laughed at?

I’m going to talk you through the ones that could work, the weird, the wonderful, and the downright dangerous homemade detox drinks and remedies out there. Plus, I’ll give you some alternative methods of passing a drug test, so you can weigh up whether using home remedies for drug test is the way to go.

What Are Home Remedies For Drug Test?

Using a home remedy to pass a drug test is basically about using household products, or a combination of simple ingredients, to attempts to flush the drug toxins out of your body.

We are talking about using things like cranberry juice, green tea for a drug test, simple things like that, that have some vague link, whether it’s scientific, or anecdotal, to be able to detox in some way.

The problem with any of these home remedies is that it’s actually impossible to flush drug toxins out of the cells in your body, or your bloodstream. The only possible place you can flush them out of is your bladder.

The problem with trying to flush toxins out of your bladder, meaning it’s only the toxins that are currently working their way out of your body, is that any success will be temporary. Worse than that, a home remedy can’t maintain the natural balance in your urine or even keep it looking the same as it should.

So most home remedies are detectable simply because they will dilute the sample you submit. Even if you get away with that, they will look wrong, and won’t have the correct specific gravity, pH, or other things that a lab will test for to check the sample is valid.

cranberry juice for drug test

Homemade Detox Drinks For Drug Test

I’m not going to go through all of the possible home remedies for a urine test, that you can try, I’ll just give you some examples of some of the most popular ones.

When I say the most popular ones, I mean the ones that have been around the longest, and that most people claim work.

The problem with saying they work is that it’s all anecdotal. For every single home recipe, I’m going to now list, there is not a scrap of scientific evidence that backs up the claims.

On top of that, a couple of the biggest drug advice sites on the Internet claim you can use these to detox for a urine drug test, without diluting your sample, and without getting caught. For me, with my experience, that is such a crock I can’t quite believe they would stitch people up like that.

The bottom line is that all these methods have one thing in common: lots of liquid. That means you could flush out the toxins, but you will dilute your sample massively. That will be obvious to the drug testing lab.

  1. Lemon juice and water

Lemon juice is acidic and a slight diuretic, meaning it will make you want to urinate. You’re meant to drink it with lots of water, over several hours. You might flush out the toxins, but that’s pure because of the water. There is literally no scientific evidence the lemon juice can help flush out more toxins than water.

  1. Cranberry juice

I think the idea behind cranberry juice, is that it’s been used to treat urinary tract infections. Yes, it can have a benefit for that, but it doesn’t mean it’s any good for flushing out drug toxins. Again, it’s a diuretic, so you will urinate more, but there’s no evidence at all that it will flush out the drug toxins.

  1. Baking soda and water

The idea here is that you mix the baking soda with water and drink it really quickly. You have to drink it quickly because very often it can make you vomit. It’s also converted to salt in the stomach, which is dangerous in high quantities. Plus, why on earth would drink loads of salt help to flush out your bladder?

  1. Tea, almost any tea

Green tea, Palo Azul tea, even normal tea, have all been linked to homemade detox drinks. This is because tea is a natural diuretic. However, that’s as far as it goes, and it doesn’t mean you will flush out any more drug toxins than drinking water.

home made detox drinks for drug test

Crazy And Dangerous Home Remedies

Before I move on to talk about what will actually help you to pass a drug test, I want to mention a couple of ridiculous home remedies that are out there, which you should avoid all costs.

The first is called a nuclear meltdown. A method described on one of the biggest advice sites on the Internet, and for me, it’s ridiculous advice to even consider.

The idea is that you cram as many substances that have been linked with detoxing for a drug test into a glass as possible and then down the lot. So lemon juice, various teas, cranberry juice, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, ginger, basically anything you read about as being linked to home-made detox drinks.

You then down it in one, and it’s meant to be a more powerful version of each of those individual detox drinks. I hope you have the common sense to see that it’s just absolute lunacy. Not only is there no evidence any of those items work individually, but all you are doing is increasing your chances of vomiting.

The second homemade detox drink for drug tests to avoid, a crazy home remedy, is called the baking soda bomb.

It’s like the homemade detox drink we talked about a moment ago, but instead of mixing baking soda with water, you mix it with household bleach.

Now I hope that you have the sanity to realize that downing bleach, as well as a huge amount of a substance that will be converted into a salt, could do serious damage to your insides, or at the very least, leave you vomiting hours.

Let me tell you, vomiting is not a great thing to be doing before a drug test. You will be dehydrated, and that can affect the validity of your sample as well. But if you’re drinking bleach, that’s probably going to be the least of your worries.

basking soda for drug test

How To Pass A Drug Test & What To Use

So look, avoid the madness of home remedies for drug tests. None of them work, there’s no scientific evidence, and I’m pretty sure half the people recommending them online are getting a kick out of thinking about you failing your drug test.

What’s worked for me in the past is professional drug test avoidance products. These are my favorite brands, and this is how I use them.

  1. Synthetic urine

My favorite brand is Sub Solution. It’s the most complex brand on the market, and it doesn’t even use a heatpad. It uses heat activator powder, which is easier to control, and it makes the sample you are smuggling into the lab less bulky.

Synthetic urine is perfect for an unsupervised drug test, which is pretty much any urine drug test other than one ordered by a court, or law enforcement. Sub Solution has 13 chemical markers in it which will pass validity testing, and it looks, and smells, like the real thing. For me, it’s the simplest, easiest way to pass a drug test.

  1. Detox pills + natural detox

If you genuinely want to be clean, take a week out from drugs, and do a proper detox. Exercise, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, relax, and visit the sauna every day.

You can accelerate the process of working the toxins out of your body by using Toxin Rid. They are high-quality detox pills which can help the body to eliminate toxins up to 100% faster than naturally.

So if it’s going to take you two weeks to get rid of all those weed metabolites naturally, then after a seven day course of Toxin Rid, alongside the natural detox, you could be completely clean.

best detox for drug test

  1. Detox drinks

You need to be aware of the misconception around detox drinks. They don’t detox you at all. People who think you drink the drink, and all the toxins magically fall out of your body, are badly misinformed.

A high-quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex, Rescue Cleanse, or Mega Clean, will flush out the toxins more powerfully than water. But only the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract. At the same time, it will replace the lost nutrients and chemicals, so that your urine still appears natural, but perfectly clean. You will be clean, but only for a few hours.

Literally, any of these, detox pills, detox drinks, or synthetic urine, is less risky, and more likely to succeed, then any of those homemade detox drinks for drug tests you could ever conceive.