Are Ultra Eliminex Reviews Accurate: Is It That Good?

There’s a lot of positive discussion going on about a detox drink called Ultra Eliminex at the minute. So good, it’s making people ask if those Ultra Eliminex reviews can possibly be accurate? Well, I’ve had my own personal experience with testing Ultra Eliminex, plus some experiences with my friends, and people I know online. I’ll tell you a bit about all that in this review.

So I’m going to review Ultra Eliminex, so you can make a good decision. I’ll tell you the Ultra Eliminex instructions, and also answer that crucial question: does Ultra Eliminex work?

What Is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Detox?

Ultra Eliminex is a detox drink. A detox drink doesn’t detox you at all, that’s the first thing to understand.

A good quality detox drink will flush out your bladder and urinary tract so that no drug toxins are in the urine you would submit over the next few hours. As it flushes out the toxins, it contains ingredients that maintain the balance and color of your urine, so your sample appears natural.

But as it’s not a real detox, within a few hours, as your body continues to eliminate waste, fresh urine entering your bladder will contain toxins. So a detox drink actually just masks the toxins for a few hours. A really good one will do it 100% for a handful of hours. Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is claimed to be the most powerful detox drink on the market today. In fact, the bottle claims the following:

“Elite solution for people with high toxin levels or large body mass.”

So it should be able to mask the toxins 100% in even the heaviest person, who smokes the most weed, with no problem. The problem is that Ultra Eliminex is made by the same company as you make QCarbo. The company is called Herbal Clean. QCarbo does not have a good reputation nowadays, which obviously filled me with a bit of suspicion about Ultra Eliminex.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

The instructions for using Ultra Eliminex are pretty straightforward, and I don’t think it’s possible to mess them up:

  1. Shake the bottle well, and then drink the contents over about 30-60 minutes.
  2. During, and after this time, urinate as frequently as possible.
  3. Within 30 minutes of finishing the drink and urinating several times, you should be clean to take a drug test for up to 5 hours.

Does Ultra Eliminex Work To Pass A Drug Test?

Ultra Eliminex instructionsSo look, the instructions for using Ultra Eliminex detox are incredibly straightforward, and it claimed that it’s the most powerful detox drink on the market today. It’s designed to heavy smokers, and people with large body mass, who will have a lot of toxins flowing out of their body.

But the key question is: does Ultra Eliminex work?

Well, I managed to get my hands on a bottle free, through somebody who didn’t actually need it, because they bought two.

As I had a few home drug test kits around, I gave it a try. I’m quite a large guy, and I smoke every day, so there’s plenty of toxins racing around my body for Ultra Eliminex to mask.

I drank it following the instructions, and one hour after finishing it and urinating three times, I took a home drug test kit. I passed. That really surprised me, because of the number of toxins I know I have in my body.

I waited for another hour, and I passed a second home drug test kit. So Ultra Eliminex definitely seems to be powerful enough to eradicate toxins for a handful of hours.

On top of that, my neighbor asked me about pre-employment drug testing. He was changing jobs, and he is even more chronic for smoking weed than me, plus he is obese.

I recommended synthetic urine, but he panicked at the thought of smuggling it in.

So I suggested Rescue Cleanse, as it’s cheaper than Ultra Eliminex. But as it was out of stock, he went with my second recommendation of Ultra Eliminex anyway. He didn’t smoke for three days before the test, and he did a bit of a drug detox, as I recommended, due to his size and cannabis habit. The thing is, he passed as well, and he got the job.

This means, that for me, those Ultra Eliminex reviews are telling the truth. Ultra Eliminex works, and the conclusion of my review of Ultra Eliminex reaches the same conclusion.

For me, it appears to be unbeatable at masking toxins, even in heavy drug users, who have a large body mass, that can retain drug metabolites in far greater volumes than lighter people.

Clear Choice Detox

Where To Buy Ultra Eliminex

Ultra Eliminex is expensive, around $80, which is considerably more expensive than comparable drinks like Rescue Cleanse for $55 and Mega Clean with pre rid pills for $69.

But as it’s the absolute top-notch detox drink to consider, if money is no problem, and you just want to make certain of passing a drug test guaranteed, then Ultra Eliminex detox is definitely the one to go for.

I would suggest that you only buy it from a reputable online store. The reason for this is that I’ve heard rumors that people are faking it, and selling it on eBay and Amazon. Because it’s $80, if you’re making a fake version for just $10, then that’s one hell of a profit for bottling up fruit juice.

For me, I always buy as many of the detox products I use as possible from Test Negative.

The reason is that I know they are genuine products and that the company that sells them cares about that. They also have a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, which takes all the risk out of the purchase.

All I would say is if you can do a detox for a couple of days beforehand, that’s better than just taking the risk on any detox drink. It’s an insurance policy.

You can also increase your chances with a short course of detox pills. Toxin Rid does a three-day course, which alongside a natural detox, will push out an incredible amount of toxins, leaving less for Ultra Eliminex to mask on the day of your drug test.