Green Vein Kratom Review: Dosage, Effects, Best Strains

Green vein kratom is unfairly seen as the poor cousin to red kratom and white kratom. That’s partly because green vein kratom effects are thought of as milder.

But that’s not the whole story, and that misconception stops people from getting potentially the best of all worlds when experimenting with kratom. Green kratom is especially great for beginners.

So I’m making this one of those positive green vein kratom reviews, where I’m going to talk about the benefits of green vein kratom effects, and the sort of green vein kratom dosage you should be taking to get them.

I’ll also compare to the most popular strains of green vein kratom, tell you whether a liquid green vein kratom shot is a good alternative to powder, plus tell you exactly where I buy my pure green kratom from.

What Is Green Kratom

There are three types of kratom, red vein, white vein, and green vein. Partly the vein color is down to the tree and region the kratom is growing in, and partly is down to the drying process.

There are many different types of green kratom, and they tend to be the same as red and white. So for example, you can get red, green and white Malay kratom stop

Green vein kratom is often seen as the poor cousin of red, and white because its effects are usually milder.

However, that’s not the whole story, and with that mildness, you actually get a broader spectrum of the range of kratom effects possible from each strain. Basically, you can benefit more from green kratom without the extremes red and white deliver.

Green Vein Kratom Effects

 Although each type of green vein kratom has slightly different effects, generally green vein kratom effects are milder than red and white and cover a more broad spectrum.

Red kratom tends to be sedating, and analgesic. So you will be calm, chilled out, you will have pain relief, and an improved mood. Importantly, until you get to a high dose, you will still have improved mental focus and physical energy.

White kratom hits the other end of the kratom spectrum. It’s high-energy, with minimal traits found in red kratom. So you get energy, focus, and a mood boost, that can feel like huge caffeine hit. But it won’t come with any pain relief, and you won’t feel any peace.

Which is why it’s such a shame that green vein kratom reviews gloss over the benefits of green kratom so quickly, to talk about red and white instead.

Green kratom offers you the ability to get focus, energy, and enthusiasm, plus feel chilled out, and experience pain relief. Basically, the benefits of red and white, plus the middle ground between them, on a lower level.

So green kratom can deliver energy, without being overwhelming like white kratom, and at a higher dose, help you feel chilled out, without the lethargy and drowsiness that red vein kratom can deliver. For me, it’s perfect for use during the day, when you need some relaxation, awesome energy, but without it taking your focus away from the tasks at hand.

However, don’t rule out a fantastic range of extreme effects of green kratom. At high-dose, it is possible to feel so energized and happy that a mild euphoria will kick in, and likewise, significant pain relief and calm can kick in at a medium dose.

green vein kratom effects

Green Vein Kratom Dosage

The problem with all kratom is that you have to get pure, guaranteed quality, powdered kratom to experience the full spectrum of effects, at the lowest dose.

Green vein kratom tends to have a wider range of effects, but those effects are more sedate than white and red, which means that what you experience with red and white, doesn’t tend to be the same on an equal dose of green.

It will also depend on a number of personal factors:

  • Your weight
  • Your body fat
  • Diet and exercise
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • What you have eaten

but if you’re an average person, with no unusual circumstances, and you can get your hands on pure green kratom powder, then the sort of doses you will be looking at experience Green kratom are as follows:

  • A beginner does 2-3 grams
  • A moderate dose of 4-5 grams
  • High dose of 6-8 grams
  • Overwhelming dose above 8 grams

What Is A Green Vein Kratom Shot?

Something I want to talk about is green vein kratom shots. You can actually buy red, gold and white kratom shots as well, but the green vein one seems to be particularly marketed and popular at the moment.

You can buy them from various online stores, and they are getting heavily promoted right now. It’s a liquid kratom extract shot. So from what I can work out, it’s kratom powder within a liquid, with added flavor, to create something you can down really easily.

I haven’t tried a green vein kratom shot myself, but one of my friends has. He said it gave him a little initial rush, and a kratom-like feeling, definitely like a small amount of green kratom. However, he also said the effects didn’t last long, and it left a very bitter taste in his mouth.

So for me, I think I will give green vein kratom shots a miss. I don’t feel you know what’s in them, how much kratom you are getting, what sort it is, and you, therefore, aren’t in control, which for me is important with kratom.

Plus, they are far more expensive than just buying pure kratom powder, and mixing it with liquid yourself.

Compared: Green Vein Thai Vs Green Vein Bali

Green Vein Thai kratom is one of the uplifting strains of green kratom. It will give you energy, improve your mood, harness your focus, and take away your anxiety. It will also keep you calm and chilled, but not as much as some other green kratom strains will.

Green Thai kratom at higher dose will move more towards calmness and pain relief, but at a moderate dose, it’s more about energy and confidence. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the sweet spot where euphoria has hit, which is possible with green Thai kratom.

Green Bali kratom has lots of similarities, but it’s less likely to bring you intense positive, euphoria.

Although it’s less euphoric, it does deliver a good balance between energy and calmness. Green Bali kratom is, therefore, depending on what you want, generally regarded as more mild than Thai, in terms of energy and happiness. But on the other end of the spectrum, at higher doses, it’s closer to a red kratom than green Thai is.

So Who Is Green Kratom Good For?

Green vein kratom is often known as an afternoon kratom. White vein for the morning, to give you a high energy, green vein the afternoon to keep the energy going, but start to chill you down, and then red kratom in the evening.

Green kratom is good for people who have social anxiety. It calms you, but gives you positive energy and enthusiasm, and induces happiness. But it also retains focus and doesn’t overwhelm you. So you won’t feel jittery, and you won’t feel overwhelmingly chilled out and sedated.

It’s also good for alcoholism, because it gives you a boost, so you get that positivity, plus it chills you out, but it’s not overwhelming in its effects, which can make an alcoholic feel out of control.

So green kratom is perfect for certain reasons. It’s also good for people who just want to experience the positive benefits of kratom, but not overwhelmingly.

Less than a handful of grams of green kratom will give you hours of more positive feelings, increased energy, but with a sense of calmness and wellbeing, but still, allow you to feel completely in control.

green kratom review

Where To buy High-Quality Green Vein Kratom

 As with any type of kratom, if you want to experience the full range of green vein kratom effects, then you need to get your hands on pure, South East Asian, directly imported, green kratom powder.

That way, you can get the full effects of green kratom, but at the most moderate green vein kratom dosage possible.

For me, after a couple of years of searching, I settled on the following three kratom vendors, who sell pure green vein kratom, that produces the most amazing effects:

  1. Coastline Kratom

Probably the best kratom seller in the USA, I defy you to find a better one. It’s the quality that’s superb. It lab checked and guaranteed, so each batch they sell is pure, and you can have full confidence in it.

Their Green Malay is particularly potent, and it’s perfect for people wanting to experience euphoria, energy, and happiness, but without it tipping over into that hard of white kratom experience.

  1. PurKratom

These guys are another one of my go-to kratom vendors. The kratom is directly imported from Asia, and quality guaranteed.

Of particular note from PurKratom is their green kratom capsules. If you’re looking to experiment with green vein kratom effects, but in a tightly controlled manner, then capsules are brilliant. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for in terms of experience, you can pop that number of capsules to get it.

  1. BuyKratom

The third retailer I always buy my kratom from is They sell the full range of kratom, and like the other two retailers I’ve just mentioned, it’s high quality, and directly imported from Southeast Asia.

The thing I will mention for the beginners here, apart from the fact that green kratom is perfect for beginners with kratom generally, is they sell kratom variety packs.

So you can get your hands on a green kratom variety pack, that contains six of the best green strains out there, including Green Malay and Green Thai. It’s perfect for experiencing the effects of green vein kratom, across many different types, so you can settle on the perfect green vein kratom your needs.