Green Borneo Kratom Effects&Dosage

This Green Borneo kratom review is going to talk about the enigma of Green Vein Borneo (GVB). It’s a bit of an enigma because some people report brilliant experiences with it, while other people seem to struggle with the effects of Green Borneo.

So what’s the deal with Green Vein Borneo kratom? Are Green Borneo kratom effects worth experiencing, or problematic?

I’ll talk you through the effects, and dosage, plus I’ll also give you a nod towards a few online stores that sell genuine, Green Vein Borneo, that are imported direct from Southeast Asia, and is 100% pure.

Green Borneo Kratom Effects

It’s not really a surprise that people are confused about Green Borneo kratom effects. The thing is, green kratom sits in the middle of the spectrum between red, and white.

White is uplifting, energizing, euphoric, focusing, a nootropic. Red kratom is at the other end of the scale, analgesic, sedating, calming, opiate-like in its high.

In the middle sits green, which takes some characteristics from each. Which means it can be energizing and euphoric, but also can be sedating at higher doses. A lot of it depends on the dose and strain.

That’s why some people report Green Borneo kratom to have really positively uplifting effects, euphoria, the boost of energy, and focus, but with a little bit of calmness. While other people say it too sedating and heavy.

Its also about the quality of the kratom you buy, and importantly how much you take, to define the Green Borneo kratom effects. Also, in terms of side-effects, GVB seems to have people talking about negative side-effects more than any other type of kratom. Nausea being particularly prevalent. I’ve had a bit of that as well.

I think some of that is about the dose. I think people are taking far too much Green Borneo, and tipping over into almost the traits of red kratom, but with some unwanted side effects. But generally for me, at a moderate dose, Green Borneo is energizing and focusing, while also offering calmness and analgesia, which is perfect for me.

In terms of euphoria, Green Borneo does deliver a kratom high. But you do need a strong dose, stronger than Green Malay, which is my favorite kratom strain for a euphoric high.

But if you get good quality, pure Green Vein Borneo kratom, you can get that euphoric feeling, while still retaining energy, and even still feeling chilled out and with minor pain relief.

green borneo kratom effects

Green Borneo Kratom Dosage

In terms of the exact Green Borneo kratom dosage you will need, it goes in hand what I said earlier about side effects.

People taking too much Green Borneo for their needs will potentially end up having negative experiences. Not every time, not everyone, but the more you take, the more chance there is of nausea and dizziness.

For me, when I take Green Borneo, I find that just a few grams give me the effect I need. Good Green Vein Borneo will keep you relaxed, but also give you a nice buzz, and at higher doses, you’ll find Green Borneo very much like a red, but with some energy, and a warmly euphoric, opiate-like experience.

For me also, it was perfect for dealing with my anxiety, which can be bad at times. I found that the energy and a high-dose is euphoria, didn’t endanger my anxiety, in fact, it actually helps.

So for me, if I was going to talk about the exact Green Vein Borneo kratom dosage you should try, then I would recommend the following:

  • Starting dose of up to 2 g
  • Full effects dose of up to 4 g
  • Full effects/heading into strong effects up to 6 g
  • Heading into euphoria, and possible side-effects 7 g and above

Green Vs Red Vein Borneo

Green Vs Red Vein Borneo is a very interesting comparison for me. As you now realize, green can have some traits of red at times, and Red Borneo can have some traits of green, being quite uplifting for a red strain at times.

In fact, the two can be quite similar. But generally, you will find Green Vein Borneo kratom effects are more uplifting than red, whereas red will have far stronger analgesia and calming aspects to it.

But the gap between Green and Red Vein Borneo is not as wide as some other green and red strains, and you can certainly experiment with both, and notice the similarities. Just be careful, because green vein at higher doses can be quite sedating, as can red.

Places I buy Green Vein Borneo Kratom

 So look, Green Vein Borneo kratom is quite a popular strain. I certainly like the effects of green Borneo, as long as I get the dosage right, which is easy with pure kratom.

But getting pure kratom is actually harder than getting the dosage of Green Vein Borneo right. There are many stores online which actually sell pure, imported kratom, that offer a quality guarantee, and sell kratom that really kicks.

For me, over nearly three years of experimenting, I’ve only found a handful of shops that import, and sell, guaranteed pure kratom, and I’m going to highlight two of them below, that sells Green Vein Borneo kratom:

1.Coastline Kratom

If you’ve been looking into kratom for even a couple of weeks, you will have seen the name Coastline Kratom mentioned quite a few times. There’s a reason for that.

Coastline Kratom sells excellent kratom powder. Nothing else, just pure, imported kratom powder. They sell all the main types of kratom, including extracts. For me, their Green Vein Borneo kratom is superb, and if you just want to experience the joy of pure Green Borneo, then Coastline is a brilliant place to start.

  1. PurKratom

Something slightly different here, PurKratom sells brilliant Green Vein Borneo, but they also sell Green Vein Borneo in capsules as well.

Their GVB is brilliant, I think it’s as good as that from Coastline Kratom, whether you buy a loose powder or kratom in capsule form.

But one advantage of capsules, especially for beginners, is that you don’t have to taste the kratom, which can be quite foul. On top of that, you can regulate the dose exactly, with each capsule being 500 mg. So you want to take 3 g, take six capsules. Easy.

So there you go, a quick Green Borneo kratom review, that hopefully, you found useful. It’s a brilliant strain, especially if you want a less aggressive green, to give you some of the benefits of red, but not being quite as sedating as Red Borneo.