Fasoracetam Review: Dosage, Effects, Stacking & Where To Buy Fasoracetam

This fasoracetam review aims to put a few things straight about this brand-new racetam. People assume that racetam development has been linear, with each new one just safer, more potent, and longer-lasting development of the previous one.

But that’s not the truth about racetams or fasoracetam. All of them tend to have slightly different chemical structures, mechanisms of action, and slightly different effects. So we are going to take a look in detail at fasoracetam dosage, effects, and how you can create a fasoracetam stack to make it into a highly effective nootropic.

Plus, this fasoracetam review conclusion will also tell you where to buy fasoracetam is 100% pure and safe, as it’s never been developed for release and isn’t currently available on prescription anywhere in the world.

What Is Fasoracetam?

What is true is that fasoracetam is a new racetam development. But not all racetams are created equal, and although there are around 25 different variations out there, they all have slightly different mechanisms of action, effects, and statuses.

In fact, only two racetams have ever been licensed in the USA under Schedule 1 of the Medicine Regulations 1984, and those are the original racetam piracetam and the little-known levetiracetam.

In fact, many of the modern racetams, including fasoracetam actually have a little structural resemblance to the original racetam molecular structure. So although they are in the same family, their effects are slightly different, and so they need to be treated slightly differently.

fasoracetam was actually developed in the 1990s in Japan. The pharmaceutical company that developed it was looking for something to market is an effective cure for vascular dementia. However, those trials didn’t go well, so the formula was shelved.

But an American doctor who was looking for something to help with adolescent ADHD problems at the hospital he worked in heard about the formula, though it could be developed to help with this condition, and bought the rights to it. He formed a company called Neurofix, and human trials commenced in 2016.

We have no idea what those trials have found because no data has ever been released. What we do know is that the exact formula has been created and up for sale as a nootropic, producing cognitive improvements. So let’s take a look at the exact fasoracetam effects you can expect to experience.

What is Fasoracetam

Fasoracetam Effects Explained

It’s not actually fully understood yet how fasoracetam works in the brain. However, we do know that it’s the mechanism of action is different to some of the original racetams, despite being structurally a racetam because it is built around a 2-pyrrolidone ring.

However, the effects of fasoracetam, through studies and anecdotal evidence, suggest that it mainly regulates the activity of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

It’s also thought to be an agonist of the three groups of glutamate receptors and may increase levels of acetylcholine as well.

Glutamate is strongly linked with memory and thinking, and GABA helps to regulate central nervous system responses, calming us down.

So put together, fasoracetam effects are as follows:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • A more positive outlook
  • Stronger mental focus
  • All-round stronger cognitive performance
  • A sense of calmness and control
  • Stronger motivation
  • Improvements in memory retention and recall

Fasoracetam Stack Advice

Fasoracetam effects can be enhanced by creating a simple fasoracetam stack. There are lots that people recommend trying, however three stacks that are common are:

Noopept and phenibut are also nootropics that have strong effects on their own, but they seem to be potentiated and smoothed through stacking them with fasoracetam.

However, it’s important to note here that because they are strong in their own right, you should only stack these at low doses and experiment carefully.

Although a simple stack of fasoracetam and a choline source will also work, I’d actually recommend that you use a choline source with any nootropic stack, as most smart drugs tend to deplete choline quickly, which can lead to headaches if external source is not used.

where to buy Fasoracetam

Fasoracetam Dosage

Because it’s not scheduled for use as a medicine anywhere in the world yet, and because it hasn’t completed human trials, then nobody can tell you what sort of fasoracetam dosage you should be looking at taking.

However, because it is so potent then dosage needs to be as low as possible and carefully controlled.

There have been a few human trials, although they were short and incomplete, around using it to control ADHD. Doses in those trials were as low as 50 mg per day, but sometimes as high as 800 mg over the course of the day. But it should be pointed out that those were high doses under carefully controlled conditions.

So personally, I will be looking at keeping the dose as low as 20 mg initially to see how you respond, and then upping it to 50 mg. 100 mg for day-to-day nootropic benefits could be seen as a ceiling.

The best effects of many racetams come with continued use, because the effects build up with regular dosing. However, if the dose is too high, this can lead to tolerance and therefore not getting the benefits, which is why dosage should be carefully regulated.

Side Effects Of Fasoracetam

Fasoracetam is well tolerated and there was no evidence that it has any more serious side effects than any other racetam. However, if you are creating any type of fasoracetam stack then the potential for side effects could be amplified. So dosage and monitoring are essential.

General side effects from using fasoracetam that have been reported are:

  • Impacted kidney function
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Digestive complaints
  • Headaches

None of the side effects are serious, and are usually only initially felt. With regular sensible use they should not be a problem, as long as you use a choline source and don’t have an already impaired kidney function.

Fasoracetam powder

Where To Buy Fasoracetam

Because fasoracetam is unregulated, and now owned under trial by a company, it shouldn’t be available to buy anywhere.

However, in common with every other type of unlicensed racetam, you can get your hands on it as long as you know where to buy fasoracetam.

The reason it’s available is because chemists recreate the formulas and then sell them privately. Despite people doing this, and as long as the purity is guaranteed, then it’s no different to getting your hands on the fasoracetam used in the medical trials.

It took me ages to find where to buy fasoracetam that was 100% pure and guaranteed. But I found a place called Science.bio and have used it to buy smart drugs more than a year. It offers fasoracetam for sale that is guaranteed 100% pure through an independent third-party lab, and you can see the published reports on the product page.

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