Best Synthetic Urine Kit Reviews: Top Fake Urine Brands 2020

Using fake pee for a drug test is the easiest way to pass, but only if you know the pitfalls to avoid, and what brands of synthetic urine you can really trust. In this quick guide, I’m going to tell you what the best synthetic urine brands are, I’m going to talk to you about the full synthetic urine reviews that will get you in trouble if you believe them, and where to buy synthetic urine that really works.

Plus, I’ll tell you all about making your own synthetic urine, how safe it is to use your friend’s urine instead of your own, and I’ll reveal the most common way that people fail a drug test using fake urine. So read on to learn what the top three brands are, what the five brands to avoid are, and when you shouldn’t even consider using fake urine for a drug test.

What Exactly Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is simply a liquid that contains chemicals that mimics real urine. But it has to have the most of the key characteristics of real urine, otherwise, the labs will do validity testing on a sample and spotted as fake a mile off.

So the best synthetic urine has to contain all the essential chemicals that are in real urine, things like urea, uric acid, and creatinine. On top of that, the sample will have to be within the correct pH range, look like the real thing, smell like the real thing, and froth like the real thing.

If any of those key things are missing, then you stand a higher chance of failing to submit fake urine. Plus, there are a couple of other reasons why you could fail using fake urine. But if you get it right, then the best synthetic urine is your virtually guaranteed way of passing a drug test.

Difference Between Supervised And Unsupervised Drug Tests

 If you’re thinking about using fake pee for a drug test, then you need to understand the difference between supervised and unsupervised drug tests.

The bottom line here is that you will struggle to use fake urine in a supervised drug test. Supervised means there will be someone in the room with you. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will be staring straight at you, but you will find it very difficult to take out the container of fake urine, check the temperature, silently undo the lid, pour it into the sample cup while sounding like you’re really urinating, and then stash the container away on you again without being observed.

If it’s an unobserved test on the other hand, then there will not be anybody in the room with you. If there is, you will be behind a screen, meaning that you can do what you want. So if it’s an unobserved drug test, then you are good to go, but if it’s observed, then you’re going to struggle to submit a fake sample, but it’s not impossible.

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Passing A Supervised Drug Test

So when it comes to passing a supervised drug test, if you’re going to use fake urine, then you are going to have to back that up with nerves of steel.

You can buy incognito belts, where you have a pouch of urine, which is dispensed through a tube and tap. You can also get prosthetic penis attachments, so you can stand up and submit it naturally (if you are male, obviously).

However, both of those take real guts to do, and you run a real big risk of getting caught. It’s easier if you’re female, because you’ll be sitting down, but even then, you got to reach between your legs, and that would arouse suspicion. But people do it, and it’s all about the angle you are standing (or sitting) at, and how interested the lab technician is.

If you really don’t have the balls to use synthetic urine for a supervised drug test, then you have two other options:

  1. You can do a natural detox. But this can take a couple of weeks, sometimes longer if you are a chronic weed smoker. You can speed this up massively though by using a detox pill like Toxin Rid though.

In fact, Toxin Rid can speed up a natural detox by 50%, so that two weeks suddenly becomes a single week. But it takes time, and you have to know well in advance when the test is, so you can naturally detox, and naturally submit a clean sample.

  1. You can use a detox drink to pass a supervised drug test. A detox drink flushes out the toxins in your bladder and keeps the nutrient balance correct, so your sample doesn’t test as invalid or diluted.

The downside with a detox drink is that the effects only last for a few hours, sometimes only a couple of hours, before toxins leak back into your urine stream. But unless you have a massive amount of toxins in your body, then a high-quality detox drink, especially if you are taking a drug test at short notice, is a great alternative to the risk of synthetic urine.

Making Your Own Synthetic Urine

Some people think that they can make fake pee for a drug test themselves. It can’t be that difficult, can it?

All you need are the right ingredients, then to mix them together in the right proportions, and submit the sample. But it actually isn’t that simple. For a start, you need some lab chemicals, and these are usually only available in quite large amounts unless you’re going to pay a prohibitive price for a small amount.

Plus you’ll have to have everything clean, make sure nothing gets contaminated, and store it until you want to use it. Plus you’ll need a micro scale and other equipment. I worked out once that it would cost you four times as much to make your own synthetic urine, as it would just to buy the top brand and at the end of all that you would have less of a guarantee of success.

So my advice is to forget trying to make your own synthetic urine. The best synthetic urine kit you will find is already available, you just have to know which brands are complex enough to pass a drug test.

Don’t Try Using A Friends Urine

Before I talk about the best fake urine out there, and where to buy that synthetic urine, I want to warn you off doing something else that gets people caught out. Don’t bother using someone else’s urine. Even if it’s clean, there are still problems with trying it.

First, you’ve got to get it to the lab at the right temperature, which is the same problem you’ve got with synthetic urine.

Also, real urine spoils in a handful of hours, which means that unless you’re going straight to the lab, you’ll have to freeze it, as even in the fridge it will last less than a day. That makes it worse than submitting synthetic urine as well.

Plus, you have to believe the person is clean. If you are smoking and taking stuff, aren’t they? Even if they aren’t, what about medications, false positives, or other problems? So I would say steer clear of submitting someone else’s urine, although it might seem a brilliant idea, it’s riddled with problems that could get you caught.

The #1 Reason People Fail Using Fake Pee For A Drug Test

I’m now going to tell you the number one reason why people fail a drug test when they submit fake urine samples. You’d think it would be because they get caught using it, or that the synthetic urine is spotted as fake because it’s poor quality.

The truth is actually that the lab spots it’s at the temperature that human urine cannot possibly be at.

Human urine exits the body within a very narrow temperature band, between around 96°F and 100°F. That’s a small margin for error when submitting fake urine (or your friend’s urine if you went down that road).

So the number one reason is about it not being within that narrow temperature range. Although legally the lab has to accept a sample above 90°F, to allow for cooling, that’s still only 10° variance, and it’s the main reason people get caught out.

The problem is that people don’t keep it warm enough, or that it overheats because the temperature outside is warm, or the heat pad fails, and it starts to cool too quickly. There is a multitude of reasons why the temperature could get you caught out, and the bottom line is that it’s the number one reason why people get found out for submitting fake urine.

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What Makes The Best Synthetic Urine?

 So what makes the best fake urine is not just about the quality of the urine, it’s also about what they supply with it to keep it at the right temperature.

Most brands use heat pads, and the quality of these can be very variable. Some brands are really good, while others aren’t. It’s a bit of a lottery, and there is no way to recommend a brand based on the quality of the heat pad. But there is an alternative to using heat pads that I’ll talk to you about when I reveal the top three brands of fake urine for drug test success.

Other than that, it’s all about the chemicals in them. At the very least synthetic urine has to contain urea, uric acid, and creatinine. But it should also have several other biological markers in it if possible, plus it should be within the right specific gravity range, and within the correct pH range.

But it’s also about other essential stuff. It has to smell like human urine, it has to look like human urine, and it has to froth like human urine. I’m telling you that some vigilant lab technicians smell it, look at it closely, and froth it, as a visual test to see if it needs further scrutiny.

In addition, you need to be warned about something called biocide.

Biocide is an artificial preservative used in a lot of brands of synthetic urine. It’s rumored that the big labs like Labcorp And Quest Diagnostics have cottoned onto the fact that biocide is present in a lot of fake urine, and they now test for its presence.

It makes sense because testing for the presence of biocide will easily rule out a fake sample, far more easily than trying to find other chemical markers that aren’t present. So for me, any brand which contains biocide has to be ruled out.

Where To Buy Synthetic Urine Kits

 If you’re wondering where to buy synthetic urine, then it’s actually best to tell you where not to buy synthetic urine.

You’ll find synthetic urine for sale in big cities, in smoke shops, gas stations, and some general stores. But mostly it will be the poor quality brands, and worse, they could be out of date. The people selling them don’t care, they just buy the cheapest brand, and put the price as high as they can.

I also wouldn’t advocate you buying synthetic urine from Amazon, eBay, or any other general online retailer. The same problem exists, it’s rubbish brands at high prices. Also, on places like Amazon and eBay, you get fakes, and outdated product as well.

For high-quality stuff, you should only look at specialist online retailers. Companies like and are the obvious places, as they only stock their own brands or other carefully selected brands of synthetic urine.

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Don’t Trust These Synthetic Urine Reviews

Whatever brand of synthetic urine you’re looking for, you’ll find tons of synthetic urine reviews out there telling you how that brand is the best.

The trouble is that a lot of those reviews tell you that synthetic urine is great, but without really giving you any reason. As you already know, many contain biocide, which is never mentioned. On top of that, many of the brands out there don’t even contain the basic chemical markers that a lab would look for.

So to save you getting into trouble, and wasting your money, I’m going to tell you the synthetic urine brands that you should avoid.

  1. Xstream is marketed as fetish urine, which for me is always a sign that they aren’t confident about the product. For a start, fetish urine tends to not contain all the natural chemicals needed, especially urea and uric acid, but also often creatinine.

On top of that, fetish urine usually contains biocide, because they just want it to have a really long shelf life.

I’ve read, and heard, nothing but poor reviews of Xstream urine, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. It’s also dirt cheap at less than $30, and you’d really be a bit crazy to think that it is going to pass a professional lab test.

  1. Magnum is a brand that actually used to be quite good. It’s still the same formula, but lab testing has moved on. So it’s living on a reputation that some people still fall for. But Magnum is out of date, and I really would not recommend it unless you’re desperate and nothing else is available.
  2. Ultra Klean Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit is another synthetic urine brand to stay well clear of. It’s not very expensive, around $30. Also, the company themselves offer you a 500% money back guarantee if you fail your drug test because of the urine sample being found out.

If you ever find anyone who’s got 500% money back, let me know, because I’m betting it’s never happened in the history of the product. When companies are making ludicrous promises like that, then you know the quality of what they are selling is awful. That’s backed up by user reviews, and someone I know failing a drug test using it about a year ago.

  1. Field Kit synthetic urine is another dubious brand to stay well clear of. It’s sold by a company called BC Entities, of which it is very little online. Also, nobody seems to be able to produce a detailed list of what’s in it, and the company won’t even tell you if it contains urea or uric acid.

In addition, looking online, you will quickly find forum posts which look ridiculous. They are blatant marketing, dressed up as real user reviews. When dubious tactics like that are being used, it’s best to steer clear of a product.

  1. UPass Synthetic urine is only $29.95, which should tell you everything you need to know when the leading brand of synthetic urine is around a hundred dollars. Its current formulation is 8.4, which means it is updated, but it still contains biocide, and for that money, I just don’t believe that it contains everything to pass a lab-grade test, even if they miss the biocide./>

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Top 3 Best Fake Urine For A Drug Test

So hopefully you have now got a better idea about submitting synthetic urine. I really wouldn’t recommend it for a supervised drug test, unless you are confident you can submit the sample efficiently using a prosthetic penis, or an incognito belt, which can be unisex.

But for an unsupervised drug test synthetic urine is definitely the easiest way to pass. As long as you pick a brand that contains all the right chemical markers, it comes with the right equipment to keep it within the temperature range of real human urine, and that doesn’t contain biocide, and you are basically home and dry.

All you have to do is sneak the small container of warm urine into the facility. That’s easy to do, just wear two lots of underwear, and tuck the small bottle between them.

So let’s take a look at the best synthetic urine brands out there. These are my short synthetic urine reviews of the top three brands out there.

You will not find these synthetic urines for sale anywhere other than at specialist online retailers. You’ll want to order these in advance because it take a few days to arrive. But once you have them in stock, you will have about a year to not having to worry about being called up for a drug test at short notice.

top synthetic urine brands

  1. Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz is made by a company called Serious Monkey Bizness. Now that all sounds a bit silly, and you’re probably not that filled with confidence that the quality of the synthetic urine is good, with a name like that.

However, Monkey Whizz is a serious brand, and it’s serious synthetic urine. It’s not the most complex formula out there, and I would only ever recommend it for a basic pre-employment drug test. But for that sort of cheap drug test, it’s plenty good enough, and I’ve known people to use it successfully.

You can buy a very basic kit, just containing urine and a heating pad, for $40. Monkey whizz with the synthetic urine belt will cost you $56.99, while the full monkey dong synthetic urine kit is currently around $120.

Monkey whizz doesn’t contain biocide, and I know it contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. So it’s complex enough to pass a basic drug test, and if you get it with the belt, then you have options for supervised and unsupervised drug testing. You can order Monkey Whizz products here.

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  1. Quick Fix6.2 Synthetic Urine

My second recommended best synthetic urine kit is Quick Fix. Currently in formula 6.2, is regularly updated, widely used, and has a ton of positive reviews online.

I’ve used Quick Fix myself to pass a real drug test, and so have several of my friends. It’s the real deal, and again, it doesn’t contain biocide.

The only thing I would mention is that Quick Fix sometimes has a green tinge to it. An eagle-eyed lab technician could spot this, and place it under further scrutiny. In fact, there is a video online from somebody claiming to be a real lab technician, where they talk about spotting fake urine, and they even mention Quick Fix looking slightly green.

But for your basic drug test, for $39.95, Quick Fix is tough to beat for quality, and also the quality of the heat pad. I’d certainly give it a go again, if I was on a budget, or didn’t care about the drug test I was going for. For detailed review click here.

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  1. Sub Solution & Quick Luck

So drumroll please, I’m going to tell you the number one best brand of synthetic urine out there. If you want to use fake pee for a drug test, then Sub Solution is the brand to go for.

Sub Solution is made by Clear Choice, one of the best drug test avoidance product companies out there. They have a great reputation and have for the past 10 years.

Sub Solution is the most complex formula on the market. It contains 13 chemical markers that real urine has, meaning that you would be incredibly unlucky to get caught out. It contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine in the correct balance, it’s pH range is correct, and its specific gravity range is correct the human urine as well.

Importantly, it also froths like the real thing, looks like the real thing, and even smells like real human urine as well. So it will get past the keen eyes and sense of smell of even the most vigilant of lab technicians.

Sub Solution synthetic urine kit contains:

  • A Flask
  • One vial of urine powder
  • One vial of heat activator powder

It’s easy to use! Fill the flask with lukewarm water, add the urine powder and shake it well, until it is clear, and looking like urine, then add about a 1/3 of the heat activator powder, shake it carefully for about a minute, then watch the temperature rise.

Plus, and this is where things get important, it doesn’t use a heating pad. As I said earlier, the temperature of the sample being wrong is the biggest reason for synthetic urine failing. That’s partly to do with the fact that heat pads are so variable. Once it’s too hot, you can’t cool it down easily, and even more disastrously, once it’s cooled, you have no way of heating it up again once you on your way to the lab.

Sub Solution reviews

Sub Solution uses heat activator powder. You don’t even need a microwave. You just put the heat activator powder in, about a third of it will do, agitate it, and within a couple of minutes it will be warming up. You just have to keep checking the temperature strip, until it gets to within the right temperature range, between 90°F and 100°F.

What brilliant is that even if you’re standing outside the lab, you can check the temperature, and if it’s cooled then you can add a little more heat activator powder, and get it up to that magic 100°F point.  For more info check out my Clear Choice Sub Solution review.

But Sub Solution goes one better. It’s called Quick Luck. Quick Luck is the updated Sub Solution formula. Plus, even better, it’s premixed, where Sub Solution is powdered synthetic urine kit, Quick Luck is in liquid form.

Which means you can keep Quick Luck on you. All you’ll need is one minute in a toilet cubicle, with the heat activator powder, and you can produce a warm sample of urine that will pass even the most stringent of drug tests.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck cost money though. Sub Solution is $80, and Quick Luck is $100. But for your money, you’re getting a guaranteed drug test pass, and with Quick Luck, you’re getting the ultimate in stealth and convenience.

If you want to go one better, you can order Sub Solution with a urine testing kit. That means you can practice at home, and by buying the combination deal, you’ll save $35. The kit usually costs $65, but if you buy the combo deal with Sub Solution, you’ll get it for just $115. That way, you can do a practice run at home, and then head off to the lab even more confident that you have got this test nailed.

Synthetic urine FAQ

How long is synthetic urine good for?

Most synthetic urine products come with a shelf life. Or they will say on the box that it is good for a year after purchase. However, you don’t know how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. So always make sure you buy a box of synthetic urine that has a date on it, and that has a guaranteed minimum life expectancy. There are actually very few brands out there that achieve all that, and the ones you should be looking at are Sub Solution, Quick Luck, Quick Fix, and Monkey Whizz.

Once you’ve bought your synthetic urine always make sure that you throw it out within 12 months, so you’ll have to update your on standby box of fake urine every year to make sure it fresh and won’t fail you.

How do labs detect synthetic urine?

There are several ways that a lab can detect a sample of fake urine:

  1. The sample you hand over doesn’t look like real urine. That will trigger suspicion in the person who handed it to, or to the person who does the detailed testing on it. Sometimes they even do a smell test to see if it smells like the real thing if suspicion is aroused.
  2. If it’s not within the correct temperature range they will spot it. When you hand it over they have to test it to see if it falls within the legal temperature range of 90°F and 100°F. If it’s not within that temperature range then it can’t be real and they reject it.
  3. During validity testing, they will find that it’s not got something in it that it should, for example, creatinine, urea, or uric acid.
  4. Some labs also test the presence of biocide, an artificial preservative. If it’s a poor quality fake urine product then it could contain biocide and you will get caught out that way.

How to heat synthetic urine without a microwave?

If you haven’t got access to microwave then there are several ways that you can heat synthetic urine:

  1. You can simply run it under hot water until it registers on the temperature strip. Then attach the heatpad to it (these are usually supplied with urine) and keep the sample next to your skin.
  2. Activate the heatpad supplied with urine and attach it. It will take about an hour, but as long as the urine isn’t cold then it will heat it up and keep it within the right temperature range.
  3. If you buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck then you will get heat activator powder. Just add in some of the powder, agitate it, and it will raise the temperature. It’s instant and will then keep it warm for about 30 minutes.

How to hide synthetic urine

The best way to hide synthetic urine is to wear two pairs of underwear. Then you can safely tuck the sample inside the first pair so that you get heat from your body, but it’s also secured firmly.

An alternative is to use an incognito belt. These are very expensive though. But they do spread the fake urine out around your body, keeping it much closer to the right temperature. They are more tricky to use though because you have a dispensing tap to use.

Synthetic urine that uses a heatpad can be a little bulky though. So always wear jogging bottoms to disguise the lump.

How to make fake urine for a drug test

It is possible to make fake urine at home. You’ll just need the correct ingredients, and mix them together in a bowl at the correct proportions. Some are powdered, and you will have liquid uric acid to mix in as well.

However, these ingredients are not cheap and they don’t come in small packs. So it will cost you a lot of money to make fake urine. Plus, once you’ve made it you still have to submit immediately so it doesn’t spoil, and you still have the problem of submitting it within the right temperature range.

It’s far easier to just use a complex premixed solution like Quick Luck, which comes with heating options and has passed tens of thousands of drug tests. Even at $100, it’s still far less money than it will cost you to make it yourself.

How to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine

During a supervised drug test, you will be observed. Maybe not directly, but they will be in the room, behind you, observing to see if you submit the sample with a natural action.

Your only option is to use a fake urine belt, or a prosthetic device attached to a belt. You can even get complete prosthetic penises linked to the belt which can dispense urine by squeezing them, so everything looks natural even if they glance around you slightly.

However, this takes absolute nerves of steel and isn’t cheap. A better alternative is often to do a natural detox for a few days and then mask the remaining toxins with a high quality detox drink.

Where can I buy synthetic urine locally?

The only places locally the ever sell synthetic urine are smoke shops or head shops. These types of independent stores aren’t very reliable though. They don’t sell the best brands, and what they do sell is always poor quality and sold at an inflated price. Plus, the guys behind the counter never know what they are talking about either.

So I wouldn’t recommend buying synthetic urine locally, stick to buying it from trusted official online stores, or reseller stores online.