Are Detox Drinks At Walgreens Any Good?

Walgreens sells a lot of stuff, so when people are desperate, it’s an obvious place to look to get detox drinks and detox pills, to try and pass a drug test. But are detox drinks at Walgreens any good? The same question for Walgreens detox pills: do they actually work?

As I recently got asked the question about what detox drinks at Walmart and Walgreens to try, I’m going to take a detailed look at detox kits at Walgreens generally, pills, and drinks. I’ll also answer the question around buying specialist detox pills for weed at Walmart.

Then, I’m going to also tell you what other options you have, should you be facing a drug test, and you’re not convinced that the detox drinks, or pills, available from Walgreens, are strong enough to work for you.

The Detox Drinks At Walgreens Reviewed

When it comes to buying detox drinks at Walgreens, there is not actually that much choice, and I wouldn’t recommend the best ones fully either. Ignoring all the absolute rubbish you can buy, Qcarbo32 is the only one I would even consider. And then, only if I was desperate, and there was nothing else available to buy.

Qcarbo32 is an old formula, and it’s not as good as it used to be, because drug testing has moved on, and they can detect an altered sample better. But is better than nothing, and you’ve probably got about 50% chance after drinking it, as long as your toxin exposure isn’t very heavy.

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Walgreens Detox Pills & Detox Kits

When it comes to Walgreens detox pills, and trying to find detox kits at Walgreens, you’ve got slightly more choice than detox drinks, but none of them particularly good.

The first tells you to avoid is Herbal Clean Pre-Cleanse Super Q Caps. They are only $18 for four, and I’m telling you, they simply don’t have the power to do very much in that quantity. The idea is that they accelerate a natural detox, helping to push out more toxins, but from the experiences I’ve read about online, they don’t work.

Another Herbal Clean detox kit Walgreens is called Premium Detox. It’s a seven-day detox program, but it’s only $37. Again, I’ve seen tons of reviews online from people saying it doesn’t work. Even alongside a natural detox, I know people who have used this for seven days, and as even moderate weed smokers, still failed a home drug test.

The third lot of Walgreens detox pills I’m going to mention to you are called QPretox, and again, they are from Herbal Clean. It’s another seven-day cleansing pill. And again, it really doesn’t work that well. However, you do get 100 pills for $14, which at least gives you enough pills to work with over a week.

Can You buy Specialist Detox Pills For Weed At Walmart Or Walgreens?

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For anyone looking to buy detox pills for weed at Walmart or Walgreens, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you. They don’t exist. They don’t exist anywhere. There’s no such thing as a detox pill which specifically targets weed metabolites.

Weed metabolites are just like any other, they go in, they get processed, and they go out through your urine, sweat, and stools.

The only slight difference is that weed metabolites attach to fat cells in the body, and can be transported out by attaching to bile and fat, which is why they can be taken out better through stools.

Drug detox pills work for all kind of drugs, not just weed. Most of them are complete crap, however, there are some that works, for a detailed review of the best detox pill brands, check out this post.

What’s The Best Choice Detox Product From Walgreens?

Look, if you put a gun to my head and told me I had to get you through a drug test, using only detox drinks and pills from Walgreens, I’d struggle.

First, I would say you need to stop taking in toxins and do a natural detox as long as possible. Make sure you are as clean as possible, by living well, and naturally detox your body.

I’d say you’d also the best to use herbal clean QPretox the week leading up to your test. You get a hundred pills, and that’s plenty of days to help flush out some of the toxins.

Then you would have to cross your fingers and drink Qcarbo32 an hour before your test. That combination, a week of Walgreens detox pills, and the only decent detox drink you can buy at Walgreens could just be enough.

I really wouldn’t guarantee it, and there are far better options out there than any of the detox kits available at Walgreens.

Alternatives To Walgreens Detox Drinks

Ultra Eliminex reviewIf you think you might face a drug test, it’s always best to be prepared in advance. So you should have plenty of time to have a high-quality detox drink in stock or a course of detox pills.

For me, the best options for detox drinks are:

  1. Ultra Eliminex is also made by Herbal Clean, but it’s far more powerful than any of their other products. It really is the strongest detox drink on the market, I’ve used it myself, and it genuinely works. You can buy it from
  2. Mega Clean is a good detox drink, and you can buy at Walmart. However, it’s not strong enough on its own, being only a little better than Qcarbo32. However, if you buy it from, it comes with six free pre-rid pills.

These flush out a lot more toxins in the 24 hours leading up to your test, so they are like a very short course of powerful detox pills.

The second option you have is to use synthetic urine. That way you don’t need to prepare anything, and you don’t have to worry about flushing out toxins. Sub Solution is a brilliant brand of synthetic urine and will pass pretty much any sample validity testing out there.

Finally, if you have a week, you could use Toxin Rid. These are really powerful detox pills, far better than any Walgreens detox pills. They can speed up the elimination of toxins by as much as 50%. So even as a heavy weed smoker, you could be clean in less than a handful of days.