Does Cranberry Juice Help Pass A Drug Test?

There are a ton of methods out there that people claim can help you pass a urine sample drug test. They are called home remedies, and one of the big questions around does cranberry juice help pass a drug test?

Well, I’m going to tell you if cranberry juice is good for drug test success, whether it can flush out drug toxins leaving you clean, or whether it’s a waste of time. I’ll tell you the science behind it, and also look at other home remedies and the claims made about them as well.

Plus, I’ll go through the exact cranberry juice drug test method, so you can try it yourself if you’re convinced. If you’re not convinced, I’ll also tell you a couple of other ways you can pass a urine sample drug test, using methods that I have used successfully myself.

Cranberry Juice Detox For Drug Test Explained

 A home remedy is something that can help pass a drug test, that is readily available. So cranberry juice falls into this category, alongside things like the baking soda method, and things like the Certo sure jell method.

In terms of cranberry juice, the main idea is that it’s a diuretic. That helps you to urinate more frequently. So that, plus the volume of liquid you drink helps to flush out the toxins. But there’s also a claim that cranberry juice can help flush the toxins out of your body more generally, permanently detoxing you.

So at its heart, the cranberry juice detox drug test method is very simple and is based around claims that cranberry juice can flush out toxins from the body. But is there actually any evidence that’s true?

Cranberry Juice Drug Test Method

 The exact cranberry juice drug test method will vary depending on the website, resource, that you refer to. People will claim cranberry juice can help pass a drug test, and then give you a method, but it’s always slightly different. So what I’ve done is look at the most common cranberry juice method.

People seem to suggest half a gallon, around two liters of cranberry juice, is required. You drink this over several hours, some say as little as two hours, others say over eight hours.

During that time, you urinate frequently, to help flush out the toxins. You should then be detoxified, and you can go and pass a drug test. But that’s not always clear is whether you are permanently detoxed, or whether the toxins are just temporarily not in your urine.

Cranberry Juice Detox For Drug Test

So Is Cranberry Juice Good For Drug Test Success?

 So look, you’ve got to look at the evidence that the cranberry juice detox for drug test could actually work. Yes, it’s a diuretic, which means you can urinate more frequently. You can do that just by drinking any liquid. So drinking the cranberry juice is that liquid is also irrelevant.

Cranberry juice has been linked to curing cystitis and other urinary tract infections because it can cope with the urinary tract with chemicals that help. However, that has nothing to do with detoxing your body for a drug test.

Also, it’s packed with antioxidants, and people do drink it to help with a natural detox. But that’s only a minor part of the natural detox, and you have to do it over days, sometimes weeks, to achieve cleanliness.

So I think it’s basically all based on misconceptions, and cranberry juice is able to help flush out drug toxins so you can pass a drug test, is an old Internet myth.

There’s nothing in cranberry juice that can flush toxins out of the cells in your body, or out of your bladder for any length of time, without leaving your sample diluted. So it’s not permanent, and even if it does temporarily get rid of the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract, you going to have an unnatural sample, because of the volume of liquid you’ve put through yourself.

How You Can Really Pass A Drug Test

So look, home remedies are a scam. I don’t know why people talk about them, because they don’t work. Baking soda, Certo, pickle juice, any type of tea, some nut jobs claim you can drink bleach, all of it is rubbish.

Does cranberry juice help pass a drug test? No. But I’m now going to tell you what does.

The best way to pass a drug test is to submit a fake sample. High-quality synthetic urine that contains everything real urine does, so it will pass validity testing, is the way to go.

Sub Solution, or it’s more expensive cousin Quick Luck, is definitely what I would use every time.

one day detox cleanse for drug testThey don’t even use a heatpad to keep the sample warm while you go to the lab to submit it. They use heat activator powder, which gives you granular control over the temperature all the way up until the moment you submit it. If it gets cool, you just add a little more heat activator powder, and it will heat it right back up.

If you don’t want to smuggle in fake urine, or it’s a supervised drug test where you will be observed, then your only option is to use a cleansing drink, such as:

Unlike cranberry juice, a professional quality detox drink will really work. It will really work because not only does it flush out the toxins, but does it is using a concentrated liquid, which won’t leave your sample diluted.

Also, unlike the cranberry juice drug test method, it won’t leave your sample looking unusual, because professional detox drinks contain vitamins, minerals, and creatinine, so that your sample still appears balanced and natural.

So there you go, cranberry juice doesn’t help pass a drug test, the method using cranberry juice, just like every other home remedy, is complete rubbish. So please don’t fall Internet myths, because all that will happen is that you will fail your drug test, and look really stupid.

Stick to synthetic urine or a high-quality detox drink, and you’ll pass that all-important drug test easily.