Why I Buy From Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom is the first online kratom seller that I ever bought kratom from. It was a big moment for me, I was really excited, but I the worst. However, I really do need to worry.

If you’re looking at buying kratom online, then Coastline Kratom is certainly one of the kratom vendors you will be reading about all over the place. But are they are good as people say?

For me, there are several reasons why they are, and in this informal Coastline Kratom review, I’m going to tell you briefly about their products, prices, guarantees, and why the quality of their kratom is so epic.

Not All Kratom Is The Same

I learned really quickly at the start of my kratom journey that cheap kratom is awful. You just can’t get good kratom for cheap money. It’s the same if you buy it in a smoke shop, it’s the same if you buy it cheaply online. You should be skeptical of any company advertising kratom with an obviously low price.

The other problem with kratom is that a lot of online sellers, and in my research several of those on the first page of Google, blind-import their kratom. Basically, they buy it from a wholesaler, who gets it in bulk. They then bag it up and sell it. They don’t have much idea of the quality, or even if it’s what they are labeling it as.

Coastline Kratom is totally different. Just like the other really good quality sellers I’ve experienced over the past couple of years, like BuyKratom and PurKratom, they import directly from Southeast Asia, direct from the people who are producing the kratom. So they have knowledge of where it’s coming from, and it’s quality.

Coastline Kratom Quality & My Experiences

coastline kratom reviewsAnd when I’m talking about Coastline Kratom quality, each batch is lab-tested independently, and the results published on their website. So you know it’s pure, you know the alkaloid content is high, and you know it’s trustworthy

Let me take as an example, Coastline Kratom Red Bali kratom. I often buy this, as it’s quite easy to handle, a few grams in the evening, and it takes the pain away from my back and chills me the hell out.

Compared to some other places I’ve had Red Bali from, it smells fresh, it’s earthy, and you don’t need much for it to rapidly hit the spot. The effects are balanced, and you’ll just want to try it again.

Maeng Da is another example of how good the kratom is from Coastline. It is not a real kratom, there is no is a place called “Maeng Da”.

It’s marketing, and it means “pimp grade” in Thai, which just means it’s meant to be strong.

But Coastline Kratom’s Maeng Da is definitely stronger than normal kratom. They do red, white and Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da. I’ve had that a couple of times and just 2-3 grams are enough to really feel the full effects. Better than that, half a dozen grams of Red UEMD and the opiate-like high your experience is astonishing.

The thing is though, Coastline doesn’t sell capsules of kratom. They just sell the main basic types of loose powder kratom:

  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Horned
  • Maeng Da
  • Malay

I’ll also mention Green Malay. That’s probably my second best strain. It gives a bit of pain relief, it chills you out, but you still keep energy and focus of smaller doses.

A high-dose, I’m talking  6-8 grams, it’s so pure and beautiful, that you can achieve a really strong euphoric high. Brilliant for going out with, and having a wonderful time, without it being overwhelmingly energizing, or overwhelmingly sedating.

Payments & Guarantees

So look, I’m an unashamed fan of Coastline Kratom. They don’t do a big range, but it’s pure imported kratom. They don’t do all the bells and whistles, but it is backed up by solid customer service

Also, payments can be done through credit cards, so you get credit card guarantees. It’s not some company who only take PayPal or some dubious third-party payment processor you never heard of.

In addition, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on the kratom you buy. That’s unconditional, and looking online, I don’t think of ever seen anyone say they took them up on that. It also shows the confidence they have in the kratom they import.

coastline kratom review

Coastline Kratom Pricing

I want to close my Coastline Kratom review by telling you about their pricing. Coastline Kratom is quite expensive. Let that sink in, I’m telling you they cost more money than almost everyone else in the kratom market.

But, look at what you’re getting. A 100% money-back guarantee, a guarantee of independent lab test results, plus you know it’s been imported directly from traditional kratom producers in Southeast Asia.

Plus you get free shipping, and you can upgrade to rapid next-day delivery, anywhere in the continental USA.

And the kratom you receive will be pure, and will actually have an effect, helping you in whatever way you need it.

So I may seem a bit of a fanboy, but when I’ve only ever found three kratom retailers that genuinely walk the walk, then I think it’s worth shouting about, and although it’s not the biggest selection, if you want pure, kratom that will do what you need, then take a look at Coastline Kratom.

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