Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review: Does Clear Choice Detox Work?

Rescue Cleanse is a premium detox drink from the well-established and trusted company Clear Choice. In this Rescue Cleanse review, I want to tell you just how good it is, through testing and my own real-life experiences.

On top of that, I’ll tell you the difference between Rescue Cleanse 16 and rescue cleanse 32. Plus, I’ll give you the full Rescue Cleanse instructions, and offer you some top tips on making sure you pass a urine drug test using it.

I’ll finish by also letting you know about another comparable detox drink, that comes with something free, that might just work out better for you, and will least give you a choice over which detox drink to consider.

About Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

Passing a urine drug test can be a real trauma. If you have had weed in the past few days, or anything else, you’re going to have drug toxins in your body. These can be picked up by a drug test.

The thing is, a detox drink doesn’t actually detox you. That’s a fallacy. All it does is flush out the toxins, replace the lost nutrients, and maintain the balance of your urine, for a few hours so that you can pass a drug test.

Once this window of opportunity has passed, the toxins will start appearing back in your urine. Rescue Cleanse is like any other detox drink, it tries to achieve the goals I have just laid out.

Clear Choice detox makes several premium drug test avoidance products. The best product is Sub Solution, the absolute best synthetic urine on the market. Then comes Rescue Cleanse, one of only three detox drinks that I’ve ever found to work properly, and that I trust, and recommend, 100%.

Rescue Cleanse comes in two sizes, 16 oz, and 32 oz. the smaller size is really only for light toxin exposure. So people who maybe smoke once a week, and people who are smaller in body size, and body fat.

If you are a normal, or heavier person, who smokes a few times a week, or does whatever a few times a week, then I would only ever recommend you go for the premium Rescue Cleanse detox drink 32 oz size.

Clear Choice urine

Rescue Cleanse Instructions

 Instructions for using Rescue Cleanse are pretty straightforward. Most detox drinks have the same instructions, and following them precisely should allow you to mask toxins for a handful of hours, so you can go and submit a clean sample.

The exact Rescue Cleanse instructions are as follows:

  1. Avoid all toxins for 48 hours as a minimum before the day of your test, where possible. Although you can get away with masking toxins right up to the moment you take the drink, you have more chance of not getting caught out, the fewer toxins there are to mask.
  2. During the 48 hours before you drink Rescue Cleanse, don’t eat fatty foods, drink lots of water, exercise, and sleep well.
  3. On the day of your test, don’t drink or eat for four hours before drinking rescue cleanse.
  4. Shake well and then drink the bottle steadily over about 10 minutes.
  5. Wait 15 minutes, then refill the bottle with cold water, and drink that over about 10 minutes.
  6. Urinate at least twice in the hour after that, as a minimum.

You should then be in what Rescue Cleanse calls the “clear zone”, where you have up to 5 hours to submit a clean sample. After that time, you are at risk of toxins leaking back into your urine.

Clear Choice detox is most effective in the first hour after you have completed the six steps above, so you should finish urinating just before you head off to take your test as soon as possible after that.

Clear Choice detox

Does Clear Choice Detox Work?

 The key question in any serious Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse review has to be: does Rescue Cleanse detox drink work?

Well, I can only mainly talk from personal experience. That’s the best way to answer the question around whether Clear Choice detox is good enough to pass a drug test.

I’ve tested this product in the past six months to make sure the formula is still working. I gave up weed for 48 hours. I’m a heavy smoker, and I only stopped for two days. I didn’t even do a detox. I drank Rescue Cleanse and then did a home drug test kit two hours after drinking it. I passed.

I’ve also used Rescue Cleanse in the past for an actual drug test. I’ve used it in 2017 to get a job. Again, I did abstain for a day, and I did do a mini detox, but nothing else. I passed no problem.

My friends have done the same because it’s the only drink I recommend to them. Online as well, through my website, Facebook groups, anything I’m in contact with people with, it’s consistently right up there is a drink people are saying is helping them to pass drug tests.


Where To Buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse

 When it comes to wondering where to buy Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, you can only buy Rescue Cleanse from good quality online drug test avoidance product websites.

I would recommend you buy it from, as that’s the official web store for Clear Choice products like Rescue Cleanse and Sub Solution.

You’ll also get the best price, combo deals, and money-back guarantees as well.Clear Choice Detox

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review: Do I Recommend It?

 The conclusion of my Rescue Cleanse review has to be that Rescue Cleanse detox really does work, and it’s one of the few you can rely on.

Rescue Cleanse detox drink is from a well-established brand that you can trust. As I have said in this review of Rescue Cleanse, I’ve used it several times, and so have people I know believe.

If I had to mention one other drink you should try, then it’s Mega Clean.

If you buy Mega Clean from then it comes with six toxin rid pre-rid tablets. These are taken up to 24 hours before the day, and they help to flush out more toxins, leaving Mega Clean with less to deal with before you go for your test.

On its own, Mega Clean isn’t as strong as Rescue Cleanse, but in combo with the pills, it’s definitely as good, if not better.

The difference is that Mega Clean costs $69, whereas Rescue Cleanse 32 oz costs $55.

But at least it gives you a choice of two affordable, high-quality detox drinks, Clear Choice detox, or Mega Clean, that will get you through a drug test pretty much guaranteed.