Everything You Need To Know About The Certo Drug Test Method (Sure Jell Detox)

Of all the home remedies out there that claim to help you pass a drug test, the most hyped is the Certo drug test method. It’s also known as the Sure jell detox, and it’s basically based around various brands of fruit pectin, which is a concentrated fruit sugar extract, that used to make things like jam and jelly.

So how on earth could something that is used to make jam and jelly get you through a urine drug test?

Well, there is little evidence to back up the possibility that the Certo drug test method could work. But is it strong enough to make it worth risking as your main strategy to pass a drug test?

Let’s answer that question right now, so you can see how safe, or dangerous, to use Certo for a drug test, and offer you some other alternatives.

What Is The “ Sure Jell Detox” Or “Sure Jell Drug Test” Method?

The idea behind this home remedy drug test method is that you use Sure Jell pectin to drive the toxins out of your body.

The two main brands that are used this purpose are Certo and Sure Jell, which is why both of those names are linked to this method. So you will hear it being called the Certo drug test method, the Sure Jell detox, and even the Certo Sure Jell detox method.

It’s gained traction because of the Internet. Since the early 2000s, Internet forums have been claiming that the Sure jell detox can really help you to pass a drug test, especially if you use marijuana. On top of that, because it’s cheap and readily available, it makes it an obvious thing to try.

At its most basic level, you’re going to be drinking an awful lot of fruit pectin. Now that’s not a very appealing idea to me, which is the first concern I have in wondering if it could work.

Well, let’s take a look at the Certo drug test instructions first, then investigate if there’s any scientific evidence, or real-world evidence, that this method actually works, basically, there is something in fruit pectin which could actually interact with drug metabolites entering your bladder.

Certo Drug Test Instructions

The instructions for the Certo Sure Jell method are pretty straightforward. All you need to get your hands on to complete the Certo drug test instructions are the following:

  • Two packs of Certo (Could be Certo, Sure Jell, or a generic brand of fruit pectin)
  • Two sports drinks (at least 32 oz, Gatorade is a good recommendation)
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • A single multivitamin pill (helps replace nutrients lost flushing your system out)
  • Vitamin B2 pill or supplement (helps keep urine natural color)

So, once you have everything listed above, the steps to do the Certo gel drug test method are as follows:

  1. In the two days leading up to the time you want to be clean, the day of your drug test basically, you need to drink as much water as you can.

This means safely, not drinking gallons of it, but a steady flow of water through the day. This will help to flush out toxins and push others through to the bowels and bladder because you are hydrating the cells in your body, which helps to get things moving.

  1. Mix a pack of fruit pectin with one of the sports drinks that you have previously bought. Put it in a container with a top, shake it well, so that the fruit pectin is dissolved, and then drink it on the night before your drug test, right before you go to bed. You’ll probably struggle with it a bit, because it will taste incredibly sweet.
  2. On the day of your test, about three hours before the test, drink at least 32 oz of water. Do this steadily over about 15 minutes.
  3. Two hours before the test, mix up the second pack of fruit pectin with the second sports drink.
  4. Drink this second batch, along with the creatine, multivitamin and vitamin B12.
  5. In the last hour before you leave to submit your sample, urinate frequently, to flush out the toxins that are being pushed out of your body.

Sure jell detox

You should technically then be free of toxins for about three or four hours, giving you plenty of time to get to the lab and submit your sample.

If you don’t even have that much time, one hour before the test, you could still have some success, if you mix up a batch of pectin and sports drink, plus afterward drink an additional 32 oz of water, plus the creatine, multivitamin and vitamin B12.

There are different ways to do it, some method suggests that you should take only one packet of Certo 1-2 hours before the test and pee three times before giving the sample.

However, that’s going to be far less effective, because you’re not giving your body enough time to get rid of as many toxins, which means they will be leaking back into your bladder far more quickly and in greater amounts.

Evidence That The Certo Drug Test Method Works

So there you go, the Sure Jell drug test instructions are pretty straightforward. But what’s the evidence that doing all that will get you through a drug test?

Well, to be honest, a lot of people seem to believe that the fruit pectin somehow coats the lining of the bladder, preventing fresh toxins from entering. To me, that has to be a load of rubbish. For a start, the fruit pectin would be digested in the stomach, and would simply never reached the bowels or bladder.

There is no scientific evidence that the Certo drug test method works within the context of a urine sample drug test, that’s the bottom line.

However, I think it’s to do with the flushing out the bladder with lots of liquid, and the replacing of some nutrients and vitamins. That’s exactly the same as people trying to do that with just water. However, unless you have incredibly light toxin levels, you’re just running the risk of not flushing/ masking them all or having a diluted sample.

But I do think the fruit pectin interacts in the bowels. Fruit pectin is fiber Fiber interacts with bile in the bowels, which then attaches THC toxins to it.

So especially for THC, the fruit pectin could remove slightly more toxins than you would normally, by flushing them out of both the bladder and bowels at a faster rate.

However, in terms of a urine drug test, what is being dragged out of the bowels, in the short space of time you would be doing the Certo method, is probably irrelevant. You might divert a few toxins if you are full of THC metabolites, but not enough.

Plus, why go to the trouble of drinking all that water and horrific pectin? You could just buy a water-soluble fiber supplement, drink far less of it, and get just as much fiber, which would have the same effect on THC metabolites in your bowel.

Does Certo Work For All Drugs?

I think the bigger question, rather than asking does Certo work for all drugs, is to ask the question around does the Sure Jell drug test method work at all?

I think it might work, but it’s very risky. People, light toxin carriers, people who don’t smoke a lot of weed, or have just done the odd line of coke, could benefit from the method. But even then, I think passing a drug test with Sure Jell is far from safe.

For anyone who’s got a significant amount of toxins in their body, the Certo drug test method is simply going to fail you. There is literally not a shred of scientific evidence that it will clean you off enough drug toxins to allow you to pass a drug test.

On top of that, you have to look at the anecdotal evidence. Although there are tons of videos online saying this method works, they are often by people who are then just trying to hit keywords, so that you look at their other videos, which sell your products.

But overwhelmingly, the candid YouTube, forum, and Reddit evidence is that this method doesn’t really work. You might get lucky, but I bet you would be in a minority.

In fact, I will tell you that five years ago, I used the Sure jell method myself. I was naive, and it was my first ever urine sample drug test. I failed. I wasn’t even that much of a weed smoker then. So to me, that tells you everything you need to know.

certo drug test instructions

Home Remedies That Don’t Work

The Certo drug test method is a home remedy. What that means is that it uses non-specialist

ingredients to try and achieve the same result, namely to remove, or mask, drug toxins, so you can pass a urine sample drug test.

There are loads of these home remedies around. Many have been around for years, and have grown in popularity since the Internet became popular, growing the myths.

The ones that people most often talk about include:

I can tell you now that none of these work. Plus a couple of them are downright dangerous.

Using a prescription medication like niacin to try and pass a drug test is just nuts. There’s no evidence it will do anything, and it is complicating the problems you already have.

The worst ones I have heard about recently include people drinking bleach, and baking soda bombs. This is basically the baking soda method, mixing baking soda and water, but also mixing in bleach.

Unless you are nuts, then why on earth would you think that drinking bleach would do anything other than burning your insides out and end you up in hospital, or dead?

Some people have had success with home remedies. This is usually because they flush themselves out with a lot of water, and because a lot of them, things that cranberry juice and herbal teas, are diuretics, and increased urination can also get rid of a few more toxins.

But look at what happens with the Sure jell method. At least there is some attempt to reintroduce things that are flushed out, through using multivitamins, plus vitamin B2 to normalize the color of your urine, plus adding creatine monohydrate back in as well.

However, the balance is all wrong. Do you think a serious drug testing lab is not going to spot the fact that your sample is diluted, or has an abnormal balance of the things that should be there? The bottom line here is that all home remedies, including the Certo drug test method, are at best unreliable, and at worst, completely dangerous.

Sure Jell drug test

Synthetic Urine Is Safer Than The Sure Jell “Detox” Method

Do you want to pass a urine drug test? Would you be willing to give me $80 if I can guarantee you pass? Would you be willing to give me just $40 if I could guarantee you pass?

If the answer is yes, then why are you bothering thinking about drinking a load of Sure Jell pectin in an attempt to pass a drug test?

I’ll tell you exactly how to pass a urine sample drug test, and you don’t need to use the Certo drug test method, or any other totally unreliable home remedy to achieve it.

For $40 you can buy a box of Quick Fix. It’s synthetic urine. You heat it up, then strap the bottle and the heat pad into your underwear, and you go along to the testing facility. Because the test will be unsupervised, you’re going to another room, or behind the screen, where you can pour the synthetic urine into the sample container.

Unless it’s a ridiculously expensive test, then a basic pre-employment lab test will not look too deeply at the sample, and the lab technicians will not be interested. For just $40, Quick Fix will pass you that drug test. For more info on Quick Fix, click here.

If you want to go a step further, and absolutely guarantee you can pass any type of drug test with synthetic urine, even the most complex and expensive ones that employers, and the courts, commission, then buy yourself a box of Sub Solution.

It has 13 chemical markers, which means that whatever the lab test to check for in a valid sample, they will find chemicals found in real urine. It also doesn’t contain a biocide, a preservative that some synthetic urine contains, and which labs sometimes look for.

On top of that, Sub Solution doesn’t even need a microwave and heat pad to get it the right temperature. It uses heat activator powder.

You can even check the temperature of your sample right outside the lab, put a bit more heat activator powder in, and know that you are 100% certain of submitting a sample that passes as valid.

For $40, or $80 for a bit more insurance, you can guarantee to pass a drug test. So why bother with drinking down gallons of water and fruit sugar, trying to get clean, when there is actually no scientific basis that the Sure jell drug test method can actually work?

For more information on using synthetic urine to pass a drug test, click here.

Detox Drinks Are Better Than The Certo Drug Test Method

So let’s say you are in disagreement about that. You don’t want to smuggle synthetic urine into the lab, you really don’t have the balls to do that.

Fair enough, my promise still stands. Would you give me $50 to pass a urine sample drug test? Would you give me $80 to guarantee to pass the test?

Again, if the answer is yes, then for $50 you can buy a bottle of Rescue Cleanse, or Mega Clean. They are detox drinks which do everything the Certo drug test method does, but they do it with scientifically proven ingredients.

Ultra Eliminex review

And for $80, you can buy a bottle of Ultra Eliminex. The strongest detox on the market right now.

  • These detox drinks will flush out the toxins, without gallons of water diluting your sample.
  • At the same time, they will replace the lost nutrients, and keep the color and vitamin content correct, in balance.
  • When you submit your sample, as long as you do it within four hours of drinking the detox drink, you will pass.

I’m pretty sure any drug test you are going to be taking is worth paying $50, or $80 for a bit more insurance, for? You might be going for a new job, you might be on probation, you might already have a job but have had an accident.

Whatever the reason, using synthetic urine, or a high-quality detox drink, is far more preferable to risking all on a stupid home remedy that has got no scientific basis behind it at all.

Plus, do you really want to risk it all, plus have to go through drinking all that water and sugar you’ll have to use the Sure jell detox, just so you can walk into the lab and basically toss a coin between passing a failing?

Do you want to get clean permanently? Combine detox pills with natural detox, for more info, check out this guide.