Kratom Vendor Reviews: Who Sells The Best Kratom Online

Kratom can be awesome, fantastic stuff for energy, focus, even euphoria. On the other side of the coin, it can be great for relaxation. But finding the best kratom vendors, who can give you pure kratom that delivers the experience you need is tough.

On my kratom journey, it’s taken me quite some time to find the best place to buy kratom online. Actually working out what good kratom is before you even start wondering who sells the best kratom, is not easy. It can cost a lot of money, and I’ve had a lot of poor experiences which would put a lot of people off kratom for good.

So in this guide, I’m going to tell you what makes quality kratom, how to spot poor kratom, and I’m going to give you my own personal kratom vendor reviews so that you can discover the best kratom vendors far more quickly than I did.

What Makes Quality Kratom?

To understand who sells the best kratom, you have to know how kratom is made, exported from Southeast Asia, and then imported into the USA for retail. I don’t want to bore you, but it will really help you to understand, so that you don’t waste money, or have poor kratom experiences.

Kratom is harvested from the leaves of the kratom tree. Depending on the region, the type of kratom tree and the drying process, it results in red, white or green kratom.

It’s the drying process which can be crucial. If it’s not done properly, then the kratom will not retain the alkaloids it should, and it won’t be pure white, green or red. So it has to be done by experts. It also has to be done sustainably, and organically, because hey, it’s the 21st century.

It then has to be exported with care and imported either to a wholesaler who knows what they are doing, or directly to the companies who are selling it through their websites.

Once at the retailer, it has to be packed in retail packaging that is going to keep it fresh, then it has to be stored the same way. So you’re not looking for a company that sells it in a headshop or work out of some rented storage space. You’re looking for a dedicated, professional company that has good facilities, who store their kratom in good packaging, and in cool, dark storage facilities.

If kratom isn’t dried and processed properly and isn’t packaged and stored properly before it’s sold to you, it can lose 50% or more of its original potency. Which is why people who claim that kratom can’t give them a high, or doesn’t really do much for their pain, are being misled.

They are simply not buying from the best kratom vendors.

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How To Spot A Retailer Selling High-Quality Kratom

So hopefully you can now see the basics around what good quality kratom has to be before it sold to you.

In terms of learning how to spot the retailer who sells the best kratom, you’re looking for most of the following good signs:

  1. Independently lab tested kratom, that happens with every imported batch, and with the results available to view.
  2. Organic, sustainable, kratom. You should also look for kratom that’s fair trade, that has guarantees on worker rights. It means it will be produced with care and expertise.
  3. A quality guarantee published on their website, with a money back if you’re not satisfied always an option.
  4. A retailer with a strong social media presence, who seems to have a lot of positive reviews online, and where people say they are approachable, knowledgeable and responsive.
  5. Where reviews online, and on things like forums, say how pure, and strong, their kratom is, almost without exception. You’ll soon learn to spot, as I did, the companies whose names keep cropping up when people are talking about poor quality hits, a poor experience, and rubbish customer service.

My Experiences With Poor Quality Kratom

The problem with kratom, and although it’s nothing like them, it’s the same with narcotics, is unless you get a good batch, then you don’t know what good is.

So many people try kratom, and then say it doesn’t really do much. That could be down to how much they took, the type of kratom they took, and their mental and physical state, but importantly, also the quality of the kratom.

When I first started out, I actually bought kratom was from a garage shop. Looking back, that was ridiculous. It was stored in the shop, in direct sunlight, and the packaging even looked a bit bleached, so it had been the laying around for some time.

I took several grams and felt virtually nothing, other than a bit of a feeling of warmth.

It was only a few months later that they friend of mine gave me some proper kratom, a few capsules actually, and it was like being hit by a train. I realized what I’d been missing.

Over the next couple of years, I’ve worked out who sells the best kratom through trial and error, and mostly through buying variety packs. I read kratom vendor reviews and eventually narrowed it down to a handful of best kratom vendors.

I now use kratom for pain relief, as I have a bad back. So I use reds quite a lot, several grams, 3-4 times a week, and it works wonders. I usually go for Red Maeng Da or Red Borneo.

I also take Green Malay when I want a balanced life. Greens can be really good because they are in the middle between white and red, and a good quality one really works. Green Malay works for me because it gives me energy and enthusiasm, but still has pain relief and calming qualities.

If I want a real kick, I’ll go for white Bali, it’s like an adrenaline rush. If I want euphoria, I usually go for white Borneo, it’s high in alkaloids which will bliss you the hell out.

What I worked out was, that I needed to benchmark my requirements:

  • The kratom had had good online reviews
  • The company had to be legitimate
  • They had to be able to prove that expertise
  • Storage and guarantees had to be visible
  • An initial kratom order had to produce the goods
  • I wanted a variety of options from each company bought from

You Can Tell A Lot By The Taste Of Kratom

One of the first things I learned about kratom, and I’m passing on to you, so you don’t have to go through any bad experiences, is that it’s all in the taste. As I said, my first experience with kratom was really poor. It was pretty odorless, pale, like sawdust. The contrast to good quality kratom couldn’t be more obvious.

What I found, is that the more bitter and bad the taste, the better the kratom actually is. That means it’s richer and more original in its condition. The smell will be strong and aromatic, unmistakable, and as that smell deteriorates over time, you get to learn when the kratom is fresh, or past its best. It will also look dark, fine and rich.

Another trick I learned, is that because you are using kratom regularly, you start to lose track of when you bought it, who you bought it from, and what fresh is actually like.

So now, I always make sure that I still have a bit left before I order some more. That way when it arrives, I can benchmark it against what I already have.

Then I can compare the smell, taste, and experience, so I know I’m getting good quality. That’s particularly the case if I’m thinking of ordering from a new kratom vendor.

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What’s The Best Place To Buy Kratom Online?

So look, the best place to buy kratom online is a reputable kratom vendor, based in the USA, who imports directly from Southeast Asia. They will have quality guarantees, it will be stored well, and because they have a big turnover of stock, that kratom will always be fresh.

I’ll also say that you are mainly looking for retailers who sell just kratom, or who sell a wide range of kratom in different formats, variety packs, capsules, and loose powder. With the odd exception, Jack of all trades is never the best.

Plus, bonuses like free shipping, and voucher codes, will also tell you who sells the best kratom, because they have the turnover and income, to give you those extras.

I’ll also say the price is an indicator. You can buy cheap kratom and be seduced by that price. The best quality kratom costs money, and the more expensive it is, and the better the reviews, are clear signs that its good quality. Good quality kratom will never be the cheapest.

So now you understand more about what makes the best kratom vendors who they are, I’m going to help you to find the best place to buy kratom online, by telling you the five best, trusted kratom vendors that I’ve found, and that I’ve used regularly over the past couple of years.

Kratom Vendor Reviews: My Top 5 USA Kratom Sellers


Coastline Kratom is possibly the seller of the purest kratom powder you can get your hands on in the USA today. They sell both plain kratom powder and kratom extracts, which is kratom powder with additional alkaloids. It’s not for the fainthearted.

They only sell kratom powder, they don’t sell capsules, and they don’t sell anything else, salvia, CBD, anything like that. They just specialize in kratom, which I find reassuring.

I particularly found their Red Maeng Da can be awesome, incredibly powerful. On a dose of around five grams I feel so calm and spaced out, but with energy and focus enhanced, that it really does make my troubles melt away.

Coastline offers free shipping, a money back guarantee, and there are an absolute ton of positive reviews around the Internet about these guys.

I can’t sing their praises enough, and I should also mention that they do a variety pack format as well. It’s a single pack, it offers three of my favorite strains of kratom: Green Malay, White Bali, and Red Maeng Da. So you can get the balance of green, the rush of white, and the peace of red.

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These guys have become probably my second “go to” best place to buy kratom online. They are definitely one of the top kratom vendors in the USA, and that’s because of two things. First is quality. For me, Coastline is the best, but these guys are pretty damn close in terms of the quality of kratom they import. It’s pure, smells sweet, is rich, always fresh, and hits the spot every time.

But what I also love, and why I buy kratom from them, is they sell kratom capsules. They are slightly more expensive than loose kratom, but the flexibility and control they offer you is just unbeatable.

With kratom capsules, you know the exact dose you are taking. You also know the exact dose you need to hit certain spots. For me, if I want euphoria, I’ll get White Bali, and take 14 capsules, and that makes me fly.

Plus, you don’t have to taste the kratom. There’s no toss and wash, no coughing up powder, no choking, and no awful taste in your mouth. And you don’t have to mix up ridiculous cocktails to get rid of the powder taste either.

But PurKratom also offers variety packs, in capsule and loose powder form. Perfect for beginners, and another place I experimented right back in the beginning with kratom for euphoria, energy, and focus.

Backed-up by a money back guarantee, free shipping, combo deals, and good customer service, PurKratom are definitely near the top of any list of who sells the best kratom.


I only found these guys fairly recently, but I thought I’d give them a try, and I have not been disappointed. They have a brilliant quality of kratom for a fair price. They also sell CBD and other things, like Kava, which is how I got to make an order, as I needed some high-quality CBD oil.

I wasn’t disappointed, and I’ve been buying from them ever since. They sell plain powder, kratom extracts, and variety packs.

Their kratom extracts are very powerful. Kratom extracts are created by boiling down kratom to make resin as usual, but then too that is added additional alkaloids extracted from a separate process. So you get up to 50% more active alkaloids, in the same amount of eventual powder. It’s really fierce, and you don’t need as much.

On top of that, they sell the best variety packs I’ve ever found. They sell green, white, red and Malay kratom sample packs

They also sell plain leaf powder variety pack which contains seven different types of kratom across the spectrum of green, white and red. If you’re a beginner, it’s absolutely the best way to start experiencing kratom.

Each one contains a varying number of each type of kratom. I found it a great way to experiment with different types, and I discovered a couple of strains I really haven’t ever thought about trying through their variety packs.

For me, the hit was finding a strain of kratom called Bentuangie. Heard of it? No, neither had I.

Bentuangie is a mild red from Indonesia. It has good qualities of pain relief, but with energy and focus. But crucially, it’s not overly sedating, even at high dose, and I took 10 grams once and still functioned.

Backed up by good customer service, expertise, guarantees on quality, delivery, and returns, these guys are definitely one of the best places to buy kratom online, and they should be near the top of any kratom vendor reviews, as far as I’m concerned.

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You won’t get a prize for guessing what this company sells. Amazing quality kratom capsules, with lab, tested, guaranteed kratom powder that is sweet and hits the spot every time.

However, that’s not the whole story, and the same high-quality kratom powder is also available loose.

They sell super kratom, I’m not sure how genuine that is is a claim, not from any company. Super kratom is supposedly the biggest leaves from the best part of the kratom tree, which are meant to

contain the most alkaloids, to get a slightly superior quality of kratom in terms of alkaloid content. I have tried their superior Green Malay, and it was very strong, but only slightly stronger than the coastline kratom standard powder.

But their prices are good, an ounce, 28 g, is really cheap, for the quality you are getting. Plus as they say, they do capsules as well, which are also a good price.

My favorite capsules from them are their White Maeng Da. Really comparable to PurKratom, they give a fantastically intense kick, which heads right up to the energy, focus and euphoria trail.

They offer the same guarantees on quality, money back and service of the other best kratom vendors on this list.

Interestingly, to conclude my personal review of them, they also accept bitcoin, and you get 10% off when you pay with bitcoin. If you’re into paying with cryptocurrency, then it’s a brilliant way to save a bit of money.


Last on my list of the top five reputable kratom vendors online I’ve ever found, in three years of experimenting, and definitely, someone who sells amongst the best kratom is

Now I know, their domain name doesn’t scream “kratom!”.  But, I also love salvia divinorum, although that’s a completely different ballgame to kratom in terms of its intensity and effects, it is great to be able to buy both in the same place.

They don’t actually sell their own imported and packaged kratom. However, they sell kratom from other brands who do import and guarantee high quality: such as, Remarkable Herbs, OPMS Kratom and Kratom Kaps.

I’ve ordered salvia from them, and I’ve ordered good quality kratom from them. Their green Malay is right up there with the other guys of mentioned in this personal kratom vendor reviews list. It’s good value and has a real kick to it.

Now not going to say that they offer kratom which is as high-quality as the others I mentioned, but it is quite cheap for the quality. So you can definitely buy kratom to start experimenting with for a very affordable price.

When you add to that you can buy salvia and CBD, both things that people often by alongside red kratom for pain relief and mental health help, and you can see why it’s a great place to use, and why I am putting on a list of who sells the best kratom.

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Best Kratom Vendor Reviews: Conclusion

So there you go, I hope this guide to the top kratom vendors has been helpful. Hopefully, you now understand a bit more about what goes into delivering high-quality kratom to your door, and the warning signs you need to look out for to avoid buying really awful kratom.

Kratom generally, is awesome stuff, once you’ve gone on a bit of a personal journey to find what works best for you. What works for you will depend on your reasons for looking to buy kratom in the first place. If it’s the euphoria, focus, and energy, then you going to be looking at white kratom.

If you want help with pain relief, feeling chilled out, and dealing with things like anxiety, depression and drug withdrawal symptoms, then you’ll definitely want to go for red kratom.

And if you want something in the middle, perhaps something to help you get through the workday with more focus and energy, and to feel chilled out in tricky social situations, then a strong green kratom, could definitely be the way to go.

At the end of the day, your best kratom vendors might be slightly different to mine after experimentation, but if you’re looking for the best place to buy kratom online, then these five personal favorites of mine will certainly help you to get started.