Best Kratom Strains For Treating Insomnia

There are lots of reasons why people struggle with insomnia. More and more of these people are discovering the benefits of kratom for sleep, and then using a moderate dose to help them when they really are struggling because of mental, or physical barriers to quality rest.

It can be a huge relief to get a proper nights sleep, and finding the best kratom for sleep deprivation can be an incredibly safe, positive way of curing insomnia, that can be beneficial for the long term.

So let’s take a look at the best strains of kratom for sleep, what sort of kratom dosage for sleep you should be looking at, and also if there are any types of kratom that you should avoid if you are looking to use kratom to aid sleeping.

Reasons For Sleep Problems

Sleep is essential to good human health. It helps with general brain health, processing thoughts, and creating memories. It can help to remove toxins from the body, allows cell regeneration, plus lets your body to deal with a range of things it can’t achieve when you are awake.

If you don’t get enough sleep, it can cause significant physical and mental health problems. Because of the intrusive nature of many prescription insomnia medications, a lot of people are finding that using kratom for insomnia is a safer, rewarding alternative.

The thing is, most insomnia is around physical problems that cause pain, stopping you from settling into a deep sleep, or mental problems, which can make it impossible to switch off the thoughts which keep us awake. So using kratom for sleep is an attempt to remove these problems.

How Using Kratom For Insomnia Can Help

In terms of using kratom for insomnia, it’s all about how kratom can relax the body and mind. However, that’s not the whole story, because kratom can actually stimulate the body and mind as well, which is to be avoided. So it’s all about the type of kratom, and the dose.

But it’s the blend of alkaloids and certain types of kratom, that can really help with relaxing the body. The pain¬†will go away, muscles will relax, and you will feel in a really good place physically.

Mentally, insomnia can really be bad when you can’t switch your mind off. It could be depression, anxiety, it could be something bad going on in your life, whatever it is, if the mind won’t stop churning, you won’t sleep well.

The less you sleep, the worse the mental problems get, so it becomes a vicious circle. Kratom can help to break that circle. But only if you find the right kratom for insomnia, and you use it responsibly.

So what kratom does to aid sleep is to boost mood, relieving depression and anxiety, plus relax the body and mind as well, making you more likely to drift off.

Best Kratom For Insomnia

Kratom To Avoid For Sleep Deprivation

¬†Before we talk about the exact strains of kratom that are best for sleep problems, let’s talk about the negative effects of kratom that will stop you sleeping.

Kratom can also be energizing, physically and mentally. Particularly at lower doses, all kratom can do this, whether it’s red, white or green kratom.

But particularly, it’s white vein kratom, and also most green kratom strains that lift the energy levels physically and mentally so high, that almost any dose will stop you sleeping for a while. You’ll just have too much physical and mental energy.

So when we are talking about the best kratom for sleep, we are really talking about red kratom. Red kratom strains have a balance of alkaloids much more tailored towards physical and mental relaxation, and at very high doses this can lead to total analgesia and sedation.

Kratom Dosage For Sleep Problems

Working out the correct kratom dosage for sleep improvement will be a very personal thing. As we’ve just explored, we are talking about using red kratom, because of its very specific abilities to relax the body and mind.

But the dose is also vital. At lower doses, red kratom can also have a stimulating effect, even while it is relaxing you. People using lower doses of red kratom can benefit from the enhanced mental and physical performance, despite also feeling pain relief and calmness.

But as the dose increases, depending on the person, so that peace and pain relief will overwhelm cognitive and physical energy improvements.

So it’s very difficult to tell you the correct kratom dosage for sleep because it will be personal to you. Plus, every type of red kratom is slightly different, as is each batch from each kratom vendor.

But I would suggest you start with just a couple of grams of red kratom. Take it a couple of hours before bed, so that the effects have fully kicked in (which usually takes about 30 minutes), and you have had plenty of time to relax.

If that doesn’t help, work up another gram. I would not recommend you take anything more than a moderate dose of around 4-5 grams when you’re trying to use kratom for sleeping problems though.

Green Vein Kratom Dosage

Best Kratom Strains For Sleep

A great starting strain, which many find the best kratom for sleep is Red Bali. The reason for this is that it’s a classic red kratom, but it’s also quite mild in its effects.

That means it’s good for beginners, and also for generating the classic effects of red kratom, which as you now know, are good for helping with insomnia, but without high energy levels.

Red Vein Borneo kratom is another strain which a lot of people find best for sleep problems. It’s slightly stronger than Bali, which makes it better for people who have more significant physical and mental problems but stop them from sleeping well.

But generally, you’ll feel the same benefits from Red Bali, as you will from Red Borneo.

A third starting point for red kratom, to try and find the best kratom for sleep, is to try Red Thai kratom. Its profile of alkaloids is slightly different, making it slightly more euphoric at higher doses. So taking a good dose of red Sumatra, can make you feel happy, remove your physical problems, and offer significant analgesia, plus sedation.

One final word on using kratom for sleep deprivation is not to use Red Maeng Da Kratom. It’s a blend of different kratom, often it’s red kratom mixed with some white, and it’s usually far more energizing than a classic red like Bali, or Borneo. When I’ve used kratom sleep deprivation, it’s certainly the one I would never go near