What Are Kratom Extracts: Dosage, Effects, Recommended Vendor

If you’re looking to buy kratom extracts, then you’ll want to know what are the best ones. The problem with that is knowing what kratom extracts are in the first place! And a surprising amount of people and kratom sellers don’t seem to really know.

So let’s take a look in detail at what kratom extracts are, how to make kratom extracts, answer the question around whether you can actually buy cheap kratom extracts that work, plus give you some pointers on where you can buy the best kratom extracts available.

What Are Kratom Extracts?

Kratom can be confusing. I was confused at the start as well. There are more than a dozen different strains, things like Bali and Thai. Then you have the different vein colors: green, red, and white. Plus you then get gold kratom, which is a variant of white.

Even worse than that confusion, is you can get four different types of kratom, all different strengths.

So to clear up the confusion around the different types of kratom, let’s look at the four types you can buy, in ascending order of potency:

  1. Kratom powder is the most basic type of kratom. It’s where the dried out kratom leaves are ground into a powder.
  2. Super kratom is the same as any other type of kratom powder, but it’s allegedly made more powerful because the biggest and best leaves from the kratom tree are selected. This is supposed to give it a slightly higher percentage of alkaloids.
  3. Kratom extracts are the third most powerful type of kratom. They are made by boiling down the dried out kratom leaves until a thick, concentrated resin is formed. This dried resin is then ground into a powder.
  4. Ultra enhanced kratom is where kratom extracts have additional alkaloids added to them, to make the most potent type of kratom.

How To Make Kratom Extracts

 So kratom extracts are very potent. In terms of how to make kratom extracts, what happens is that more leaves are used than when creating a standard powder.

That’s why you see different multiples, things like 10x, 20x and 50x. That doesn’t mean it’s that multiple stronger than standard kratom, it means that amount more leaves have been boiled down to create a resin, which is then ground into a powder.

So roughly 1 g of leaves will be ground down to make 1 g of powder. With kratom extracts, 10x extract means that 10 g of leaves are boiled down into 1 g resin, which is then ground into a powder.

It is possible to learn how to make kratom extracts at home, and some people do. They can boil down kratom powder to create the resin, which is then dried out and ground into powder again.

But that is a very expensive way of making kratom extracts. It’s far easier to just let the experts do it, as cheaply as possible, and then you buy it online.

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Are Cheap Kratom Extracts Any Good?

Now you understand the process of how to make kratom extracts, then you’re probably realizing already that cheap kratom extracts don’t exist.

Because kratom requires a certain volume of leaves to create extracts, how can you make it any cheaper?

If people are advertising kratom extracts that are significantly cheaper, then you can guarantee that those are not genuine kratom extracts. Either they are mislabeled, or the kratom extract powder has had some standard powder added to it to bulk it up more.

Kratom Extracts Dosage

If you get your hands on genuine, pure, kratom extracts you’ll need a low dose. I mean the best kratom extracts, made from high-quality kratom, by experts in Southeast Asia, which is then imported properly, and stored correctly.

Which means you won’t need a lot of kratom extracts to get a good dose and experience.

For me, if you are a beginner, then I would start with  2 grams as your first dose. For many experienced kratom users, 1-2 grams of kratom extracts is enough, to give you an idea of how potent they can be.

The second time, take a couple of grams, the third time, three, you get the idea.

You should get the full effects of the kratom extracts, hitting you like a steam train, around 3-4 grams, with them becoming overwhelming at anything over 5 grams.

Where To Buy The Best Quality Kratom Extracts

So look, the problem is finding where to buy the best kratom extracts. Sure, lots of places advertise selling kratom extracts, and they also try and convince you that cheap kratom extracts are good.

But the truth is good quality, genuine extracts, cost a lot more than standard powder. You also cannot buy genuine kratom extracts in very many places.

I have found a handful of online stores over the past couple of years that sell genuine extracts, and when I’ve contrasted them with normal kratom, it’s like having your head knocked off with a steam train each time.

I won’t bore you here with a list of web stores, but I’ll tell you about a single, good option where you can begin your experimenting with kratom extracts.

The webstore is BuyKratom.us. The reason I’m recommending them is that they do the entire range of kratom, so you can mix your purchase up.

They do kratom extracts in 10x, 25x and 50x. But they also do Ultra enhanced kratom, which means that you can compare the two. They also do standard strength kratom powder, and importantly, they do variety packs.

So as a beginner, you can get a variety pack that contains 25x and 50x kratom extract, plus Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom as well. It’s perfect for experimenting with finding the best kratom extracts, and learning if they are right for you.

But a final word of caution here. They are very powerful and can cause problems if you take too much. On top of that, they can cause kratom tolerance more quickly, so use them sparingly, I’m talking about once, maybe twice a week.