Aniracetam Reviews: Sleep Soundly As Your Anxiety, Depression and Stress Fade Away

There are many Aniracetam reviews out there that will tell you all about the positive effects you will experience while on this nootropic, but they leave out the important stuff such as side effects. These articles don’t even talk about how to properly take Aniracetam nor do they mention that you can actually develop a tolerance while taking the compound.

This write-up will serve to fill in the gap created by these articles and it will also teach you everything there is to know about this compound and much more. You should also read the article until the end as we’ll reveal the three best shops where you can buy the best Aniracetam you’ve ever seen!

What is Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a nootropic that is a part of the racetam family of drugs. Aniracetam acts by activating two key neurotransmitters in the brain, those being Glutamate and Acetylcholine.

Both of these neurotransmitters monitor the inner workings of our central nervous system and are present in the brain. They also have a large effect on the communication between particular neurons and that’s one of the reasons why they have such a huge influence on memory, learning, concentration, focus, and our overall cognition.

Aniracetam is fast-acting and quickly enters the bloodstream. It has one of the fastest times of onset out of all the other racetams. Once in the blood, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and from there on, its effects start showing.

Read the next section to see what those effects are.

Aniracetam Effects on The Body

  • Reduces Symptoms Of Depression: Aniracetam releases serotonin and dopamine, two very important hormones that regulate our mood and the way we feel. It also has an effect on the AMPA receptors which is why it deals with depression so well.
  • Acts As A Potent Anxiolytic: If you’re having trouble with anxiety, you’re not the only one. Many people share the same sentiments and have reported feeling better taking Aniracetam. Some have even said that it works better than addictive drugs such as benzodiazepines all thanks to the soothing properties of Aniracetam.
  • Improves Short and Long Term Memory: Both of these memory types are essential for imbuing new information quicker. With how much info we’re being bombarded with today, it’s important to have a sharp memory that can grapple with the requirements of our modern society. Studies on rats have also confirmed that it increases alertness.
  • Improves Focus And Concentration: Aniracetam has been shown to reduce impulsive behavior and aid in concentration and focus. You can finally find the needed focus for your task at hand, without getting sidetracked by any distractions.
  • Improves Sleep Quality: Studies on rats have shown that Aniracetam massively improves sleep quality and bestows the user with more REM sleep. It produces those results in under a week of use!
  • Helps Out People With Dementia And Alzheimer’s: Multiple studies have shown that Aniracetam has a positive effect on dementia, especially in older patients. Some of these studies lasted for months, but all of them had conclusive evidence that Aniracetam improves cognitive function in those with cognitive impairments.
  • Improves Creativity and Divergent Thinking: If you’re having trouble tapping into your creative spirits, Aniracetam is there to help. Multiple anecdotal reports have confirmed its positive effects on creativity as it promotes divergent thinking within the brain.

Aniracetam benefits

Aniracetam Dosage

What has to be noted is that Aniracetam has a very low half life of just three hours, so it has to be consumed multiple times a day to get the full effects.

We recommend doing it three times in 750mg increments. This is the best Aniracetam dosage out there and will not cause any side effects or issues with tolerance.

Most scientific experiments dosed Aniracetam in between 1000 to 1500mgs a day and many Aniracetam reviews stick to that dosage, but those studies were majorly performed on mice, humans need a bit more to feel the full effects and that’s why 2250mgs spread out in three dosages is completely fine.

Since Aniracetam dissolves in fat, you should consume it with some high-fat meals to speed up absorption.

How To Take Aniracetam

You will encounter Aniracetam in either pill or powder form. Some people think that crushing up the pills and snorting them will get them a high or lead to better absorption but those are just unfounded notions. You will only damage your nasal tissues doing that.

That being said, with the pills, it’s quite easy; simply take a pill, put it in your mouth and swallow it with some water. You don’t have to do anything else.

With the powder, it’s a bit more complicated but still manageable. You’ll have to buy a scale that can measure out small quantities so that you can accurately gouge your Aniracetam dosage. Mix the powder with nothing else but water and down it all at once. Drink another cup of water from the glass you just used, to avoid leaving any residue behind.

how to take aniracetam

Aniracetam Stack – Stacking It With Other Nootropics

If you’re looking for an Aniracetam stack, we got several in store for you. Aniracetam stacks wonderfully with all the other nootropics and produces great effects when combined.

The first stack we recommend is between Aniracetam and Modafinil. Modafinil has stimulative effects on the user’s body and is oftentimes a great substitute for Adderal. People use this stack to feel energized and on projects that require long hours of work to be done. Both Modafinil and Adrafinil enhance focus, concentration and act on memory so you can expect good results with this stack.

The second stack we endorse is between Aniracetam and Piracetam. Although Aniracetam is stronger than Piracetam, the latter has a lot higher half life which also extends the half life of Aniracetam when taken together. Piracetam works really well on stimulating our senses and bringing in a calm, focused state of mind. Combined with Aniracetam, you will be truly able to do wonders while working on your project.

The last stack on our list consists of Aniracetam and Noopept. Noopept is quite strong and many believe that it doesn’t even require a stack to be effective, but we digress. The experiences we had while on this stack trump the ones when we just took Noopept as the bonus energy, memory enhancement and anxiolytic properties of Aniracetam really help out in this stack.

One more thing to mention before ending this section is that Aniracetam can also be stacked with any Choline source, as the synergy between the compounds is enormous!

best place to buy noopept

Aniracetam Tolerance – Will It Happen To Me

Many people ask us about Aniracetam tolerance and whether it is something they should be concerned about. The truth is that if you take Aniracetam in our recommended dosages, you will not have to worry about tolerance.

Problems start to arise if you start increasing your dosages to chase a high or if you’re a chronic user. It is at this point that Aniracetam can even cause psychological addiction.

To conclude, don’t stray from our dosages and you will do just fine!

If you’re still concerned about developing tolerance, you should cycle it or use it only three times a week. That will 100% ensure that you won’t develop tolerance, but as said, it’s not necessary at all.

Side Effects of Aniracetam

The problem is, many Aniracetam reviews entirely skip this section, but we’re different, we meet the issue head-on!

Scientific evidence suggests that Aniracetam is well tolerated among patients and that it doesn’t produce any side effects. This only applies to those that stuck to our recommended dosages, if you increase the Aniracetam dosage you consume, you’re well on your way to experience the following side effects.

  • Insomnia: Aniracetam has mild stimulative effects since it bestows users with extra energy. Take too much of it and you’ll have trouble sleeping.
  • Nausea And Headaches: This is nothing new when it comes to nootropics. It usually affects first-time users as well and goes away in around an hour. You shouldn’t be worried about these as they don’t last for very long and the benefits are more than worth it.
  • Stomach Problems: In higher dosages, it is entirely possible for Aniracetam to cause diarrhea and other stomach issues. Lower your dosage if you experience stomach aches or problems with digestion.
  • Vertigo: Vertigo can be described as things spinning in your surroundings, without that actually being the case. This is a rare side effect and only appears in those take more than 1500mgs at once.

Remember to never take more than 750mgs of Aniracetam per serving and you’ll not have a problem with any of these side effects.

aniracetam side effects

Aniracetam User Reviews – What Other People Said About Aniracetam

Users generally rate their Aniracetam experiences as very positive. They manage to get their jobs done at a much more efficient rate and they feel awesome while doing it!

One Reddit user claims that Aniracetam is his favorite nootropic as it rids him of any anxiety he feels and helps him during his speeches, bestowing him with a silver tongue, as he claims. It also calms him down and gets rid of any stress that he experiences. Although he says that he doesn’t feel that Aniracetam makes him smarter, he still uses it as it does do something which makes him perform better at work and during projects.

We also have another experience from Reddit where a user talks about his findings while on Aniracetam. He says that Aniracetam bestows him with clarity and focus, enabling him to see and perceive more of this world. He also claims that Aniracetam helped him stabilize his mood and lower his stress levels as he has to constantly be on top of his game as a bartender. He also warns users not to take it before sleep, as it can cause vivid dreams to crop up.

Our last story arrives straight from Erowid, a very popular website when it comes to the experiences of users on various compounds. The user took a relatively high dosage of 1500mgs at once, which we don’t recommend, but he still had a jolly time. Within an hour of ingesting the compound, he felt his anxiety and tension lessen, he felt energized and on top of the world.

The one major side effect was that he couldn’t sleep as he had too much motivation to work on his projects. He also noticed improved creativity and his mood could only be described as ecstatic. The one important thing to mention is that he replaced Adderal with Aniracetam and he claims that he’s now finally able to gain weight.

What we can gather from all of these experiences is that Aniracetam is a completely safe drug when taken in the proper dosages. Users experienced all of the benefits we described without any side effects, except for our last guy that took too much Aniracetam, to begin with.


Piracetam VS Aniracetam

Although these compounds are from the same racetam family, they are vastly different from each other in numerous ways.

First of all, Aniracetam is ten times stronger than Piracetam, meaning that a lower dosage of Aniracetam will bring on the same effects as high dosage of Piracetam. Additionally, Aniracetam acts against anxiety while Piracetam doesn’t have such a trait within its arsenal. This makes it subordinate when compared to Aniracetam.

Finally, Aniracetam acts a lot faster than Piracetam as it is fat-soluble, meaning that it enters the bloodstream and crosses the blood-brain barrier that much quicker.

Although their effects are similar in nature, Aniracetam is still the better compound and you’re best off going with Aniracetam as is it simply the better nootropic out of the two.

Aniracetam For Sale

If you’re searching for Aniracetam for sale, you will soon realize that there are many online shops that sell it. However, one has to tread carefully when dealing with most vendors out there as a large majority of them sell bunk products. It’s usually very cheap and comes from an unverifiable source and these vendors usually don’t even have recent lab results at their disposal.

For that reason, you have to do your due diligence when it comes to finding pure and high quality Aniracetam for sale. To save you the trouble, we did the heavy lifting for you and are proud to present you three shops that have served us well over the years.

Aniracetam for sale

Where to Buy Aniracetam

 If you’re wondering where to buy Aniracetam, you’ve come to the right place as we have found three shops that will blow you away with their excellent customer service and high quality of the product.

Let’s list them all!


Absorb Health is the company behind this website and they are a very popular seller of nootropics and various other supplements.

Aniracetam in this shop comes in pill form. You get 100 capsules and each of the capsules has 750mgs worth of Aniracetam in it, a perfect measurement for the dosage we recommend.

You will have to pay just $27.99 and you get free shipping if you’re ordering from within the US. They even have a money back guarantee so you’re covered if you don’t like their product for any reason.

Their shipping times are quite fast, it took our Aniracetam three days to get to our location.

  1. is well known for its budget-friendly options and being one of the best US vendors when it comes to the quality of service. Their Aniracetam comes in powder form and you only have one option to choose from: 50 grams of the product will cost you only $19.99.

The great thing about this shop is that they have independent third-party lab results posted publicly for their nootropics.

They also ship on the same day and have a 30 day money-back guarantee. The only caveat is that you have to buy more than 100$ worth of product to get free shipping within the US, but that makes it a great shop if you’re buying in bulk.

Lastly, shipping times are rapid, it will take your package between two to five business days to arrive.


Last but not least, we got Nootropics, the most popular vendor of nootropics in the US.

Their Aniracetam comes in pill form and for $49.00, you get 60 pills each containing 750mgs of product. When compared to Absorb Health, this shop is a bit more expensive, but it’s the quality that counts. Nootropics have a long-standing reputation as being the best nootropics vendor on the market and they make full use of it.

What’s more, they have lab results posted under their product descriptions and if you’re buying in bulk, you get a discount of up to 10%.

You get free shipping if you’re ordering from the US if you have more than $70.00 worth of goods in your checkout cart and that extends to international order but the number is increased to $200.00.

Speaking of shipping, they have fast shipping times, our Aniracetam arrived in just two and a half days of waiting.

We don’t think that any other of the Aniracetam reviews did this topic as much justice as we did. We talked about both the good and the bad sides of this compound and didn’t leave anything out. Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about Aniracetam, you can go ahead and enjoy the benefits of this amazing supplement.

Have fun and don’t forget to stay hydrated while taking Aniracetam!