Adrafinil Review (Olmifon, CRL-40028): Effects, Dosage, Where To Buy

There are moments in one’s life when you find yourself in need of a sudden burst of motivation. This is especially crucial if said moment is the difference between the success or failure of something very important for you.

For example, imagine that there’s a project at work that you’re a major component of. You could even think of it as your baby project. You’re at crunch time, you need to clutch a final and most important part of the project. Sadly, you find yourself running out of steam, running out of motivation to finish the most vital tasks.

When this happens, you may find yourself needing a quick pick-me-up. You’ll probably try to seek the answers on google, and find a drug called adrafinil. The first thing you should do at this point would be to look up adrafinil reviews in order to confirm that this is indeed the drug you need it to be.

You may also google “how does adrafinil work?” in order to check for sure if it’s actually good for your use. These are the questions you need to ask before putting “adrafinil where to buy” in your search bar.

Unfortunately, adrafinil is unlikely to be the magical solution you were seeking for your motivational problem. However, it might just give you the energy to finish whatever it is you need to get done.

The reason for this lies exactly in how adrafinil works. Adrafinil is a type of synthetic nootropic, designed to induce wakefulness in individuals. It’s commonly associated with its well-known cousin modafinil. Both of them work well in treating sleep deprivation as well as improve the other markers that indicate cognition.

Of this type of drugs, the oldest is adrafinil, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s also considered to be less effective compared to its more modern counterpart, modafinil.

The reason behind this is that adrafinil still has to be processed by your liver in order to turn it into modafinil, which is the important active ingredient of this drug type.

It should be noted, however, that even though adrafinil also becomes modafinil, it still comes with its own set of effects, as well as risks.

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a lot like modafinil, but there are important differences. It is a great purchase for people who desire to remain attentive all the time, especially since it’s currently unscheduled, at least for the United States.

However, the ironic truth is that adrafinil might actually be the riskier option compared to modafinil. This is because adrafinil needs to be converted to modafinil first, by your liver. Only does this mean that your body has to go through extra processes, it also means that the drug has more interactions with the enzymes of your liver, increasing the possibility of issues.

On the other hand, if only talking about the efficacy of a drug, adrafinil will not fail to appease. In fact, it’s easily one of the best smart nootropics there is. Of course, modafinil is still the better option, but adrafinil will work just as fine. Do bear in mind that using it only once per one or two weeks is probably the best.

Adrafinil effects

Adrafinil Effects

As already stated repeatedly, there are definite differences between adrafinil and modafinil. However, most of the information concerning adrafinil also has its roots from modafinil research.

These researches have shown modafinil to be a powerful stimulant, as well as an effective wakefulness agent. Its effects are comparable to that of Adderall and other similar drugs that contain amphetamine, however, it comes with fewer risks overall.

Most people who use adrafinil powder will tend to give praise to its ability to increase focus as well as enhance concentration. Specifically, it has been shown to improve one’s short-term memory as well as reaction time, even in people who lack sleep.

This is why the drug is considered to be a “wakefulness agent” instead of being a stimulant. Specifically, the properties are fundamentally different compared to stimulants despite some similarities.

One great aspect of using adrafinil is that it actually has the ability to alter your mood. Using the drug has been shown to improve one’s mood and well-being in general. However, it doesn’t do so in the same way as the drugs with amphetamine do, meaning it doesn’t result in the formation of a habit or addiction.

It has been shown that children who use drugs with amphetamine suffer from withdrawal issues when they grow up.

Considering that such drugs are often what is given to children, it is important to realize that the possibility of using drugs such as adrafinil or modafinil in order to replace the drugs with amphetamine.

Does adrafinil work? If the above-stated benefits are what you are looking for, then definitely. And with less risk compared to the drugs based on amphetamine such as Adderall. Not to mention that Adrafinil is that it is currently unregulated and legal, unlike Modafinil which requires a prescription.

does adrafinil work

Adrafinil Side Effects

Before trying to find out where to buy Adrafinil, you need to know the side effects you might end up dealing with. Continuing its similarities with modafinil, adrafinil has more or less the same side effects.

First is the risk of insomnia, especially if the drug is taken later during the day. This is an expected response since the drug is indeed meant to induce wakefulness. In order to remedy this issue, taking the drug at a more appropriate time is the solution.

Another possible side effect would be the possible exacerbation of anxiety as well as irritability. Studies also show that elevated heart rate, as well as blood pressure, can also be associated with the use of adrafinil and modafinil.

The use of adrafinil can also result in a loss of appetite. Specifically, one may feel a decrease in their desire to consume calories. This can be considered a bad thing or a good thing, depending on one’s desired outcome.

Finally, adrafinil has a unique side effect that it does not share with modafinil, which is the increase in liver enzymes. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does increase the interactions the drug has with your body.

It inevitably results in creating unnecessary stress for your liver, which can be a problem. Overall, this can be a negligible thing or a possible problem, but it depends on the person’s current health.

Adrafinil Dosage

During the process where adrafinil is turned to modafinil by your liver, some of it is lost. The typical dosage for adrafinil powder would be around the range of 300 to 900 milligrams. When it was being used to treat narcolepsy, the recommended dosage was 600 milligrams, twice in a day.

The reason why the dosage is higher compared to armodafinil (150 mg) or modafinil (200 mg) is due to the amount lost due to metabolism. This means that you can expect adrafinil to always have higher doses compared to similar drugs of the same family.

Due to the drug’s interaction with your liver enzymes, this drug should only be taken up to three times a week and should not last for longer than 5 months.

Using a scale to measure the exact dosage of adrafinil powder is highly recommended. Trying to gauge your dosage without using proper instrument is considered unsafe and can lead to unwanted side effects.

If you do not have a scale, some vendors offer a red scoop that is approximately 10 to 15 milligrams, which you can use to measure your dosage.

Protective Dosage

If this is your first time trying out adrafinil, it might be a good idea to slowly try it out by using small doses at first. Using dosages of only 25 to 50 milligrams can be useful in finding out the possible effects of the drug on you, especially if it turns out that you have allergies or other possible adverse effects.

Once you know for sure that the drug is safe for your consumption, you can then start bumping up the dosage to 300 milligrams and then finally move to the recommended dosage of 600 milligrams.

where to buy adrafinil

Nootropic Stacks

If you’re planning to use adrafinil, you should also be aware of what could happen if you take other substances along with it. While the number of nootropics that synergizes well with adrafinil (in a scientific sense) is limited, there are some other smart drugs that could operate on a different cognition aspect that might prove useful.

Milk thistle – Milk thistle isn’t a nootropic, but it can help in aiding the liver against possible damages. As already mentioned, while Adrafinil does not necessarily harm the liver, it does have interactions have it which may possibly end up being harmful, or at the very least stressful, for your liver.

Thus, using milk thistle in order to support your liver while taking Adrafinil is a good idea.

Racetams – The focus of taking Adrafinil is to use it in order to enhance focus and increase wakefulness or alertness, which is very different to what you would get from racetam drugs such as phenylpiracetam, piracetam, and aniracetam.

These are all cholinergic drugs, meaning their main purpose is to improve learning and memory formation. For some people, using racetams can also result in enhanced creativity. Taking racetams along with Adrafinil is not necessary, but the effects due complement each other.

Unique Blends – be careful in mixing nootropics with any other products and remember that nootropic stacks often have several other ingredients. Keep in mind that some of the possible ingredients may end up becoming too stimulating when added to Adrafinil. This is due to the fact that Adrafinil alone is already potent, so adding more ingredients may become too much.

Where to buy Adrafinil?

Even though it is unscheduled, Adrafinil is not normally found in local health stores or supplement shops. The best way to would be to look it up by typing “adrafinil, where to buy” or something similar. However, remember that online stores are not always reputable.

If you’re looking for Adrafinil for sale from a trustworthy place, we recommend Absorbyourhealth and Science.Bio. If you order from them, you get free shipping domestically. They also allow returns. They sell Adrafinil in both capsule and powder form.

Adrafinil Reviews And User Experience

Community reviews of people who have used this drug suggest that it primarily comes with positive experiences. If you have been asking yourself, “does Adrafinil work?” this whole time, then you can stop worrying.

In terms of intended effects where it is used to treat sleep deprivation and sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, Adrafinil does not fail. However, the studies do not tackle the other possible effects the drug could have on healthy individuals. Hence, using these Adrafinil reviews should only be a supplementary guide in helping you make a decision.

Adrafinil Review

Adrafinil vs Modafinil

Modafinil is the active ingredient that is present even in Adrafinil. For this reason, the majority of the research regarding Adrafinil has its roots in Modafinil research. However, this is actually beneficial to the efficacy of Adrafinil.

Since Modafinil is researched thoroughly, its mechanisms have been understood well. This is also beneficial to Adrafinil because the drug’s main mechanism is to turn into modafinil after being processed by the liver, which then improves cognition.

Because of this process, you will find that using Adrafinil may have some difference compared to your experience using Modafinil. In order to find the exact differences, a good idea would be to browse through forums like Reddit.

While subjective, the experiences of these people show the varied effects one can experience when using either of the medicines. Of course, keep in mind that these are anecdotal evidence, so don’t trust them too much.

Modafinil is affected by the activities involving dopamine. This is common to drugs of the same type, but Modafinil’s effects are not as intense. Since it minimizes side effects while still remaining potent, modafinil/Provigil is often used in place of Adderall for inducing wakefulness. However, keep in mind that there are still side effects present.