5 Reasons For Kratom Not Working

When your computer goes wrong at work, the first thing you do is call PC support, and they will run you through some options to get you going again. When it comes to kratom not working, it’s a similar thing.

So I’m going to start with that old cliche about turning it off, and then turning it on again to see what happens. Well, not start with it, but in terms of kratom not working, it’s one of the things to consider. I’ll explain in a minute.

But to get your kratom working less problem out of the way, let’s take a look at the reasons why you may find it not working anymore, and get your kratom experience rebooted.

  1. You Have Poor Quality Kratom

You would be astonished how frequent this actually is. People assume they are buying pure, great quality kratom.

The truth is actually the majority of people are buying shit quality kratom. There are several reasons why it’s awful, some not their fault, and some down to them:

  • It’s poorly harvested and manufactured kratom
  • It’s cut with other herbs for being ground into kratom powder
  • Storage is poor during transit and while held by the retailer
  • The person who’s bought it stores it poorly
  • It’s not fresh kratom

Some of those are obvious, but generally, kratom that’s stored poorly, or isn’t fresh, starts to lose its potency. In a few months, kratom that’s exposed to air, sunlight, or fluctuating temperatures, can lose nearly all its potency.

The key here is to make sure that you are actually buying 100% pure, directly imported from Southeast Asia, kratom, of the type you actually ordered. That means only buying from reputable kratom sellers.

kratom dosage for anxiety

  1. Your Stomach Is Not Empty

This is another obvious one the people miss. Kratom will only give you a pure hit if it all gets digested and converted within a short space of time.

On an empty stomach, kratom is converted in as little as half an hour, which means you are getting the full pure hit within an hour taking it.

If your stomach is not empty, that can be delayed for another hour, sometimes two. Which means the effects of kratom are never fully felt because the kratom is being processed over a couple of hours.

So make sure the next time you try kratom, that you haven’t eaten for at least four hours.

  1. You’re Not Dosing Enough Kratom

Although some really poor advice is out there about taking a huge amount of kratom on a regular basis, most sensible people take less than 5 grams each time.

If you’re a beginner, and you’re only taking a couple of grams, and not feeling much, then that’s the reason why kratom is not working. It’s not that it’s actually not working, it’s because you’re not taking enough, but think you are

So if you’re on a low dose, 3 grams or less, up it by a couple of grams to see what happens then.

reasons why kratom is not working

  1. The Kratom Strain Is Wrong For Your Needs

Another problem that is often overlooked when it comes to kratom not working anymore is that it may simply be the strain is wrong for your needs.

Let’s say you’re looking for strong pain relief because you’re really suffering from opiate withdrawal symptoms. You did several grams of red vein kratom, which is right, but you’ve gone for Red Bali.

Red Bali is one of the mildest reds. So even at a medium dose, it may not have the power you need.

It could be the same if it’s a white kratom, and you’re looking to the uplifted, or you are looking for a gentle, all-around experience.

For reds, try a Red Borneo or Red Maeng Da.  For whites try a White Indo, and for greens, try a Malay.  See if they make indifference.

  1. You May Have Built Up Kratom Tolerance

The last main reason why kratom may not be working anymore is that you do literally need to turn yourself off, and then turn yourself on again, to literally reboot your kratom experience.

Regular use of kratom, especially at medium-to-high dose, can build up a tolerance. Just like with alcohol, or any drug, your body and mind get used to the effects, so you need more than you did to achieve the same feeling.

That can allow creeping addiction to come in, and it also allows your body and mind to build up a tolerance.

So reboot yourself. Stop taking kratom for a couple of weeks. Then get your hands on some fresh, pure, kratom, and take a small dose. You should find that your kratom not working problem has disappeared.